31 Jul

Baby Hats on Sale

The second half of the year just started and we decided to show you some of our baby hats and hair accessories on sale here at Melondipity. Choose from our baby hats on sale and experience why our customers love to shop at Melondipity. We’re very proud of our beautiful designs, great quality materials, and the relationship we have with our customers. We value each and every purchase and we do our best to make sure that our customers get the best products, as well as the best online shopping experience. Here are some of our baby hats on sale:

On sale for a limited time is our Zoe Baby Hat – a stocking hat that is available for 0-6 months and 2-4 year old kids. Made with 100% “itch-free” acrylic, this hat will surely fit comfortably on your baby. Colors available are Plum and Natural which will match many outfits. This stocking hat will keep your baby warm and cozy during cold weather. Our Zoe Baby Hat is designed in the US but is handmade in Argentina using top quality materials.

Our Coco Baby Toddler Hat is a colorful fashion hat for babies 6 months to 2 years old. For a limited time, this uniquely designed baby hat is available at a discounted price. It has the colors red, green, brown, and yellow – colors that can easily be matched with any of your baby’s wardrobe. This hat is made of 100% breathable printed cotton with an adjustable coolmax headband. It also has an adjustable, non-elastic back to make sure it fits perfectly and comfortably. The hat’s brim will shield your baby’s eyes from the rays of the sun.

Would you like an adorable piece of animal hat for your little boy? Check out our Lil’ Guy Owl Hat – a fun and quirky conversation piece that will get smiles and compliments from people. It’s made of soft acrylic yarn that will keep your baby warm. Our customers love this hat because it’s simply adorable!

Our pretty Yellow Rosie Baby Hat is on sale too! We simply love this bright and sunny beanie hat because it looks very fresh on baby girls. Yellow is a color that signifies happiness, sunshine, and joy. Its cheerful qualities can make anyone feel positive and giddy inside. This beanie hat’s color is a warm and youthful yellow that simply looks great on anyone. Yellow Rosie hat is made with 100% cotton, and is embellished with a yellow rose bloom with a cute little gem at the center. Now for just under $20, this beanie will fit your baby from 6 to 18 months.

Here’s another stylish hat that’s great for a preppy yet classy young lad. Riley is a cool, checkered hat that looks cute in little boys. Made with 100% treated cotton and satin lining, it’s comfortable and durable. Riley comes in colors olive and burgundy, and has an adjustable back for a non-binding feel. Our Riley hat will fit kids from 2-5 years old. 

Check out more of our baby hats and accessories on sale, and have a great time shopping!

26 Jul

Lovely Baby Girl Hats from Melondipity

Lovely little ladies deserve the prettiest baby girl hats. There’s no better place to shop for attractive baby girl hats than here at Melondipity. Our customers love our hats because each design is uniquely fabulous. There are various styles to choose from, and you’ll never run out of options when choosing baby girl hats at Melondipity.


Having a baby girl is so special and exciting because it’s just so much fun dressing them up and making them look fashionable and cool. Check out some of our fabulously pretty baby girl hats – here are some of our selected baby girl hats to feast your eyes on:


We have a Set of 3 Baby Sun Hats Day at the Beach: A collection of our three best-selling, beautiful baby sun hats for your little girl – perfect for days out in the sun. The material used in these baby girl hats is 100% cotton that has UV protection to keep your precious princess’ head protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Customers often buy a bunch of different sun hats whenever they’re preparing for a vacation or getaway, and this collection will assure that you have the best-looking baby girl hats for your next vacation! This set of three hats include White, Raspberry, and Candy Stripe baby girl sun hats that have sizes available for ages 3-12 months, 12-24 months, and 2 to 4 year-old toddlers.


This Chocolate and Pink Crochet Blossom Beanie Baby Girl Hat is a charming beanie hat will surely be loved by everyone who sees it. The crocheted beanie comes in a rich, dark chocolate color; while the oversized peony flower comes in a luscious, blushing pink color with a tiny gem at the center.  The cotton crochet material that is used for this cute baby girl beanie hat is very soft and lightweight; it will surely fit perfectly and comfortably to your baby’s head.


All of our hats are delivered to your doorstep in a beautiful packaging that’s truly meant for gift-giving. If you would like a baby girl hat as a gift for a newly born baby girl, try something that will serve as a cute prop for her first baby pictures. Our Newborn Bear with Flower hat will surely win hearts and smiles when she wears this for her first photos. Made with soft acrylic yarn with a little polyester, this baby girl hat will keep your little one, warm and toasty during cold weather.


Choose your next baby gift at Melondipity and we promise you nothing but the best quality hats and a great shopping experience. Feel free to send us a photo of your baby wearing a Melondipity hat and we will share your picture in our Facebook photo gallery by emailing us at photos@melondipity.com. You can shop for baby girl hats at Melondipity and virtually see how it looks on your baby! Just visit our “Try It Before You Buy It” application, upload your baby’s photo, and try on different baby girl hats that you like.

24 Jul

Stylish Crochet Baby Hats

Crochet baby hats are staple garments for little babies and just because they’re crocheted (which seems like a very old method of fabric-making), they don’t have to be any less stylish. Melondipity is loved by customers for bringing in stylish baby hats. And this time, we lined up selections of stylish crochet baby hats that are surely going to be loved by everyone.


Vibrant colors are very popular nowadays in fashion. Talk about making a statement, and this Raspberry Peony Scalloped Crochet baby hat has just the right burst of color for your little girl. It’s made of 100% super soft, lightweight breathable cotton that will assure comfort and ease. The scalloped edge design makes this crochet hat very chic, and the oversized peony flower gives it a “wow” factor. It’s very stylish and lovely, just perfect for a pretty little lady. Sizes come in 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.


Another stylish crochet baby hat that we have is the Bubble Gum Pink Crochet Flower Hat. We love it for the fact that it’s very feminine with its bubble gum pink color, it’s very breathable, and the oversized multi-colored pink peony flower makes it a perfect hat for casual days or on special occasions. Another thing that we love about this crochet baby hat is that it won’t be difficult to match it on any outfit because it has a casual feel, and a semi-formal flair to it. Sizes available are for 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.


One of the latest additions to our crochet baby hats is the Cutest Cowgirl Hat. The name says it all – this is a cute and chic hat that will make your little baby look like the cutest and youngest cowgirl in town! It is indeed, the cutest cowgirl hat available! Size available on this hat is for new-born only; and it will definitely make a great accessory or prop for a baby girl’s first photos.  Made of 100% soft acrylic, the yarn used is perfect for your baby’s delicate head, and this hat will surely keep her warm.  


All fashionistas have at least an item or two in in their closet that have animal prints on them. Animal prints are very fashion-forward, and who says babies can’t sport the trend? Our Sweet Snow Leopard Hat is a fabulous hat to keep your baby warm and fashionable. The beanie is made of stretchy knit fabric that makes this hat very soft and comfortable, while the oversized snow leopard flower can be clipped in or removed so that you can mix and match this hat easily with your baby’s outfits.


Our Pink Peony Flower Hat and White Crochet Flower Hat are very cute and trendy too. These crochet baby hats are made with breathable, lightweight, and extremely soft cotton material that keeps your baby cool, comfortable, and trendy! Now, you may wonder why we love oversized flowers in our baby hats. It’s simply because babies have such small heads and they don’t have a lot of hair to style yet. Huge flowers compensate for their lack of locks, and small head! Sizes available are up to 18 months.

Check out more of our crochet baby hats here, and happy shopping!

20 Jul

Shop our Baby Hats for Baby Gifts

Baby gifts are fun and exciting to shop around for. When purchasing a baby gift, why not make it fun and unique? Melondipity offers a lot of fun and functional baby hats that you can choose from, and we’re pretty sure you’ll have a great time choosing from our selections.


Our online store is a great place to shop for baby gifts – whether you’re looking for something to give to an infant, baby, or toddler, Melondipity has something in store for you. There are different kinds of styles that will suit a baby’s needs – that’s why no matter what the weather is or what the celebration is for gift-giving, there will always be a perfect choice for your baby. Here are some of our style categories to choose from:


Sun Hats – Sun hats are the perfect baby gifts for summer because this type of hat serves as a first line of defense for babies against the harsh sunlight. Sun hats protect the baby’s eyes, face, ears, and neck, while the rest of the baby’s body can be protected by clothing. The sun is too strong for a baby’s delicate skin and eyes that’s why choosing sun hats as baby gifts will be very useful and helpful. Select among our lovely sun hat designs for boys and girls.


Flower Hats – You probably know by now that Melondipity is popular for its lovely flower hats that all girls adore. No fashionable baby can go out without a lovely flower hat. Our line of flower hats is designed to enhance the cute features of a baby girl, and we made it a point to create a wide variety of styles that moms can choose from. Whether you’re looking for a hat with oversized flowers or a hat with a tiny little flower – we’re sure to have one for you. We also have hats with flowers that are just right in size: not too big or too small. What type of flower would you like? Rose? Peony? Geranium? Daisy? How about flowers with gems at the center? We have them all!


 Animal Hats – Who doesn’t think that animal hats are adorable? These animal hats make amazing baby gifts because they’re such cute statement pieces that look even cuter when worn by babies. Another thing that’s cool about animal hats is that there are no stereotypes. Boys or girls can pull off wearing their favorite type of animal, whether it’s monkey, lamb, bear, owl, puppy, bird, frog, chick, rabbit, mouse, elephant, or giraffe!


Beanie Hats – Beanie hats make amazing baby gifts especially if you’re giving it to new-born babies because they really need a comfortable tuque that will keep them warm and comfortable all day long. Babies love beanie hats especially when it’s cold. Our beanie hats come in different materials – knit, crocheted, cotton, organic… and all of them are very soft, and fits terrific because they come in different sizes that fit your baby.

Check out our online store Melondipity.com for more designs and styles when choosing your next baby gift!

18 Jul

Gift Ideas for Baptism: Adorable Baby Hats and Headbands

Baby hats and accessories are great baptism gift ideas for little ones accepting the holy sacrament. Baptism is such a monumental event in one’s life because it defines the religious belief of an individual, and it means the acceptance and sense of belonging to the Christian world. The Holy Baptism is the center and basis of the whole Christian life and it is the preliminary rite of passage that opens doors to other sacraments of Christianity. Baptism is a beautiful blessing because through this sacrament, anyone can become a member of Christ in the Church and there can be no other event that will be as meaningful as Baptism.

Baptism is just a once-in-a-lifetime event that will be reminisced through photographs and the reason why baby hats and accessories are some of the most perfect gifts to give is because they make fantastic photography props.

This Pure and Sweet White Crochet Hat is sure to win hearts as it keeps your little one comfortably tranquil with its lightweight, super soft, stretchy crochet material. It is accented with an oversized white rose that makes it look very sophisticated; great for her baptism photo shoot. This simple but classic design can also be an accompaniment to many of her outfits wherever she goes, whatever she’s wearing. From newborn up to 18 months, there’s a size that will fit perfectly on your baby.

Another baby crochet hat that will perfectly suit a baby girl’s baptism photos is the White Crochet Flower Hat. This white crochet baby hat is made of 100% cotton that is breathable, soft, lightweight, and cool. It is adorned with an oversized peony flower to make all the more feminine and delicate. After her baptism, she can wear this to almost any occasion because the color suits well to most outfits. You can pick a size from newborn to 18 months.

If you’re looking for a great headband that signifies baptism in a very special way, check out the Angel White Baptism Headband that showcases a rhinestone studded crucifix at the center of white ribbons and marabou fur in an elastic, soft band that snugs just right to your baby’s head. Available sizes are from newborns 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months.

This Sweet and Simple Headband says it all. This is one of the most basic hair accessories available for a baptismal event. Featuring beautiful white geranium flower accents, this might be just what you want if you’re looking for something basic and simple yet very appropriate for the occasion. Let the stretchy knit fabric snug perfectly to your little lady’s head and she’ll be ready for photos in an instant!

Another pretty and elegant headband that works great for baptism is the Snow White Velvet Headband. Who wouldn’t fall head over heels with this white band accentuated with subtle white roses? It’s simple, chic, and just the right fit for a dainty little lady.

Make Baptisms more memorable with these selections of baby hats and headbands. Check out other baby hats collections and hair accessories at Melondipity!