20 Nov

Melondipity: The Ultimate Place for Cute Collection of Baby Beanies

Fall is here and Melondipity has updated its assortment of baby beanies by introducing unique and soothing colors. These charming hats will keep baby warm, cozy and adorable. There is an exciting plethora of baby beanies on display at Melondipity, just choose the ones that match your little angel’s charisma and style. Sock Monkey Sweetie

Have you ever thought that the color burgundy could be playful? No? Then check out the Burgundy Flower Tan Beanie Baby Hat available at Melondipity. The hat exudes elegance and sophistication with its color, while the enchanting design makes it perfectly appropriate for your little one. This handmade in USA hat gives baby endless hours of warmth and comfort.

In addition to making baby girls even prettier, the captivating collection at this online outlet ensures the ultimate cuteness for your baby boy as well.  The range of beanie hats for boys is very handsome and popular. For instance, the Sugar Bear baby boy hat has emerged as the hot favorite among proud new mothers. The light blue color coupled with the super soft fabric make this hat as soothing as an ocean breeze. It can also be an ideal prop for photography, enhancing the angelic feel of the photos.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a newborn, check out Melondipity.com to explore the world of designer hats including baby beanies hats, sunhats and more, for babies, infants and toddlers. The choices are endless and the designs are unique and exceptional.

8 Nov

Baby Beanie Hats – Choosing the Right Size

Unlike adults, infants cannot adjust their body temperature, and with winter coming, they require warm attire. Coats and sweaters may do the job to keep them warm most of the time, but it is their head and ears that need to be protected from the ruthless chills. A baby hat is the perfect way to protect your child from winter infections like colds, fevers, etc. – because they will help pass heat to the whole body from the head.

A baby hat is extremely important, but who says it has to be boring like adult winter hats? Baby beanie hats are accessories that merge style with safety. Not only will they protect babies from the winter chill, they will also stylize them with their fashionable appeal.

Many parents, however, have found themselves at the onset of winter and utterly confused – especially new parents. They normally confuse hat sizes, or sometimes find themselves unable to attach a bow/flower clip to a headband.

Such confusion is common as the market is full of various styles and designs – differing from each other in terms of width and length. The best suggestion is to choose baby beanies according to the child’s age. For instance, crochet beanies with 5” headbands are recommended for infants between 9 and 12 months, while the crochet beanies with 6” headbands fit perfectly on infants between 12 and 18 months.

A detailed recommendation for choosing the right size for your child is:

0-3 Months                 14”-15” head circumference

3-6 Months                 15”-17” head circumference

6-12 Months               17”-18.5” head circumference

12-24 months              18.5”-20.75” head circumference

2-4 years                     20.75”-21.25” head circumference

1-2 T (older)                18”-20” head circumference

You may visit http://www.melondipity.com for more information about buying the best newborn hats for boys and girls.