8 Nov

Baby Beanie Hats – Choosing the Right Size

Unlike adults, infants cannot adjust their body temperature, and with winter coming, they require warm attire. Coats and sweaters may do the job to keep them warm most of the time, but it is their head and ears that need to be protected from the ruthless chills. A baby hat is the perfect way to protect your child from winter infections like colds, fevers, etc. – because they will help pass heat to the whole body from the head.

A baby hat is extremely important, but who says it has to be boring like adult winter hats? Baby beanie hats are accessories that merge style with safety. Not only will they protect babies from the winter chill, they will also stylize them with their fashionable appeal.

Many parents, however, have found themselves at the onset of winter and utterly confused – especially new parents. They normally confuse hat sizes, or sometimes find themselves unable to attach a bow/flower clip to a headband.

Such confusion is common as the market is full of various styles and designs – differing from each other in terms of width and length. The best suggestion is to choose baby beanies according to the child’s age. For instance, crochet beanies with 5” headbands are recommended for infants between 9 and 12 months, while the crochet beanies with 6” headbands fit perfectly on infants between 12 and 18 months.

A detailed recommendation for choosing the right size for your child is:

0-3 Months                 14”-15” head circumference

3-6 Months                 15”-17” head circumference

6-12 Months               17”-18.5” head circumference

12-24 months              18.5”-20.75” head circumference

2-4 years                     20.75”-21.25” head circumference

1-2 T (older)                18”-20” head circumference

You may visit http://www.melondipity.com for more information about buying the best newborn hats for boys and girls.

6 Sep

Melondipity now stocks the widest range of Newborn Hats and Beanies

If you are looking for enchanting infant hats, newborn hats , toddler hats and new born baby hats, then Melondipity should be your destination because we take pride in adding glittering splendor to your little loved ones.

Fancy Flowers Baby Sun HatYou can find special baby beanies in many varieties as well as contemporary and cute baby hats for boys and girls, uniquely crafted with a fine blend of style, skill and materials. We also specialize in bringing you the widest collection of hand-knitted baby hats and baby beanies with flower clips, small flowers, etc. and all of them have received accolades from our beloved customers around the world.

Selling the most contemporary, stylish infant hats, we take great care to use the softest, highest quality materials. We have tried to give our best to our clients by  uniformly dividing our hats and beanies into different categories: 0-6 months , 6- 24m and also for 2 years to 5 years of age.

9 Nov

Cute Baby Beanies and Flower Headbands

If you always wished for your little one to look distinctively stylish, checking out the baby beanies and baby flower headbands available from Melondipity would certainly be a delight. This is because the elegantly crafted headgear featured on the site is bound to make picking only one option a difficult decision. This is because every hat and headband from the store has its own unique charm. Moreover, you are always assured of getting the finest quality that promises exceptional comfort.

Some of the baby beanies and baby flower headbands available from Melondipity for your babies are shown below:

Autumn Harvest Feather Baby Headband

Doesn’t this little baby girl look like a fairy with this flower headband on her head? You will find it difficult to get such a beautiful, high quality product from anywhere else but Melondipity. Your little one is bound to look her cuddliest ever with the elegant flower with autumn hues adorning her head.
Do not miss out on this lovely product, especially if you’re looking for a way for your little girl to look her cutest and stand out from the crowd.

Oh Christmas Tree Baby Hat

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas by adorning your little baby with suitable headgear. The Christmas Tree Baby Beanie Hat is another premium quality hat offered by Melondipity that would make your little one look like a star; much like the yellow star that adorns the tree top of this hat!

If you want a hat that looks great, feels comfortable and is warm and cozy, get this baby beanie now. It’s sure to be the talking point of your next Christmas Holiday party.

Pale Pink Beauty Baby Headband

The exquisitely pale and adorable headband from Melondipity.com has a rich appeal to it, which adds a touch of serenity to your child’s looks. The pink garden flower adornment on the band gives depth to the calm you would find on your baby’s face. If you are looking for gifting your baby an enchanting headband, nothing could be better than this. This headband can go with any outfit of your baby and is the perfect gift idea for any special occasion.

Geranium Flowerette Burst Baby Headband

This headband is available not only in purple but also in various other colors as well. The geranium flower accent of this headband is available in many sizes and a variety of colors. In fact, regardless of the age of your little one, they are bound to look delightfully cute after wearing this baby flower headband.


30 Oct

Make Your Little One Even Cuddlier with Baby Beanie Hats

Your baby is the most beautiful one in the world to you. However, you can make your little one even more adorable with the exclusive collection of baby beanie hats from Melondipity. Get baby hats that promise great comfort to your child and look great too. Choose from an extensive collection of Beanie hats featuring several adorable designs for your cute child. Some of the hats in the collection are ideal for moms who are waiting to learn their baby’s gender as they are unisexual in terms of styling.
Have a look at some of the baby beanie hats to make your baby adorable and cuddly:

Baby Elephant Beanie Baby Hat

This hat is made from 100 percent soft cotton lining and is adorned by a cute elephant in white. It spots a luxuriously vibrant look with soft green and white stripes along with a black rim. The cute elephant with in this background has such an endearing look that it will never cease to charm you in a soothing way. You can get this hat in one size which would fit all – newborns, babies and infants.
Little Lamb Baby Beanie Hat


If you are still waiting to find the gender of your baby but nevertheless wish a cute gift to be ready for the newborn, the Little Lamb Baby Beanie hat is exactly what you need. It is designed to look like an adorable lamb with innocent black eyes, extended snout in pink and ears in the same pink color. To ensure that this beanie hat does not slip out, a thick brim has been provided at the base of the hat.
Little Boy Blue Crochet Visor Beanie Baby Hat

If you love blue and want a cute beanie hat for your little one, get the Blue Crochet Visor Beanie Hat from Melondipity. It features light brown neutral stripes with cornflower blue. It is a great one for bringing your baby boy home from the hospital. Apart from looking adorably cuddly, this hat will also also be very comfortable for your little boy as it is made with 100 percent cotton yarn, which is as comfortable as any variety of cotton can get. You can get this hat in newborn, baby, infant and toddler sizes.
You can check out many more enchanting baby beanie hats from Melondipity. The platform has an extensive collection of baby hats to make your little one look even more special.

18 Sep

Gifts Ideas for Baby Shower – Adorable Baby Beanie Hats and Toddler Hats

A baby is on the way, so it’s time to celebrate with an adorable baby beanie hat! A baby shower is among the best and most exciting occasions for a mother-to-be and her little angel. If you’re in a dilemma and need to find that perfect gift to buy a new mom, some of the most appealing and unique baby shower gifts provided by Melondipity helps you make the right choice. Out of various baby products and accessories available in the market, mommy’s favorite are colorful baby beanie hats, something that a new mom can never complain of having too many. Moms want to keep their new babies warm and cozy, and Melondipity’s products do just that.

When it comes to selecting a gift at Melondipity, you can select from a large variety of toddler and baby beanie hats for boys and girls of all sizes and ages. Here are some truly remarkable baby hats with images so that you may have a brief idea about our products and their features

Ridiculously Cute Baby Reindeer Hat – For boy or girl

This toddler hat is gender neutral and available exclusively at Melondipity! This product is a handmade hat (Made in America) that can be worn by boys or girls, making it a perfect gift for a baby shower (especially if the gender is being withheld or is unknown by mom!). The girl version of this hat features a cute red ribbon at the ear to give it a girly effect. The girl version of this product can be seen here.  This hat promises to keep the little one comfortable as it is created from 100% ultra-soft multi-toned fluffy brown cotton. Attached are cute Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer white antlers, a red nose and black button eyes, which add to the beauty of the hat. If you are aware of the gender of the baby, then you may purchase the girl version of this animal hat that comes with a red ribbon at the antler or the boy version with no ribbon (the ribbon is easily removed if the gender is unknown). Some other features of this hat are:

  • Handmade exclusively in the USA
  • Primary colors: White, brown, red and black
  • Sizes: newborn and 0-6 months
  • 100% cotton
  • Great choice for a baby shower gift
  • The boy and girl version can be purchased for twins

Leopard Print Princess Beanie Baby Hat

The Leopard Print princess Beanie Hat from Melondipity is among the best and most popular baby shower gifts offered. This is a favorite of most mothers as it promises to make their little angels look incredibly adorable and innocent. It combines shabby chic with animal cuteness. The product is made using an ultra-soft, stretchy brown and black leopard print fabric. Basic Features:

  • Comes with a stretchy, soft knit fabric
  • Black Power Puff Marabou
  • Sizes 6-18 months and 18 months – 3 years

These are just two of the hundreds of remarkably popular baby hats we have to offer. Learn more about our products by visiting Melondipity.com today and don’t forget to friend us on Facebook!