16 Oct

This Fall Dress Up the Little Angel in Style with Baby Hats from Melondipity.com

Is this your little one’s first Thanksgiving? If it is, you are likely gearing up for the best Thanksgiving ever, being truly thankful for the new addition in your life. The cute and unique baby hats from Melondipity.com will at least make sure that your little darling is dressed to impress. Also, these adorable hats will make baby the center of attention in holiday photos. Little Turkey Baby Hat

Tired of the same old hat designs? Check out the Little Turkey Baby Hats available at Melondipity. Its a best-seller swooning the buyers with unique and lovely turkey shaped designs. As a quality conscious online store, Melondipity hand picks products that excel not only in appearance but in quality, too. Like our baby sun hats, the turkey hat is manufactured from the finest quality basic material, in this case, 100% super soft acrylic yarn. Don’t be surprised if the little turkey on your baby’s head garners more attention than the one on the dinner table.

Available in diverse sizes to fit newborns, babies, toddlers and infants, the Little Turkey Baby Hats with its neutral color combinations are perfect both for baby gal and guy.

11 Oct

Christmas Gets Merrier with Christmas Baby Hats from Melondipity

This holiday season, be the perfect Santa, and give your baby a pleasing combination of cuteness and comfort with Christmas baby hats from Melondipity . When you see your little fellow exuding charm in one of these cute hats, your heart will undoubtedly skip a beat.  In fact, these hats make great Christmas presents for your baby niece or nephew as well, making you the best aunt ever.Christmas Tree Baby Hat

Melondipity unfurls more joy with its colorful and glittering collection of infant hats that are made from the finest fabrics. Besides being extremely adorable, babies also feel warm and comfortable. Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat is a Melondipity exclusive that will surely add to the family’s festive atmosphere.  The elf hat, with its stripes and unique pom-pom tail, prepares your baby to be the highlight of all the Christmas photos and memories that will be cherished forever. Its chirpy design and neutral color combination make it completely unisex and promises admiring glances from everyone.

The enchanting appearance of these infant hats does not mean any compromise has been made on the touch and feel aspects of the hat. Made from 100% cotton yarn, the Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat will be a kiss of softness on baby’s skin. In addition to this,  in terms of size the given range has options available for newborn, baby and infant (0-6 months).

This elf hat is only a single presentation from the treasure of Christmas hats available at http://www.melondipity.com. Check out our other adorable options, too.

4 Oct

Baby Boys Beat the Heat with Baby Sunhats from Melondipity

Going out for a stroll on the beach with your little guy? Don’t forget to take the baby hat to protect  your little angel’s head and face from the harmful rays of the sun. You know that the softness of your baby’s skin is priceless and it has to preserved at all costs. Make sure you get a hat that is big enough to shield not only his head, but also that adorable little baby face. At the same time, it is important that the material used in the baby sunhats is extra soft and of the finest quality. The reason being, baby’s super sensitive skin deserves a delicate touch along with complete protection against irritation. Baby sun hats

If you believe that the number of baby boy sun hat options and styles is limited, Melondipity is here to change that view. Surf through Melondipity.com and you will come across several designs of boys sun hats.  For instance, the Argyle Personalized Sun Hat for Baby Boys and Toddler Boys is catching many mom’s attention as it is not only stylish but floppy enough to ward off any sun damage. The light green and royal blue color combination ensure that your baby beats the heat in style. Besides this, on a windy day the chin tie will hold the hat in place.

More on this option along with photos and details of other designer baby boy hats is available on http://www.melondipity.com