24 Jan

Amazing Collection of Cuddliest Infant Hats

Melondipity Infant Hats.  A little one might be the cuddliest baby, but doting parents, loving relatives and friends are never satisfied with just that. It is completely understandable if you want to deck up your baby girl or boy to make them stand out in the crowd. The amazing collection of exquisite infant hats from Melondipity would make your baby look cuddlier than ever. These hats are made from superfine and comfortably stretchable material so that your infant never feels any discomfort despite donning them for long hours.

Check out a few samples from the extensive collection of baby hats available from Melondipity:

Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat
Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat
This baby elf crochet hat has an admirable red and white stripes complemented adorably by the pom-pom tail. The green crochet base provides just the right contrast to the stripes and matches the green pom-pom.

This hat is made from 100% cotton of the finest quality and has become one of the favorite products demanded by our customers. It is a gender neutral hat and thus, can be bought as a surprise gift for both boys and girls.

Petite Peony Beanie Toddler and Infant Hat – Raspberry
Petite Peony Beanie Toddler and Infant Hat - Raspberry
The brightly pink oversized peony flower adorning the beanie covering of this infant hat exudes a regal feminine elegance that your little girl truly deserves.
If you always thought that your little girl is no less than a princess, this piece of headwear would ensure that people say the same. As the hat features a superfine and ultra-soft material for covering your baby’s head, you need not worry free about your girl outgrowing it.

Solid Gold Baby Girl Hat        
Solid Gold Baby Girl Hat
Give a taste of royal grandeur to your little girl with this all gold baby girl hat. This beanie hat made from pure, superfine cotton has sequins, metallic brim and an oversized rose, all in golden shade.

Nothing can make your little lady stand out from the crowd like this hat! The best part is that the golden brim of this headwear can be folded to ensure better fit and it can also be worn in any season.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through a comprehensive collection of these exquisite hats. We offer baby sun hats, flower hats, animal hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, headbands and hair accessories for customers all over the world. Feel free to explore a plethora of remarkable options for you little one and order the ones complementing their natural charm and personality.

24 Jan

Make Your Kids Look Lovely with Melondipity Kids Hats

Melondipity Kids Hats.  As our babies and toddlers get older and become beautiful and exciting kids, they continue to need unique and adorable headwear to make them stand out, and even more important, for protection from the elements. Our online store at www.Melondipity.com has a huge selection of kids hats – we’re sure there’s something for each of our beautiful little ones. Each of the kids’ headwear from Melondipity is created to be unique, and we are quite sure that you will agree with this after having browsed through the entire collection. Some of the hats make your baby look serene; some have a vibrant bright quality about them, while some just blend in perfectly with their personality. You can take your pick from our extensive collection.

Have a look at a few kids hats available from our online store:

Blue Stocking Striped Baby Boy and Toddler Hat
Blue Stocking Striped Baby Boy and Toddler Hat
This winter hat for your baby boy has a distinctly boyish charm to it. With its three shades of blue stripes along with mild green, you can expect your little boy to sport a dashing look.
If you or your boy is fond of blue sweaters and jackets, this hat is for him. This crochet hat is made from 100% cotton which ensures comfort along with warmth.

Bunny Boy Blue Baby Boy and Toddler Hat  
Bunny Boy Blue Baby Boy and Toddler Hat
This bunny baby hat for boys is ideal to keep your little one warm during the winter days while at the same time, making him look serenely elegant.
The soft blue ears, white flaps, and braids with pom-pom in the hat give it an endearing cuteness which is perfect for your baby. Keep your baby cozy in winter with this delightful little hand knit baby hat. We have this headgear for newborn, toddlers and older kids.

Navy Striped Baby and Toddler Girl Hat with Flower
Navy Striped Baby and Toddler Girl Hat with Flower
Made from pure Icelandic acrylic yarn, this navy blue toddler hat presents a stylish gorgeous look for your pretty little girl. The oversized girly bright pink flower brings about the zestful feminine charm that your little girl deserves.

This is an ideal headgear to go with most outfits, particularly denims. It is suitable for both regular wear and special occasions. You can get one for infants, toddlers and bigger kids.

If you always wanted your baby to stand out in the crowd, make them wear one of the adorable headgears that Melondipity.com has to offer. We have a wide range of sun hats, flower hats, animal hats, baby beanies, crochet hats, fashion hats, stocking hats, headbands, and hair accessories. We have a large number satisfied and even grateful customers all over the world.

22 Jan

Wonderful Collection of Exquisite Baby Hats

Melondipity Baby Hats.  Do you wish to deck up your baby in a way to make him or her stand out as the most special in the crowd? If your answer is ‘yes’, after you have bought them an adorable outfit, you need to give some thought to the headwear as well as it is the only way to make your baby look different from the crowd. With the wonderful collection of exquisite baby hats and beanies available from Melondipity, you can easily find several such headwear.

Have a look at a few baby hats we have to offer:

Red Racer Baby Hat Red Racer Baby Hat

This racer baby hat is meant for the really active boys that are ready for the racetrack. It includes superfine soft jersey cotton and is hand-woven with custom bamboo yarn. This helps to keep the baby comfortably warm during the winter.

We have designed this hat to last despite the wear and tear your active baby boy may cause. You can get this unique beanie for infants, toddlers and older kids too. It can go with any outfit and promises to make your little boy even cuddlier.

Tiny Teal Rose Baby Girl Hat
Tiny Teal Rose Baby Girl Hat
The regal elegance of the varying shades of azure is the striking feature of this baby girl hat. If you always wanted your little lady to look like a princess, this is one headwear that will never let you down!

The exquisite look of this hat can go well with many outfits, especially with the adorning oversized teal rose towards the right of the hat. The little teal gem at the center of this flower only adds to the glitter!

Pink Pixie Dust Baby Girl HatPink Pixie Dust Baby Girl Hat 

Your infant girl would look adorably cuddly in this hat that oozes with sweet feminine feeling. With a purple ting to it, this pink hat is made from superfine soft yarn.
The dazzling soft pink satin bow offers the most delightful contrast to the darkish pink background. Get his stretchable and super-comfortable hat for your little girl and make her earn myriads of compliments. Your little one can wear this on special occasions for several months after her birth.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through an extensive collection of such products. Each one of our products is premium, high quality and specially crafted to look magnificent, feel comfortable, and last long. We offer all kinds of baby headwear including baby hats, such as sun hats, flower hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, fashion hats, animal hats, and hair accessories.

22 Jan

Simply Adorable Baby Boy Hats from Melondipity

Melondipity Baby Boy Hats.  Your little boy might be exceptionally adorable enough already, but it may never be enough for you. In fact, it is completely understandable if you wish to deck him up at times so that your love for him comes out even stronger, and the wide collection of adorable baby boy hats from Melondipity.com can help you do just that!

It is always very special to adorn your baby with a cuddly little headwear along with the great outfit that he thoroughly deserves. Have a look at some of the wonderful hats for baby boys available from our online store.

Striped Blue Newborn Boy Hat  
Striped Blue Newborn Boy Hat
This superfine, ultra-soft hat with white and blue stripes presents an elegant picture of your little boy. Made from 100 % organic material, we are sure that this headwear would keep your baby comfortable even if worn for long hours.
It can go well with most outfits of your little one and is bound to make him cuter than ever. This hat is for newborn baby boys and it can be worn till 3-4 months.

Sock Monkey Sweetie    

This sweet monkey baby hat can go with boys as adorably as girls. The naughty monkey face, the ear, and the bright red pom on top make for a cuddly combination. Have your boy or girl wear this if you wish them to be the cutest on the block!Sock Monkey Sweetie

This cute hat is available in most baby sizes from our online store and will surely be a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe.

Blue Grass Beanie Baby and Kids Boy Hat Blue Grass Beanie Baby and Kids Boy Hat

The enmeshed blue and green shades of this adorable blue grass beanie hat have an earthly feel about them. The vibrant blue of the beanie serves as the ideal contrast for the grassy look.
This headwear is made from a combination of cotton and polyester so that your little boy stays comfortable during the fall, winter and spring. Starting from newborns, this activity-oriented baby hat is available for boys up to 5 years of age. Although meant for rough use, it can also be used on special occasions to give a unique look to your little one.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through an amazing collection of baby boy hats. You can pick out the one that is most suitable for your little one. We pride ourselves in crafting our products with so much care and love that it is never easy for our customers to stick to only product per order!

21 Jan

Exquisite Baby Sun Hats for Girls

If you wish to take your little girl out in the sun, you need a smart outfit to make her stay cool and look good at the same time. The exquisite collection of baby sun hats for girls from Melondipity keeps your baby comfy in the sun while helping to protect her from the harmful rays of the sun. Each of the sun hats from our online store is uniquely crafted to carry a distinct elegance about them. Choose the one that suits your little lady the best. However, you might find it difficult to pick out only one!
Have a look at some of the sun hats for girls available at Melondipity.com:

Polka Dot Princess Baby Sun Hat  Polka Dot Princess Baby Sun Hat

The elegant contrast of navy blue with spoted polka white dots and the oversized white rose presents an aesthetic delight that is just the adornment your little lady deserves.
The light weight, high quality of this 100% cotton keeps your girl cool even after prolonged exposure to the sun. Not to mention, it also helps keep the hazardous UV rays off of her face. So, gift your little one this graceful hat which is available in all sizes, from newborn to 4 year old kids.

Pink and Green Dots Peony Girls Baby Sun HatPink and Green Dots Peony Girls Baby Sun Hat

Get this girl sun hat with a wide brim to really bring out the girlishness of your little one. The mild green of the hat contrasting with green polka dots has a distinctly soft feminine feel only accentuated by the large pink peony.

If you want your little girl to look as gorgeous at the beach as on special occasions, this sun hat is for her.

Bubble Gum Kisses Baby Sun Hat Bubble Gum Kisses Baby Sun Hat

The adorable bubble-gummy light pink of this hat aesthetically blends into the cream of the oversized flower on top. The pink shades interspersing with the cream of the flower presents a regal elegance for your little lady.

If you want a sun hat that sits comfortably on your baby girl, and is as good for beach times as for outings, there can’t be a better choice than this one.
For browsing through the complete collection of the most amazing sun hat for girls, visit Melondipity.com. We have a wide assortment of sun hats, flower hats, animal hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, fashion hats, stocking hats, head bands and hair accessories to offer, for regular wear as well as special occasions.