21 Jan

Adorn Your Baby with Adorable Headbands

If you have always felt that your baby should be dressed up as adorably as they are, do not forget to add a crowning baby headband glory to the outfit. As your baby girl’s face is the first thing anyone would notice, a gorgeous headband is sure to make her stand out. At Melondipity.com, we pride ourselves in bringing out the best appearance of your little angel. Each one of our baby headbands and other headgear are crafted to possess a unique appeal of their own. You can browse through the site to look at more options than the ones given below:

Wrapped with a pink bow  
Wrapped with a pink bow
The sweet little radiantly elegant pink is a perfect gift for accentuating your little girl’s cuddly looks.
The dazzling femininity of this pink ribbon has an adorable cuteness to it that is simply impossible to ignore. The skinny elastic band that supports this headband is an ideal contrast to the pink ribbon.

Scarlett Sparkle Headband  
Scarlett Sparkle Headband
This glittering red headband is the perfect adornment for your little lady. If you always believed that your baby is no less than a princess, this little accessory would make everyone agree.

Two dazzling red flowers perched on the top of your girl’s beautiful head would surely make her stand out. The best part is that she would be able to wear it for long periods as it is made from a superfine, stretchable material.

Deck the halls baby girl and toddler headband   Deck the halls baby girl and toddler headband

The alluringly dark red hue of this baby girl headband is an ideal appearance enhancer for a photo session or a Christmas holiday party. If you always wanted your pretty little girl to stand out in all social gatherings, this is the accessory that you should get for her.
The stretchable and soft material from which this headband is made would feel as if it was custom made for your baby. The forever agreeable contrast between black and red in this accessory gives it a vibrant feel.

Visit Melondipity.com to have a look at many more of  products just like these. We specialize in all kinds of baby headgear, including sun hats and hair accessories. Doting moms and dads all over the world have chosen our store to make their babies look special. You are invited to do the same by visiting our online store where each of the products has a unique elegance to it. We are confident that it would be difficult for you to settle for only one!

24 Dec

An Amazing Collection of Baby Headbands

Melondipity Baby Headbands. If you are a doting mother, father, affectionate relative or a well-wisher friend, there can be nothing more heart-warming than gifting a cute baby an adorable headband. With the amazing collection of baby headbands available from Melondipity, you can be rest assured of finding the one that you can’t resist ordering. Apart from looking adorably elegant, the headbands available from our website are made from superfine cotton which stretches easily for keeping your little one comfortable.

Have a look at some of the baby headbands available from Melondipity.com. These are just a few options from the extensive collection we have to offer.

Garden Party Peony Baby Headband          

Your girl is sure to look unique with this elegant and cuddly headband featuring a luscious, oversized flower. You can get this for special occasions or simply adding to her collection of hair accessories.

The pink material from which this headband is made is of superfine cotton that is comfortable and stretchable. The oversized flower is a peony with many colors that contrast well with each other. The white, pink and red petals of the flower go well with the adorable gem that is placed at the flower’s center.

Delicate Pink Rosette Chiffon Headband    

The whirlpool-like swirl of this regally mild pink headband will make onlookers gush with pleasure. The pink rosette with elastic lace headband is a great adornment for any dresses and is suitable for special occasions as well as regular wear.

The oversized pink rosette is made from soft and stretchy material that keeps your little girl comfortable even if it is worn for long durations.

Zebra Teal Flowerette Burst Headband   

This delightfully mild and soothing tone of azure is sure to lend a grandiose elegance to your little girl or boy. The blue rose flower accent of this unique headgear is as good to look at as it is comfortable for the scalp. With its stretchable knit fabric, you can keep it on your baby for hours.

This Zebra Teal Flowerette is available for newborn to 6 months old. It can go with any dress and can be used for special occasions and regular wear alike.
There are many such amazing baby headbands available from Melondipity.com.     Your baby will stand out with one or more products from our shop. You can browse through the collection of sun hats, flower hats, beanie hats, fashion hats, stocking hats, crochet hats and hair accessories available from our online store.

25 Oct

Endearing Newborn and Baby Headbands

Baby headbands can be your daughter’s precious accessory for any occasion. Take her out for a special event or simply dress her to pose for a picture; whatever the reason is, our enthralling headbands will definitely make heads turn and will provide some truly amazing memories when you’ll look at them years later.
Make your angel celebrate the joy and privilege of being a girl with exclusive baby headbands from the huge collection at Melondipity. Our little infant headbands have attracted positive attention from every parent.

Although the collection of headbands and baby hats at Melondipity is huge, here are a famous few to provide you a glimpse of what we have in our kitty.

Miss Luscious Black Feather Baby Headband

Pink Baby Sun Hat

Make your daughter look like a lady with this unique headband. The Miss Luscious Black Feather baby headband is available only in the exclusive collection at Melondipity. It is very important for moms to buy headbands, hair accessories and hats for newborns that can match multiple outfits. This black headband is perfect for any outfit, any occasion and any event. This is an exclusive and classy headpiece that no one in your neighborhood will have. You can also select a red color just to add the Christmas flavor in your purchase. 100% Cotton, Black Stretchy Headband. Sizes: 0-12 and 12-18 months

Miss. Scarlet Feather Headband

Scarlet Feather HeadbandPlanning for your baby’s first photos? Try this adorable Miss. Scarlet Feather Headband to make her look like a red fairy. This headband will make your little one look precious and her first photos will definitely gather attention and make her stand out from the crowd.  The red headband features a red flower, red feather, red elastic band and a sparkly rhinestone at the flower center to provide just the right amount of sparkle.  Sizes 0-6, and 6-12 months

Like what you see? Know more about our exclusive collection of kids’ hats and newborn headbands by visiting Melondipity.com. Select the finest head pieces for your little one because your baby definitely deserves the best!