12 May

Dress Up your Little Angels with the Baby Hats Offered at Melondipity.com

It is very difficult to resist admiring the charm and beauty of babies. Their innocent smiles and angelic faces capture everyone’s attention and with the right choice of baby accessories; they become even more beautiful. Parents have always shown great enthusiasm in dressing up their little angels in the best way possible. Different fashion styles have emerged recently to ensure that baby will look adorable and even more charming. The most famous among them are baby hats that not only provide protection but also give your child a pleasing appearance. So, if you want to buy baby hats, then explore the wide collection of baby hats offered at Melondipity.com.

Toddler GirlsThese infant hats come in all shapes, looks, sizes and fabrics that can be worn anytime and to any event. These hats not only look stylish but also protect your child by keeping the harsh sun rays and dust away their head and face. When the weather is cool, these hats help retain heat so that you can keep the baby’s little head warm and comfortable. Melondipity.com is a reputed online store that offers an extensive range of baby hats to its customer at affordable rates.

The company is a globally-recognized name with trustworthy customers throughout the world. They provide top-quality products to their customers and ensure that they won’t face any problem. The array of baby hats that the company offers includes sun hats, crochet hats, beanie hats, animal hats and many others. So, go ahead and make your child look even more beautiful by purchasing baby hats from Melondipity.com.

8 Apr

Gorgeous Sun Hats for Baby Boys and Girls

You will find exceedingly great looking baby boys & girls sun hats from our online store, Melondipity.com, but sun hats are our specialty. As we keep offering one cuddly baby sun hat after another, you would wonder which one to buy as all of them are distinctly stylish. As the baby headwear our customers buy from our store earns their babies loads of compliments, most of them come back to us for more.
Have a look at some of our cuddly boys & girls sun hats and decide for yourself:

Rosie Pink Lady Polka Dot

Rosie Pink Lady Polka Dot
Complementing the brightness of spring and summer, this hat promises to accentuate your little girl’s already charming persona. This feathery light baby girl hat in dazzling pink is a comfortable headwear that keeps the wearer’s head cool.
The floral theme of this headwear is marked by the oversized pink rose and the green polka dots are a delightful contrast for the pink background. The casual elegance of this pink baby hat is just the right choice for outings in spring and summer.

Summer Rosie Printed Sun Hat for Baby and Toddler Girls

Summer Rosie Printed Sun Hat for Baby and Toddler Girls
This printed girl hat for toddlers has a delightful pink theme to match the pink of your little one’s cheeks. The fashionable droop at its brim is done in a marvelously elegant manner for achieving markedly classy style.
This hat is made from superfine and super lightweight material to keep your little lady comfortable as she revels in an outing with the sun out. The floral print with engaging designs created by amusing contrasts of colors is a thing to behold. It would surely add lots of class to your little one’s outfit.

So Sweet Eyelet Sun Hat

So Sweet Eyelet Sun Hat
This is one of the baby boys and girls sun hats meant for infants. The white eyelet curls in a cuddly fashion all over the face and back of your baby and the chin strap is handy for those windy days at the beach.
Your little one would be protected from the sun’s harmful rays while being extremely comfortable as this baby hat made from a superfine material. It would also ensure that your baby is not only kept cool but also looks cool!

Visit Melondipity.com for an exclusive range of exquisite and unique sun hats for baby boys and girls.

3 Apr

Delightful Charm in Baby Hats for Boys & Girls

Boy and girl baby hats can be attractive in such a delightful way that you could not have conceived. At least this is the general reaction of customers about the baby headwear they purchase from Melondipity. As each product available at our online store is crafted with a zest to make it unique, our customers often feel flooded with too many good options to choose from. We have an extensive collection of boys and girls sun hats along with crochet hats, beanie hats, headbands, and hair accessories.
Have a look at some of our exquisite baby hats for your little boy or girl:

Bunny Baby Bop for Baby Boys Hat and Diaper Cover
Bunny Baby Bop for Baby Boys Hat and Diaper Cover
This adorable bunny baby boy hat with diaper cover is a great choice for your little one’s first snaps. With the superfine and ultra-soft cotton from which this set is handmade, it is assured to fit snugly on your little boy’s head.

The soft blue inside of the floppy ears with the blue and white pom pom in the diaper cover sports a delightful contrast to the spotless white.

Precious Poplin Floral Printed 100% Organic Cotton Sun Hat for Baby and Toddler Girls   
Toddler Girls
The amusing intermingling of different shades of pink and soft blue lends a serene feminine touch to this baby hat, ideal for your little girl. Made from pure Egyptian cotton, this hat is as tender as the skin of your baby girl needs.

The delightful floral print of this baby hat with exquisite choice of colors accentuates the feminine innocence of your little fairy. It is a perfect choice for summer as it protects your baby from the sun and can go with several outfits.

Spring Rain Sun Hat
Spring Rain Sun Hat
The light blue and creamy white of this baby girl sun hat is the perfect adornment for your little lady this spring. The contrast of light blue with white on the oversized rose of this adorable baby hat promises to deck your girl up for the spring in style.
Moreover, as the hat is made from pure cotton and lightweight material, your little girl would always feel cool and composed wearing it.

You can visit melondipity.com to browse through an exquisite collection of baby boys & girls sun hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, animal hats, flower hats, headbands and much more.

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