28 Feb

Find an Exclusive Collection of Baby Hats at Melondipity

Melondipity has always been the first preference for mothers who want to see their kids in beautiful hats. The online store offers its exceptional collection of baby hats that look impressive and stylish on any child. The collection of unique baby hats available at this online store excels both visually, and to the touch. The baby hats they have available include Pink and Grey Striped Flower Baby Girl Newborn Beanie, Striped Baby Boy Blues Pom Pom Hat, Baby Blue and White Simple Striped Knit Newborn Hat, and many more.

Blue Ice Baby Pom Pom Toddler Boy Hat

The hats offered by Melondipity have been hand-selected from those with the finest quality fabric, so then there’s nothing scratchy against baby’s skin. Along with being made with high quality material, the hats are cute and attractive.

Apart from its excellent collection of colorful baby hats, Melondipity also offers other products including headbands and head accessories. You can also get hats for special occasions like Baptism and Halloween.

You can either buy their products online, or you can visit their retail store located at 3850 Bessemer Rd Suite #120, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466. The store often shares updates and interesting information on its social media pages.

21 Feb

Find Gorgeous Baby Hats at Melondipity and Receive Abundant Compliments

Melondipity has a wide collection of attractive hats for kids, and their number one goal has always been to provide a great experience for customers through the products they offer, their user- friendly website and overall customer care. Care and support is essential for newborn babies. So for them, Melondipity showcases adorable newborn hats. These are precisely selected hats that have been developed from premium quality fabric so nothing touches your baby’s skin except softness and comfort.Rosie Pink Lady Polka Dot

They pride themselves on their great selection, and also appreciate and encourage your feedback on any of their products. When you want to dress your child warmly, Melondipity has you covered. They have special crochet hats for children that are so adorable, even strangers won’t be able to stop themselves from complimenting your child.

You can also receive a Melondipity hat or headband each and every month for over six months by just becoming a member of the Hat of The Month Club. The hat or headband you will receive in a given month is decided by you and other Hat of The Month Club members. You can even follow Melondipity on social sites like Facebook and twitter and get updates on new arrivals.

14 Feb

Find Perky and Designer Collection of Toddler Hats and Other Headgears for the Tiny Tots at Melondipity

Melondipity brings an enchanting array of toddler headbands and hats for the little lady at your home. These headbands are embedded with silk or satin flowers, bows, candy hearts and similar other oversized add-ons. The designs of these headbands and choice of colors ensure that no compromise is ever made when it comes to the style of the princess. Aside from this, the choices available are plenty and diverse so that you can get headbands that go with various outfits of your baby.Denim_2_cropped_large

For instance, the Redlicious Rosette Hard Headband for Baby Girl has a chic over-sized red chiffon rosette that makes it perfect for party hours. The color of this headband will make it even more attractive when paired with a green, white or black dress. Besides this, Candy Heart Headband with its pink shade will match the glowing rosy complexion of the little one, making her the center of attraction in all family get-togethers. In addition to headbands, the range of head accessories for toddlers also includes toddler sun hats for both boys and girls, made in soft and skin friendly fabric and offered at reasonable prices.

You can browse your way into the images, details along with other important specifications of this exclusive range on the easy to use website of Melondipity. Every product displayed here entices in its own unique way, so you will find it tad hard to just limit yourself to one headband or hat.

6 Feb

Melondipity- The Best Place to Buy Baby Beanie Hats for Baby Shower

Melondipity is the first preference of mothers when it comes to online shopping for their kids. They have diverse collection of Baby Crochet Hats and among them Baby Beanie Hats are very appealing. They are ideal for children of all ages and are designed to be comfortable in all the seasons. These are breathable, 100% Cotton, Super-Soft and Light in weight. In addition, making crochet hats involves a hook and is a painstaking task; which ultimately, brings adorable designs of hats to protect your little one.Double Tuft Trucks Knit Baby Hat

 Milondipity has one aspiration and that has always been to provide a great experience to the customers through the products they offer. The products they offer are hand selected and not only adorable and unique, but also acquire the highest quality. They have different products also, such as Headbands, Hair Accessories. Now you can dress up your baby with matching Accessories which will surely help to differentiate them from the others.

The care and support is very essential for every Newborn Baby. So for them Melondipity showcases very adorable newborn Hats. These are precisely selected hats that have been developed from premium quality fabric so nothing touches your baby’s skin except softness and comfort. In fact, you can get hats by different size such as Baby hats, Toddler hats and Kids hats. You can also become the member of Hat of the Month Club, in which you will receive a Melondipity Hat or Headband each and every month for 6 months. The hat or headband you receive in a given month is determined by you and the other Hat of the Month Club members. You can follow Melondipity on social sites like Facebook and twitter for latest updates like new arrivals.