13 Jan

Baby Hats from Melondipity: More than Just a Fashion Accessory

Nothing can be more pleasing to watch than a cute little baby in a sweet fascinating hat. Nowadays, many parents understand the fact that these hats are more than just stylish accessories for young children. Gone are the days, when hats lacked style and variety. Today, these hats come in a variety of designs and also help in keeping the newborns warm and protected from heat loss. So, if you are looking for cute and beautiful baby hats, look no farther than Melondipity. The company stocks a huge range of jazzy baby hats at the market’s best prices.

baby hatsAvailable in an array of styles, designs and colors, these hats are perfect for both baby boys and girls. All the hats that the company offers are handcrafted in the USA and 100% authentic. To make the baby feel extra comfortable and relaxed, the company uses 100% breathable cotton to manufacture most of these hats.

Melondipity is a one stop store that is widely recognized for offering an array of baby hats at the market’s best prices. In addition to baby hats, the company also offers a wide range of baby headbands and baby sets. Ranging from newborn to baby and from toddlers to kids, the wide range of hats that the company offers include personalized hats, flower hats, animal hats, beanie hats, fashion hats, stocking hats and hospital hats. The company aims to provide a great experience to their customers through the products they offer and has also made their website user-friendly so that their customers face no problems while shopping for their desired headwear. So, go ahead and purchase the best quality baby hats online from Melondipity.com.

13 Mar

Unique Baby Beanies that Suit your Little One

Find the most adorable and unique baby beanies from our online store – Melondipity.com. As we are conscious about making each of our products unique, you can choose the ones that are most suitable for your little one. We have hundreds of customers all over the world and many of them have expressed that it often becomes difficult for them to confine their orders to only one baby headwear from our store! This is because we have an array of the most delightfully elegant beanies and other headwear for babies, each one different from the other but as resplendent.

Have a look at some of the baby beanies available from our store:

Flower Power Baby Hat
Flower Power Baby Hat
With mild pink strands and crochet flower in the middle, this handmade baby hat is a tribute to the mirthfulness of your little girl. It has an extremely soft texture and therefore your delicate angel can wear it for long hours.
The contrast of purple and pink in this pretty flower power hat has an endearing feminine grace that is most fitting for your girl.

Pink Peony Baby Girls Flower Hat
Pink Peony Baby Girls Flower Hat
This peony baby girl flower hat radiates a soothing feminine elegance. Made from 100% cotton, this hat will fit snugly on your little lady and keep her remarkably cozy for as long as she wears it.
The open weave crochet design splendidly gives way to the oversized soft peony flower featuring a gem in its center. The white brim is the ideal flank to the soothing elegance of this baby hat. As it can go with most outfits, doting moms and dads should order it right away.

Baby Dolce Pink Flower Baby Hat
Baby Dolce Pink Flower Baby Hat
This gorgeous pink flower baby hat is a definite head turner. The mesmeric creamy hues of pink and white of the oversized flower give this hat an abstract elegance. If you always thought that your girl is no less than a fairy, this is a fitting adornment for her!
The comfortable and stretchable material of this enchanting hat would ensure that your little girl can keep it on for long hours. Get this softly graceful luxurious baby hat for your girl today.

Visit Melondipity.com to have a look at the most captivating baby hats for your little girl or boy you can find in the market. We specialize in all sorts of baby headwear including baby beanies, crochet hats, fashion hats, flower hats, sun hats, headbands, and hair accessories.

21 Dec

Amazing Baby Beanies for your Little Ones

Baby beanies can give the elegantly cuddly look that you always wanted for your little one, but you need to find the right one for your baby. Melondipity has the most extensive collection of beanie hats to offer for baby girls and boys. All the headwear we offer is made from superfine material that ensures that your baby can wear it for hours in comfort. Out of the many adorable products that we offer, a few baby beanie hats are shown here. You can choose one of these or browse our website for more options.

The Pink Rock & Roll Crown Beanie Baby Hat   

This vibrant pink baby beanie hat from our store is a great option for your child. If you find an early inclination in your little one towards being a rock star, this hat is meant for her.
This charming pink hat comes with two custom-printed images on either side. If you flip it, the other side has a different design and the hat could be worn both ways.
Apart from giving you the advantage of getting two hats for the price of one, the soft organic cotton keeps your kid cozy.

Oh Christmas Tree Baby Hat

The 100 % acrylic fabric of this beanie hat would get your baby ready for the coming festive Christmas holiday season. The bright yellow at the top depicts the yellow star and the rest of the green hat is laced with small yellow stars too.
The sprinkling of these stars on the green background gives a unique seasonal festive feel to this beanie hat. Additionally, the fine quality fabric from which it is made is sure to keep your child warm and cozy in the winter season.

Black Cotton Beanie Baby Hat with Pale Pink

This beanie hat, with plain black background and an upfront pale pink flower, offers a mesmeric contrast to the beholder. It is an ideal product to add to your little girl’s wardrobe as it can go well with most dresses.

This beanie is made from soft cotton that is stretchable and warm. Hence, your baby girl would never feel unduly pressed on the head wearing it and it would also keep her cozy for long periods of time.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through the most amazing collection of baby beanies and other headwear for your little one.