9 Nov

Cute Baby Beanies and Flower Headbands

If you always wished for your little one to look distinctively stylish, checking out the baby beanies and baby flower headbands available from Melondipity would certainly be a delight. This is because the elegantly crafted headgear featured on the site is bound to make picking only one option a difficult decision. This is because every hat and headband from the store has its own unique charm. Moreover, you are always assured of getting the finest quality that promises exceptional comfort.

Some of the baby beanies and baby flower headbands available from Melondipity for your babies are shown below:

Autumn Harvest Feather Baby Headband

Doesn’t this little baby girl look like a fairy with this flower headband on her head? You will find it difficult to get such a beautiful, high quality product from anywhere else but Melondipity. Your little one is bound to look her cuddliest ever with the elegant flower with autumn hues adorning her head.
Do not miss out on this lovely product, especially if you’re looking for a way for your little girl to look her cutest and stand out from the crowd.

Oh Christmas Tree Baby Hat

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas by adorning your little baby with suitable headgear. The Christmas Tree Baby Beanie Hat is another premium quality hat offered by Melondipity that would make your little one look like a star; much like the yellow star that adorns the tree top of this hat!

If you want a hat that looks great, feels comfortable and is warm and cozy, get this baby beanie now. It’s sure to be the talking point of your next Christmas Holiday party.

Pale Pink Beauty Baby Headband

The exquisitely pale and adorable headband from Melondipity.com has a rich appeal to it, which adds a touch of serenity to your child’s looks. The pink garden flower adornment on the band gives depth to the calm you would find on your baby’s face. If you are looking for gifting your baby an enchanting headband, nothing could be better than this. This headband can go with any outfit of your baby and is the perfect gift idea for any special occasion.

Geranium Flowerette Burst Baby Headband

This headband is available not only in purple but also in various other colors as well. The geranium flower accent of this headband is available in many sizes and a variety of colors. In fact, regardless of the age of your little one, they are bound to look delightfully cute after wearing this baby flower headband.


9 Nov

Cute Baby Sun Hats to Keep Your Little One Protected

If you want your baby to look cute while being protected from the damaging rays of the sun, the range of baby sun hats from Melondipity.com is sure to make your choice easier. There are many lightweight, feathery-soft and comfortable toddler hats available from our site that promise to keep your little one protected from the sun. Adorn your little boy or girl with the adorably crafted super-fine sun hats that not only make them look cool, but also keep them cool.
There are many themes and varieties of girl and boy toddler hats available from our site. You can check them out, and although this may be a challenge owed to the comprehensiveness of our collection, choose a few that you find the best for your little one.

Bubble Gum Kisses Baby Sun Hat

This classy adornment for your baby girl is one of the most sought after baby sun hats from Melondipity. With this hat, your baby girl looks like an enchanting fairy. The large size light pink rose attached at the front of the top has a delightful cream-pink shade complemented with the usual shade of cream. Not to mention, the comfortable sun protection that your baby would get with the super-soft cotton from which this hat is made.

Crab Shack Baby Sun Hat

Make your little boy stand out when he is out for everyday beach or pool activities. The amiable red crab on top of this hat’s flap beams adorably fitting, with the blue patches sayings, “always cute” and “never crabby” in minty yellow.
UV protection and light weight of this fashionably adorable baby sun hat makes it ideal for outings and casual social gatherings while 100 % cotton makes it feathery-smooth on the skin of your little one.

Baby Blue Sail Boat Baby Sun Hat

This cool-looking serene baby sun hat is fashionably elegant headgear for keeping your baby protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The fish and sailboat embroidery are ideal reflections of summer times.

The cool light blue brim of this toddler hat makes your baby boy look cool and stand out from the rest. The baby boy blue with light brown stripes will go well with virtually any little boy’s outfits.Check out many more toddler hats from Melondipity.com. It is the one-stop-shop for all kinds of toddler, kids and baby hats. The exquisite collection of baby sun hats from our site is available for all purposes, everyday use, giving as gift or wearing on special occasions.

6 Nov

Elegant Baby Sun Hats for Toddlers

If your baby is grown enough to be taken out in the sun for play, baby sun hats become a necessity for you. The good news is, you can get the most adorably elegant collection of them from Melondipity. Toddler hats and sun hats are ideal adornments for baby girls and boys when your baby is out of the confines of your home and starts playing in the open. Choose one that makes your baby stand out from a large collection of baby hats. Add to the charm of your baby with a touch of elegance.

Pale Pink Baby Sun Hat with Daisy

If you have a baby girl, this Pale Pink Baby Sun Hat adorned with a daisy would surely lend the adorable appeal you want. This sun hat features a pale pink floppy hat with a wide brim. A matching pink daisy is attached to this hat and it is towards the right side of the hat. A dark pink gem sits pretty at the center of this flower, further accentuating its elegance. The use of 100 % soft cotton material makes it extremely comfortable as well.
This is the perfect hat to make your little lady stand out in her growing days. It is ideal for rugged use as the wide rim of the hat helps protect the harmful rays of the sun from reaching the baby’s face. Order this perfect summer wear right away.

Navy Blue Woody Boys Baby Sun Hat

Your baby boy would look his cuddliest best in this high quality, premium Blue Woody Boys Baby Sun Hat. This baby sun hat from Melondipity features a light-weight hat with a wide brim that makes your little man look fashionably adorable.
This hat has a dark blue base with light blue, orange and green stripes at the brim and top. A cute four door wagon can be found on the middle of the hat with a surf board resting on top of it. It has the same colors as on the brim. There is a chin strap on the hat too to prevent it from falling due to your little one’s daily activities. It is a perfect gear for your baby boy to be used when going to the beach, to the pool or just for a play date.
To find more adorably elegant hats, which make your baby cuter, cuddlier and more adorable than ever, visit us at Melondipity.com.

6 Nov

Adorable Crochet Baby Hats and Newborn Headbands for Your Little One

Crochet Baby Hats and Newborn headbands can be fun to collect as they give you your child great new looks. You can make your little one stand out by making them wear the charming headbands available at Melondipity. You can find an extensive collection of headbands and crochet baby hats from Melondipity, each of which has its own enthralling appeal. You can browse through the exquisite collection of headbands and crochet hats and find the ideal cute headwear for your toddler, infant or newborn.

Baby Giraffe Crochet Baby Hat

This cute baby hat from Melondipity is a beautiful hand-crafted newborn hat. Apart from looking cute, this hat also offers the ultimate in comfort to your little one. The interwoven cotton yarns used for making this hat ensure that the baby’s head never get scratched.
The cuddly yellow and white combination of the hat, with the black giraffe ears jutting out will make your cutie pie look his cuddliest ever. If you were on the lookout for the perfect headgear as a photography prop for your baby’s first photo shoot, it would be difficult to find anything better!

Pink and Pure Baby Headband

If your beautiful little bundle of joy had this Pink and Pure Baby headband on, there is no saying how classy and elegant she would look. The pale pink color of the headband has a soothing quality which is matched perfectly by its material. The headband is made of 100 % pure cotton and would never make her uncomfortable.
The little white flower adorning the headband on top right of the temple of your baby has an unparalleled grace of simplicity about it. It will go well with most of your little girl’s dresses. The icing on the cake is the little gem placed at the center of the flower to lend a bit of regal elegance to your child.
Organic Purple Crochet Baby Bear with Flower Animal Hat

This multi-colored baby beanie hat for your little girl is an adorable accessory, suitable for most occasions. You can use it for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. This purple hat has a little purple beanie with adorable bear ears with a white trim at the brim.
The hat also features a cute red crochet flower flanked by greenery and matching braids. It is a great one for taking your baby out to meet family and friends. This hat is available in all sizes.
To get more such adorable hats, visit our site melondipity.com.