22 Jan

Simply Adorable Baby Boy Hats from Melondipity

Melondipity Baby Boy Hats.  Your little boy might be exceptionally adorable enough already, but it may never be enough for you. In fact, it is completely understandable if you wish to deck him up at times so that your love for him comes out even stronger, and the wide collection of adorable baby boy hats from Melondipity.com can help you do just that!

It is always very special to adorn your baby with a cuddly little headwear along with the great outfit that he thoroughly deserves. Have a look at some of the wonderful hats for baby boys available from our online store.

Striped Blue Newborn Boy Hat  
Striped Blue Newborn Boy Hat
This superfine, ultra-soft hat with white and blue stripes presents an elegant picture of your little boy. Made from 100 % organic material, we are sure that this headwear would keep your baby comfortable even if worn for long hours.
It can go well with most outfits of your little one and is bound to make him cuter than ever. This hat is for newborn baby boys and it can be worn till 3-4 months.

Sock Monkey Sweetie    

This sweet monkey baby hat can go with boys as adorably as girls. The naughty monkey face, the ear, and the bright red pom on top make for a cuddly combination. Have your boy or girl wear this if you wish them to be the cutest on the block!Sock Monkey Sweetie

This cute hat is available in most baby sizes from our online store and will surely be a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe.

Blue Grass Beanie Baby and Kids Boy Hat Blue Grass Beanie Baby and Kids Boy Hat

The enmeshed blue and green shades of this adorable blue grass beanie hat have an earthly feel about them. The vibrant blue of the beanie serves as the ideal contrast for the grassy look.
This headwear is made from a combination of cotton and polyester so that your little boy stays comfortable during the fall, winter and spring. Starting from newborns, this activity-oriented baby hat is available for boys up to 5 years of age. Although meant for rough use, it can also be used on special occasions to give a unique look to your little one.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through an amazing collection of baby boy hats. You can pick out the one that is most suitable for your little one. We pride ourselves in crafting our products with so much care and love that it is never easy for our customers to stick to only product per order!

21 Dec

Cuddly Baby Boy Hats Available from Melondipity

Melondipity.com has a wide array of adorable baby boy hats for your little one. You can try out the most popular ones or search for the one that is the most suitable for your kid. The super soft materials from which our hats are made allow your boy to wear them for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. Whether your little one is a newborn, infant, toddler or older kid, our comprehensive range of baby hats would surely include one that is simply perfect for your child. Check out a few of our enormous selection of headwear available at our online store.

Little Turkey Baby Hat

This is one of our #1, best-selling baby boy hats from Melondipity. Just a look at the hat, and you would know ‘why’. The two cuddly drumsticks in the brown soft shade make it ideal for the upcoming holiday season – especially Thanksgiving.

With the holidays round the corner, nothing could be more fitting for your little gentleman than this adorable baby hat. This one is sure to get your boy a lot of attention and you should be prepared to receive myriads of compliments for choosing such a hat.
Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside Crochet Baby Hat

This blue and dark striped crochet baby hat is a great one for all special occasions. The oversized pom-pom tail of this crochet hat looks adorable on newborns as well as infants.
If you wanted your little one to look amazing during the upcoming Christmas holidays, this one is the ideal headgear for it. This knit baby hat with a tail would not only keep your baby boy cozy, but can also be used as a great Christmas morning photo prop.

Baby Yellow Giraffe Baby Hat      

Your newborn baby needs to be protected this winter and obviously you would want to do that, but why not also make him look cuddlier than ever. This giraffe-themed baby boy hat from Melondipity.com can certainly help you achieve this. It is actually designed for both genders making a great unisex option.
The superfine soft cotton yellow yarn with which this beanie is made makes it wearable for long hours. The brown interwoven braids contrasting artfully with the yellow of the fabric give this hat a chic and elegant look.

If you want to choose baby boy hats from a highly extensive collection, Melondipity.com is the place to be. The superfine 100 percent cotton headgear available from our site is great for little girls and boys alike, and hence, you can easily find the ones that you find the most adorable.