30 Oct

Exclusive collection of Flower Headbands and Crochet Baby Hats

Crochet baby hats and baby flower headbands are perfect adornments for your baby. These headwear accessories have their own unique charm and since they are available in the exclusive collection from Melondipity, you can buy them for your little boy or girl with ease. Whether for everyday errands or special occasions, make your baby look adorable at all times.

Cuppy-Cake Baby Hat

The cuppy-cake crochet baby hat from Melondipity is the perfect product for baby girls and is widely chosen by those who are fond of cupcakes. It has a pink crochet base made to look like a cupcake while the icing has dark pink splotches scattered throughout the hat. The topping of the hat is crochet with a cute, dark-pink strawberry. Sounds good enough to eat, right?
Apart from looking super-cute, this crochet baby hat also promises exceptional comfort for your baby girl. Additionally, it is ideal as a gift for any baby girl if you are looking for something unique as this one will make her look one of a kind.

Aloha Girl Baby Headband

Out of the many options for baby flower headbands available at Melondipity, the Aloha girl baby headband best fits the description of a flower headband. It is suitable for little girls of all ages as it features a beautiful silk flower made from a stretchable yet soft knit fabric. The pink flower is towards the left temple of the girl while the white headband made from cotton runs across the head.
The Aloha girl baby headband is the best gift for a little girl if you want to give a distinctive accessory as this headband would surely make her stand out.


Lil’ Guy Crochet Owl Baby Hat

Out of the many crochet baby hats that Melondipity has to offer, not many can beat lil’ guy crochet owl baby hat as far as cuteness is concerned. The material used in the hat is super-soft 100 percent cotton, making it as comfortable to wear as it is visually delightful.
This baby beanie hat features two owl ears, two large owl eyes with black centers, and an adorable looking beak in yellow. This hat does not scratch your baby boy’s ears, keeps him cozy and is a great one for taking pictures. While some moms may want to use this hat only for special occasions or photo sessions, it is also cool headwear for daily wear. You can order any size – toddler, infant, baby or newborn.

21 Sep

Three Most Creative Newborn Baby Hats for Boys

It is undeniable that your lovely little prince deserves some of the most appealing and fashionable new born baby hats for boys. This is the reason why a large number of parents choose no place other than Melondipity.com to buy their attractive baby hats. We make sure that your lovely little boy remains protected and looks innocent and fashionable at the same time. Hats at Melondipity are reasonably priced so that most parents can provide the best to their kids.

Though there is a great variety of a newborn baby hats for boys on the site, we have selected three options from our exhaustive collection to make the hunt easier for you.

Little Boy Blue Crochet Visor Beanie Baby Hat
When it comes to buying a hat for your little guy, no other color can add more appeal to his look than blue! This is a beautifully crafted handmade crochet blue baby hat that is available exclusively at Melondipity. This short-bill knit beanie hospital hat is made using super soft 100% cotton yarn, and so, promises great comfort. Support the USA and Buy American – the quality is superior.

Brown and Green Newborn Owl Hat
Add colors to your baby’s life with this beautiful and colorful brown and green newborn owl hat, available at Melondipity. This baby boy owl animal hat makes an appealing and adorable photo prop and can be a great gift for an expecting mom. The product is created using 100% super soft cotton yarn to ensure it doesn’t scratch the soft skin of your little one’s scalp. The product is available in the size of new born only.

Baby Bird Crochet Newborn Hat
This baby crochet newborn hat is something we guarantee you’ll find a hard time finding anywhere else. This hat is handmade from one of the finest crochet companies in the world and is available exclusively at Melondipity. This Baby Bird Crochet Newborn Hat is created specifically for the new little bird in your life and makes your baby look extremely adorable and innocent. It is among the best and most sold out newborn hats for boys. This hat features a unique type of material that is super soft and luxurious to the touch.

Apart from newborn boys’ hats, you may also purchase baby flower headbands for your little angels. Find out more about baby hats and accessories at Melondipity.com and don’t forget to friend us on Facebook!

28 Aug

Three Adorable Baby Flower Headbands for Your Charming Princess

Whenever we need to purchase an accessory for our baby, our biggest concern is to find the one that promises to make the little one look adorable and feel comfortable at the same time. Even though the market is flooded with incalculable items to suit different tastes, some hats and headbands are way too expensive while others fail to promise comfort and durability. This leaves us wondering what to buy for the baby, especially when we have a budget to adhere to. However, Melondipity understands that kids’ don’t judge their clothes and accessories on the basis of their price; instead, they need something that is unique, beautiful and comfortable.

In order to help you find the perfect blend of quality, comfort and value, here are three adorable baby flower headbands for your charming princess:

Sweet Baby Headband
It is a lightweight, crocheted headband for newborn babies. The band is created while keeping in mind the requirements of a new born. It feels soft and comfortable and adds more charm to the already charming personality of the baby.


  • Created especially for the new born babies
  • Pink accent flower with gem at the center makes them look beautiful and adorable
  • Comes with soft white headband
  • Ideal for babies of 0-6 months

Baby Bean Baby Headband
This Melondipity special headband is perfect for any newborn baby girl. The accessory features a super soft cotton headband, which is especially made for the tender skin of your little princess, and is adorned by a white flower. Perfect and pure, this all white band is stylish yet simple and will suit many of your little angel’s outfits.


  • Comes with white silk flower with metal accent
  • Luxuriously soft material
  • Removable hairclip, which means it can be worn as a headband or a hair clip
  • Makes a perfect gift for the baby

Green Flowerette Burst Baby Headband
Help your baby go green! This Green Flowerette Burst Baby Headband from Melondipity evokes an organic, fresh and natural essence.


  • It is a soft, stretchy and knit fabric headband
  • Comes with an over-sized cream peony flower    accent
  • Suitable for newborn, baby and infant (Age: 0-3 and 3-6 months)


Apart from the above mentioned, we also have a large selection of baby flower headbands for toddlers and kids’ hats for boys and girls.