31 Jan

Add Style to the Little Diva’s Outfit with Attractive Baby Flower Bands at Melondipity

Melondipity, an online store best known for offering baby hats and headbands, is the right place if you are looking for beautiful baby flower headbands for the bundle of joy in your life. The store offers a unique assortment of toddler headbands including Green Garden Geranium Baby Girl Headband, Full Of Love Baby Girl Headband, Pretty Polka Dot Baby Hard Headband and Removable Bow Clip, and many more. Available in various colors, these toddler headbands are perfect for any event. In fact, you can also get every day headbands at this online store.

One of the most sought after headbands the store offers is its Pale Pink Beauty Baby Headband. Made of knit fabric, this stretchy, soft and comfortable headband goes well with almost every type of outfit. The oversized pale pink garden flower accent headband will make your little princess look like an angel.Cotton Candy Flower Baby Headband

Apart from its unparalleled collection of headbands, you can also browse though Melondipity’s website to find some beautiful baby hats for the cutest miniature person in your house. Their collection of baby hats includes Sun Hats, Flower Hats, Animal Hats, Crochet Hats, Stocking Hats, just to name a few. You can also look for some amazing collections of gift and photo sets available at this online store.

So, if you are ready to get gifts for your little one, browse through the unrivaled collection at Melondipity.

23 Jan

Melondipity – the First Choice for Mothers Who Want Only the Best for Their Kids

Melondipity is the first choice for mothers who want only the best for their kids. The online store overwhelms with its unique collection of baby crotchet hats. These unique baby hats have a soft, feathery feel. Melondipity precisely selects hats that have been developed from premium quality fabric, so nothing touches you baby’s skin except softness and comfort. Making crochet hats involves a hook and is a painstaking task; but it ultimately produces the most adorable baby hat designs that  stylishly protect your little one. A 100% acrylic, super-soft knit hat that’s sure to keep your baby toasty is all that you need this winter.Navy Blue Woody Boys Baby Sun Hat

In fact, give this crochet hat to a new mom, and she will sing your praises for your fine taste in baby fashion. Created by using top-notch soft acrylic yarn, these hats are made with warmth for warmth. The Sweet Crochet Owl Hat is appropriate for both a baby girl and a baby boy.

Moreover, the White Crochet Flower Hat is a classic presentation that steals the show every time. Its posh and feminine appearance, topped with a big peony flower, will make your little girl a stylish princess. In addition to this, it is made from breathable 100% cotton fabric, making it soft, light and perfect for every season.

17 Jan

Kids Hats from Melondipity: When style and comfort go hand in hand

Melondipity has the largest assortment of stylish kid hats made from pure and organic fabric that is both gentle and safe on the skin. The trendy design choices will make your kid a popular one in school, and at family get-togethers and birthday parties. These hats will also put an end to the complaints about how your little man’s head gear is not nearly as cute his baby sister’s hats. The store has options for both boys and girls with different color choices and designs as well as some very interesting unisex choices, too.Tanner_Bear_Hat_resized_large

Take a look at Melondipity’s Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Toddler Hat for Toddler Boys, besides being absolutely adorable, this hat is perfect for chilly weather, too. Its one-of-a -kind and super fun bear design, along with fuzzy and shaggy faux fur will immediately make it a favorite. The inside of the hat is lined with dark grey woven fabric and the ear flaps provide an ample amount of warmth for both head and ears. The broad shape of this  Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Toddler Hat has ample room to grow and nicely fits boys in the 1-4 year age group. The buttery soft touch of this hat, together with the soothing off white color makes it one of the top-selling products at Melondipity, just take a look: http://www.melondipity.com/collections/kids-hats/products/fuzzy-wuzzy-bear-toddler-hat-baby-boys

Like all its popular sun hats for babies, the Kids hat collection at Melondipity is reasonably priced with options for every budget.

10 Jan

Stylish and Cute Baby Boy Hats Enriching the Collection at Melondipity

As a mother you spare no effort to make sure that the cuddliness of you little boy always remains intact. The desire to dress up the little angel differently from the rest of the world is inherent in every mother. In fact, Melondipity not only understands this feeling, but justifies it by presenting a dynamic and distinctive range of baby boy hats. The hats come in a myriad of color and design choices developed specifically for baby boys.  As an old and trusted name in the field of baby headgear, Melondipity’s range stands out because this store knows that for a mother her baby deserves nothing but the best. Therefore, whether its about style or the quality of the hats, Melondipity never compromises as it handpicks its amazing quality hats. Lets check out a few of the options available in this wide range of baby hats for boys:Sweet Crochet Owl Hat - Blue

Green Tree Frog Baby Boy Hat- The boyish smiling frog at the top makes it the cutest headgear of the millennium. Black braids on the extended ear flaps with green pom poms at the end make it a perfect accessory for every winter attire. Hand-knitted with 100% finest quality cotton, this one is a must have.

Fantastic Football Baby Boy Hat – Another of Melondipity’s unique presentations, for those moms who know, that thanks to his father, the little one is going to be a football fanatic. Fantastic Football Baby Boy created with top notch light brown yarn has a crocheted design of a football on the front, together with a braid and pom-poms for extra cuteness.

3 Jan

Season’s Hats from Melondipity – True Winter Wonders

Melondipity has hand-picked its winter collection to create an awe-inspiring range of baby hats that consist of some of the trendiest headgear for little ones. Your baby will steal the show this holiday season donning Melondipity’s adorable hats. Be ready for picture perfect moments because there will be plenty of them. Also, be prepared for your guests- especially the females – to pay more attention to your little one than they do the drinks and food. Check out Melondipity’s cutest ever collection of baby girl hats, especially the ‘ Winter Wonderland White Pom Pom Crochet Baby Hat’ which is sure to boost everyone’s festive mood.Red_Crochet_with_white_poof_large

This hat lives up to its name as the little princess will look like she is on baby’s day out in a winter wonderland. The hat is hand-made in the USA by using premium quality cotton, ensuring cheese-like softness. White fuzzy pom poms on the side are the fun features that make this hat an appropriate Christmas gift for a newborn, and Melondipity will gift wrap it for you. The hat is available in four sizes: 0-6, 6-12 and 12-24 months.

The winter collection at Melondipity is better than ever, and don’t forget to visit the website to view their dynamic range of newborn hats for boys as well!