30 Oct

Exclusive collection of Flower Headbands and Crochet Baby Hats

Crochet baby hats and baby flower headbands are perfect adornments for your baby. These headwear accessories have their own unique charm and since they are available in the exclusive collection from Melondipity, you can buy them for your little boy or girl with ease. Whether for everyday errands or special occasions, make your baby look adorable at all times.

Cuppy-Cake Baby Hat

The cuppy-cake crochet baby hat from Melondipity is the perfect product for baby girls and is widely chosen by those who are fond of cupcakes. It has a pink crochet base made to look like a cupcake while the icing has dark pink splotches scattered throughout the hat. The topping of the hat is crochet with a cute, dark-pink strawberry. Sounds good enough to eat, right?
Apart from looking super-cute, this crochet baby hat also promises exceptional comfort for your baby girl. Additionally, it is ideal as a gift for any baby girl if you are looking for something unique as this one will make her look one of a kind.

Aloha Girl Baby Headband

Out of the many options for baby flower headbands available at Melondipity, the Aloha girl baby headband best fits the description of a flower headband. It is suitable for little girls of all ages as it features a beautiful silk flower made from a stretchable yet soft knit fabric. The pink flower is towards the left temple of the girl while the white headband made from cotton runs across the head.
The Aloha girl baby headband is the best gift for a little girl if you want to give a distinctive accessory as this headband would surely make her stand out.


Lil’ Guy Crochet Owl Baby Hat

Out of the many crochet baby hats that Melondipity has to offer, not many can beat lil’ guy crochet owl baby hat as far as cuteness is concerned. The material used in the hat is super-soft 100 percent cotton, making it as comfortable to wear as it is visually delightful.
This baby beanie hat features two owl ears, two large owl eyes with black centers, and an adorable looking beak in yellow. This hat does not scratch your baby boy’s ears, keeps him cozy and is a great one for taking pictures. While some moms may want to use this hat only for special occasions or photo sessions, it is also cool headwear for daily wear. You can order any size – toddler, infant, baby or newborn.

30 Oct

Make Your Little One Even Cuddlier with Baby Beanie Hats

Your baby is the most beautiful one in the world to you. However, you can make your little one even more adorable with the exclusive collection of baby beanie hats from Melondipity. Get baby hats that promise great comfort to your child and look great too. Choose from an extensive collection of Beanie hats featuring several adorable designs for your cute child. Some of the hats in the collection are ideal for moms who are waiting to learn their baby’s gender as they are unisexual in terms of styling.
Have a look at some of the baby beanie hats to make your baby adorable and cuddly:

Baby Elephant Beanie Baby Hat

This hat is made from 100 percent soft cotton lining and is adorned by a cute elephant in white. It spots a luxuriously vibrant look with soft green and white stripes along with a black rim. The cute elephant with in this background has such an endearing look that it will never cease to charm you in a soothing way. You can get this hat in one size which would fit all – newborns, babies and infants.
Little Lamb Baby Beanie Hat


If you are still waiting to find the gender of your baby but nevertheless wish a cute gift to be ready for the newborn, the Little Lamb Baby Beanie hat is exactly what you need. It is designed to look like an adorable lamb with innocent black eyes, extended snout in pink and ears in the same pink color. To ensure that this beanie hat does not slip out, a thick brim has been provided at the base of the hat.
Little Boy Blue Crochet Visor Beanie Baby Hat

If you love blue and want a cute beanie hat for your little one, get the Blue Crochet Visor Beanie Hat from Melondipity. It features light brown neutral stripes with cornflower blue. It is a great one for bringing your baby boy home from the hospital. Apart from looking adorably cuddly, this hat will also also be very comfortable for your little boy as it is made with 100 percent cotton yarn, which is as comfortable as any variety of cotton can get. You can get this hat in newborn, baby, infant and toddler sizes.
You can check out many more enchanting baby beanie hats from Melondipity. The platform has an extensive collection of baby hats to make your little one look even more special.

25 Oct

Endearing Newborn and Baby Headbands

Baby headbands can be your daughter’s precious accessory for any occasion. Take her out for a special event or simply dress her to pose for a picture; whatever the reason is, our enthralling headbands will definitely make heads turn and will provide some truly amazing memories when you’ll look at them years later.
Make your angel celebrate the joy and privilege of being a girl with exclusive baby headbands from the huge collection at Melondipity. Our little infant headbands have attracted positive attention from every parent.

Although the collection of headbands and baby hats at Melondipity is huge, here are a famous few to provide you a glimpse of what we have in our kitty.

Miss Luscious Black Feather Baby Headband

Pink Baby Sun Hat

Make your daughter look like a lady with this unique headband. The Miss Luscious Black Feather baby headband is available only in the exclusive collection at Melondipity. It is very important for moms to buy headbands, hair accessories and hats for newborns that can match multiple outfits. This black headband is perfect for any outfit, any occasion and any event. This is an exclusive and classy headpiece that no one in your neighborhood will have. You can also select a red color just to add the Christmas flavor in your purchase. 100% Cotton, Black Stretchy Headband. Sizes: 0-12 and 12-18 months

Miss. Scarlet Feather Headband

Scarlet Feather HeadbandPlanning for your baby’s first photos? Try this adorable Miss. Scarlet Feather Headband to make her look like a red fairy. This headband will make your little one look precious and her first photos will definitely gather attention and make her stand out from the crowd.  The red headband features a red flower, red feather, red elastic band and a sparkly rhinestone at the flower center to provide just the right amount of sparkle.  Sizes 0-6, and 6-12 months

Like what you see? Know more about our exclusive collection of kids’ hats and newborn headbands by visiting Melondipity.com. Select the finest head pieces for your little one because your baby definitely deserves the best!

25 Oct

Spread Charm by Gifting Attractive Christmas Baby Hats for Boys and Girls this Holiday Season

Christmas is an exciting time and it becomes even more special if a baby is born around the holidays. Think of all the Christmas Baby Hats!  There is already so much color, excitement and fun present in the occasion to capture their innocence and beautiful glittering eyes. Every newborn loves the magic and sparkle of new toys and beautiful Christmas presents. However, it is not an easy task to select a perfect baby gift.

At Melondipity, we make this decision easier for you by offering some of the best and most fascinating baby girl hats and infant headbands that you won’t be able to ignore. Over the several years we have been in business, our hats have become a favorite Christmas gift among parents due to the charm and beauty they add to the innocent faces of their newborns, babies and toddlers.

Although, every hat present on Melondipity.com is exclusive and created to suit the beautiful face of a baby boy and girl, here are some adorable pieces that can make Christmas gifts even more special.

Sweet Christmas Sock Monkey Baby Hat

Created especially for the holiday season, this Sweet Christmas Sock Monkey Baby Hat is a great, fun to wear product that is extremely comfortable. This hat comes with an elegant Christmas twist and makes your baby look as adorable as the one in the picture. This is an amazing fall/winter hat and makes a great photo prop for any baby born around Christmas. Sized 0-3 months. Colors available include grey, red, green and white with black eyes.


Strawberry Shortcake

Everyone who looks at Strawberry Shortcake finds it difficult to take their eyes off it. This is an adorable handmade newborn hat that is made with extremely soft, thick and non-allergic yarn. A beautiful red hat that comes with a green top and beautiful sprinkled yellow beads through-out give it some sparkle!  Size: Newborn Size Only (0-3 months)

Apart from these great products, you can also choose from Playful Pom Poms, Powder Pink Fluff Hat, Metallic Gold Flowerette Burst Zebra Baby Headband – Gold & Zebra and various other beautiful baby headbands and baby hats.
Know more about our exclusive holiday collection by visiting Melondipity.com!


11 Oct

Colorful and Comfortable Summer Sun Hats For Toddlers

Enthralling style meets exceptional sun-protection with the comfortable and super cute baby sun hats and sun hats for toddlers availed at Melondipity.com! Choose from our large collection, and keep one by the door, in the car, and in your bag, so that you can always have a baby hat ready for the fun in the sun. Our sun hats are elegant and created using special fabrics that offer reliable sun protection, thereby promising the safest way for you to protect your little boy and girl from the harmful rays of the sun. Sun hats block most of the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your toddler’s sensitive skin as well as their upper face and neck.

Toddler hats are available in a variety of styles and colors at Melondipity.com. We deliver a combination of great quality at cost-effective rates so that parents can provide the best of everything to their toddler. Make your little kid look charming and adorable by selecting an exclusive hat from our collection.Here are two of our most favorite and popular hats for boys and girls that can make your child look even more appealing.

Baby Shark Baby Sun Hat

This is among the best and most exclusive baby sun hats available at Melondipity.com. These cotton toddler hats are lightweight and perfect for any little boy to help him remain cool and covered this summer. This Baby Shark Bucket Hat features a dark blue base with green trim and weathered brim.

• Lightweight material to make him look and feel good
• 100% cotton
• Raw edge brim
• Size (18 months to 3 years)

Pale Pink Baby Sun Hat with Daisy

Make her look sweet and innocent with this pale pink baby sun hat. This hat comes with a Daisy and is sure to make your little angel look like a shining star! This pink bucket/floppy sun hat comes with a wide brim that has been constructed using 100% soft cotton materials. Attached to it is a matching pink daisy flower with a dark pink gem at the center. The hat is perfect for spring, summer and fall, and its fabric and comfortable fit promises to make your little girl look and feel like the coolest baby on the block.

• Complete UV protection from the sun
• Size (over: 3-12 months, 12 months – 2 years and 2 – 4 years)

Apart from baby sun hats, you can also shop toddler hats by gender. For more information visit: Melondipity.com!