26 Dec

Great Collection of Cuddly and Adorable Crochet Baby Hats

Melondipity.com has a great collection of crochet baby hats to offer for those parents who want their baby to always look special … not to mention friends and relatives who are looking to gift something special to the kids would also find numerous suitable options in our vast collection. By opting for premium crochet hats available from our store, buyers can ensure that they are paying for truly world-class quality. As our hats are crafted keeping in mind that it is being done to make a baby special, they are all premium. That is why our customers often find it difficult to choose only one product when ordering.

Have a look at some of the most elegant crochet baby hats available from our online store:

Double Tuft Trucks Knit Baby Hat

This cute little comfy hat from Melondipity is sure to make your boy look even more adorable. Made from 100 percent acrylic, this hat feels super-soft on the skin and keeps your young one warm and comfortable.

The double tuft trucks lend a cuddly gushy look to your child. The blue and white stripes contrast appealingly to give out an elegant look which is unique. This head turner crochet hat is one of the all-time favorites available at our store.

White Scalloped Edge Crochet Hat

The tender white and mild pink embroidery on this crochet hat has an endearing feminine feel to it. This one is fit for all seasons and all occasions. Your little girl will look adorable in this headwear, which can go well with any dress.
The lightweight and breathable nature of this hat also makes it ideal for babies.

Raspberry Peony Scalloped Crochet Hat

This is a vibrant selection for your baby girl. The bright pink of the beanie is flanked wonderfully by the mild pink offering an engaging contrast. Of course, the oversized raspberry peony flower on the left temple gives the hat a distinct appeal.
Your little girl is bound to get many compliments this season while she wears this beautiful product. The 100 % cotton feels super soft on the skin, allowing your baby to wear it for many hours.

Visit Melondipity.com to have a look at many more stylish, elegant and cuddly crochet baby hats. We offer an extensive collection of headwear such as sun hats, beanie hats, newborn hats and hair accessories, and are confident that you will find it difficult to put your finger on one as the best one to get for your little boy or girl!

26 Dec

Spruce Up Your Little Girl with These Adorable Baby Sun Hats

If you always wanted your little girl to look like a princess, it is important that you have her don an elegant baby sun hat apart from dressing her up. Melondipity.com offers an extensive collection of baby sun hats to make your young one even more adorable. If you make your baby soak up the sun during the winter, it is important to help keep her head cool and skin protected from harmful UV rays. With elegant sun hats made from superfine cotton, your little lady would feel comfortable, look cool and stay protected from the sun!
Check out these adorable baby sun hats from Melondipity:

Raspberry Truffles Sun Hat  

This cute red hat with white dots has a soothing elegance to it. It is ideal to keep your little girl cool when making her sun bathe. The breathable cotton with which the hat is made keeps your little one calm and composed.

The hat comes with a chin strap which keeps it intact even on windy days and helps protect your baby girl from harmful sun rays while keeping her comfortable throughout the day.

Girly Gingham Baby Sun Hat 

The adorable gingham floppy look of this sun hat will earn your adorable little girl myriads of compliments. With pink and white gingham on the outside contrasting wonderfully with blue and white gingham lining on the inside, you also get the option to change the color of the hat.

When you flip the hat over, the blue of the hat goes inside while the red gingham becomes the inner lining. The oversized silky pink rose flower can also be adjusted accordingly.

Garden Polka Baby Sun Hat

If you feel like soaking up the sun with your baby, make sure your little girl is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. After all, what can be better than having your enchanting little helper by your side as you do your bit of gardening!

The light green shade with pink dots and oversized lush pink flower crowning it all is sure to make your little girl look like a princess. With this hat on, you can even arrange for a garden party without bothering too much about the rest of her dress.

Visit Melondipity.com to have a look at a lot more of these adorable hats for your little one, and order the ones you like the best from the comfort of your home!

24 Dec

An Amazing Collection of Baby Headbands

Melondipity Baby Headbands. If you are a doting mother, father, affectionate relative or a well-wisher friend, there can be nothing more heart-warming than gifting a cute baby an adorable headband. With the amazing collection of baby headbands available from Melondipity, you can be rest assured of finding the one that you can’t resist ordering. Apart from looking adorably elegant, the headbands available from our website are made from superfine cotton which stretches easily for keeping your little one comfortable.

Have a look at some of the baby headbands available from Melondipity.com. These are just a few options from the extensive collection we have to offer.

Garden Party Peony Baby Headband          

Your girl is sure to look unique with this elegant and cuddly headband featuring a luscious, oversized flower. You can get this for special occasions or simply adding to her collection of hair accessories.

The pink material from which this headband is made is of superfine cotton that is comfortable and stretchable. The oversized flower is a peony with many colors that contrast well with each other. The white, pink and red petals of the flower go well with the adorable gem that is placed at the flower’s center.

Delicate Pink Rosette Chiffon Headband    

The whirlpool-like swirl of this regally mild pink headband will make onlookers gush with pleasure. The pink rosette with elastic lace headband is a great adornment for any dresses and is suitable for special occasions as well as regular wear.

The oversized pink rosette is made from soft and stretchy material that keeps your little girl comfortable even if it is worn for long durations.

Zebra Teal Flowerette Burst Headband   

This delightfully mild and soothing tone of azure is sure to lend a grandiose elegance to your little girl or boy. The blue rose flower accent of this unique headgear is as good to look at as it is comfortable for the scalp. With its stretchable knit fabric, you can keep it on your baby for hours.

This Zebra Teal Flowerette is available for newborn to 6 months old. It can go with any dress and can be used for special occasions and regular wear alike.
There are many such amazing baby headbands available from Melondipity.com.     Your baby will stand out with one or more products from our shop. You can browse through the collection of sun hats, flower hats, beanie hats, fashion hats, stocking hats, crochet hats and hair accessories available from our online store.

24 Dec

Adorably Elegant Baby Headbands for your Little One

Melondipity Baby Headbands.  As the head is the first part of the body that gets noticed, wearing an elegant baby headband can definitely make your little one stand out. If this is what you always wanted, check out some unique baby flower headbands that Melondipity.com has to offer. A few of these headbands are shown below, but when you visit the site, the series of one charming headbands after another would leave you wondering which ones to buy!

Cotton Candy Flower Baby Headband  

The pure white band of this cotton candy headband from Melondipity contrasts adorably with the pinkish cream of the oversized flower. The unique impact that this headgear creates is sure to make your baby shine.

This soothing headband goes well with any outfit and is a great one for taking pictures. The stretchable and soft material from which it is made makes it comfortable for prolonged wearing.

Mini Red and White Sparkle Headband

This oversized elastic headband featuring a pink peony flower is just the right fit for your little girl’s head. And the elegantly placed gem at the center of the flower further accentuates to its charm.

The stretchable and soft headband is available for newborns and infants. Moreover, you can choose from a host of color options for this adorable little headgear.

Pink Daisy Baby Headband

The bright and bubbly appearance of this baby headband offers just the right mixture to make your little one look her cuddliest. As your little one dons this headband with dazzling petals of dark pink, she will definitely stand out from the rest.

The oversized flower atop the milk pink band has a pink daisy flower. The best part about this headwear is that it is as much an adorable adornment for daily wear as it can be for special occasions. The superfine stretchable cotton of this headband makes it ideal to make your baby wear it for many hours.

Visit Melondipity.com to find a lot more of such amazing headwear. We offer an extensive range of headwear for newborns, infants and toddlers. From baby sun hats to hair accessories, we have got it all.

We know what it takes to make your baby look special and this can be testified by the thousands of doting mothers, fathers, affectionate relatives and well-wisher friends throughout the world who have purchased baby headgear from us. We are confident that you will find various headwear from our collection to be simply irresistible!

21 Dec

Amazing Baby Beanies for your Little Ones

Baby beanies can give the elegantly cuddly look that you always wanted for your little one, but you need to find the right one for your baby. Melondipity has the most extensive collection of beanie hats to offer for baby girls and boys. All the headwear we offer is made from superfine material that ensures that your baby can wear it for hours in comfort. Out of the many adorable products that we offer, a few baby beanie hats are shown here. You can choose one of these or browse our website for more options.

The Pink Rock & Roll Crown Beanie Baby Hat   

This vibrant pink baby beanie hat from our store is a great option for your child. If you find an early inclination in your little one towards being a rock star, this hat is meant for her.
This charming pink hat comes with two custom-printed images on either side. If you flip it, the other side has a different design and the hat could be worn both ways.
Apart from giving you the advantage of getting two hats for the price of one, the soft organic cotton keeps your kid cozy.

Oh Christmas Tree Baby Hat

The 100 % acrylic fabric of this beanie hat would get your baby ready for the coming festive Christmas holiday season. The bright yellow at the top depicts the yellow star and the rest of the green hat is laced with small yellow stars too.
The sprinkling of these stars on the green background gives a unique seasonal festive feel to this beanie hat. Additionally, the fine quality fabric from which it is made is sure to keep your child warm and cozy in the winter season.

Black Cotton Beanie Baby Hat with Pale Pink

This beanie hat, with plain black background and an upfront pale pink flower, offers a mesmeric contrast to the beholder. It is an ideal product to add to your little girl’s wardrobe as it can go well with most dresses.

This beanie is made from soft cotton that is stretchable and warm. Hence, your baby girl would never feel unduly pressed on the head wearing it and it would also keep her cozy for long periods of time.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through the most amazing collection of baby beanies and other headwear for your little one.