7 Feb

All you need is love…..

Valentine’s day is just 8 short days away! We have many cute red and pink hat and headband options for your little one this Valentine’s day! We also have a super cute heart hat!

Check out our Valentine’s day selection here

We love this photo for a little V-day inspiration by Julie Rae of “The Look Photography”.  This is a great photo idea for little sisters 🙂

11 Jan

More Newborn Photography Ideas

I love this idea of using wrapping paper or fabric as a backdrop for a newborn photo shoot. Check out these awesome photos! http://www.younghouselove.com/photo-gallery-2/claras-weekly-photo-project/

All she is missing are some super cute hats and headbands! Check out some of our newborn hats and headbands perfect to make any baby photo shoot extra special!




11 Jan

Newborn Photo Ideas – “When my baby dreams”

A little does of inspiration for this week! I LOVE these amazing newborn photos! This super creative mom of the blog “Mila’s daycreams” http://milasdaydreams.blogspot.com/ has published a book called “When my baby dreams”. These are some great newborn photos!

Check out the book here http://www.amazon.com/When-Baby-Dreams-Adele-Enersen/dp/0062071750

16 Nov

Sweet Baby Of Mine

We will be welcoming our second little girl into the world March 2nd 2012! Of course as the owner of Melondipity I am already thinking about her “welcome to the world hat”. For our first daughter Mia (before we owned Melondipity) I had a hat and outfit ready for her homecoming photos, but didn’t have a hat for her very first photos.  I look at her first photos and wish I had a thought of this beforehand, but it never even occurred to me. Maybe because it was my first baby and I was so nervous about the labor details the last thing I was thinking about was her fashion. Ha ha!

For our second little girl I am going to ask the baby catcher to put this hat on her http://www.melondipity.com/collections/baby-hats/products/harper for her very first photos instead of the generic one they have at the hospital. This sweet baby newborn hat is almost like the ones at the hospital but SO MUCH CUTER with the little bow detail. This hat is perfect for welcoming any little princess into the world. I LOVE it and can’t wait to see our little girl for the first time in this hat! Only 3.5 months to go……..

12 Sep

Over (SUN) Protective Mom


As the owner of Melondipity.com I obviously have a love for baby hats and fashionable baby head wear. Since the day our daughter Mia was born she has always been adorned with adorable hats and headbands. One of the reasons she is usually wearing a baby hat or headband is because we are still waiting for her hair to come! 🙂 Another reason is because whenever we have been out on the town people would comment “what an adorable baby boy you have” (even when she was wearing pink). I started accessorizing our little baby with hats and headbands and she just looked so darn cute I couldn’t stop!

Recently our little baby has turned one! At daycare she has moved to the big girl room which she is really enjoying because she is playing with her friends and doing fun activities all day long. When the daycare told that Mia will be playing on the playground now twice a day my immediate thought was about the strong south Florida sun.  Mia has such fair skin and she is always wearing sun screen and a sun hat whenever we go outside. I asked them if other babies or children wear sunhats on the playground and I was surprised to hear that the answer was no! They understand how I feel about sun protection and with one look at Mia they can see she needs a little extra so every day on the playground Mia transforms into a little fashion diva in her sun hats. Now she can play and have fun under the strong Florida sun and I can relax……..well about her sun exposure at least!