18 Jul

Melondipity Offers Protective and Stylish Boys Sun Hats

Parents understand the importance of sun hats in protecting not just baby’s delicate head from the scorching rays of the sun, but also other important purposes. Even in schools, wearing sun hats has become important as they reinforce the use of hats  to protect children from many harmful effects.Baby Baseball Baby Sun Hat

Covering the child’s head not only protects the child’s head, but it also protects the adjoining areas like neck and ears. It is highly advisable to avoid exposing kids under 12 months of age to direct sunlight. The child’s delicate skin may get damaged due to harsh sun rays.

Sun hats are not gender-biased. They are used by both boys and girls of all ages. There are wide varieties of baby boys sun hats available, so when purchasing one make sure that the sun hats are made of soft fabric that won’t cause irritation. Some fabrics are very hard and uneasy and they are prime sources of discomfort such as severe itching. The hat’s fabric is important, but also put emphasis on the hat’s style and pattern. Some parents only prefer stylish hats and they overlook the pattern. This should not be done, make sure you choose hats which can sufficiently cover the baby’s head, ears and neck.

If you’re not sure where to buy boys sun hats, then Melondipity is the perfect option for you. This online portal has a vast collection of boys sun hats, baby sun hats, baby headbands, baby accessories and many other enticing and useful products for your small baby.

4 Oct

Baby Boys Beat the Heat with Baby Sunhats from Melondipity

Going out for a stroll on the beach with your little guy? Don’t forget to take the baby hat to protect  your little angel’s head and face from the harmful rays of the sun. You know that the softness of your baby’s skin is priceless and it has to preserved at all costs. Make sure you get a hat that is big enough to shield not only his head, but also that adorable little baby face. At the same time, it is important that the material used in the baby sunhats is extra soft and of the finest quality. The reason being, baby’s super sensitive skin deserves a delicate touch along with complete protection against irritation. Baby sun hats

If you believe that the number of baby boy sun hat options and styles is limited, Melondipity is here to change that view. Surf through Melondipity.com and you will come across several designs of boys sun hats.  For instance, the Argyle Personalized Sun Hat for Baby Boys and Toddler Boys is catching many mom’s attention as it is not only stylish but floppy enough to ward off any sun damage. The light green and royal blue color combination ensure that your baby beats the heat in style. Besides this, on a windy day the chin tie will hold the hat in place.

More on this option along with photos and details of other designer baby boy hats is available on http://www.melondipity.com

27 Feb

Boys Sun Hats would never be Difficult to Find

If you visit Melondipity.com, you will find an extensive collection of exquisite hats that obviously includes boys sun hats. Parents of baby boys often have to make their child wear the usual sun hat as they feel almost all fancy designs are meant for baby girls. As we believe in providing the most distinct headwear for all babies, you can find a wide array of exquisite boy sun hats at our store. As spring is round the corner, make your baby frequent outdoors while being protected from sun’s harmful rays.

Have a look at some of our splendid baby boy sun hats:

Later Gator Baby Sun Hat
Later Gator Baby Sun Hat
If not the greens of the trees; keep your little guy protected with this green Later Gator Sun Hat. The sprightly green of this headwear is the ideal complement to the upcoming spring, which will be followed by summer vacations.

This hat features alligator scales making way for a cute little alligator. Two shades of blue alternate with yellow in the ribbon around the hat. This design is present in the hat’s inner lining too. With this unique mild green colored hat, you can make your little boy look ideally suited for spring.

Baby Baseball Baby Sun Hat
Baby Baseball Baby Sun Hat
The baseball theme of this baby hat with blue and white check is adorably planted with the embroidered white and red mini baseballs. The inner lining of the hat has white and red checks. When you bend the hat as shown here, it sports a stylish look befitting your active baby boy.
Take your boy to his first baseball game wearing this; while he would love the game, you would love the way he looks in the hat when excited by happenings of the sport.

Tiny Tee Time Sun Hat
Tiny Tee Time Sun Hat
This tee time hat is for the little golfer in your little boy or girl. Sporting a white seersucker design with embroidered golf tees, this is one must-have for every baby whose parents are passionate about golf.
The elegant blue of the seersucker is not all that you get with the hat. On flipping, you find green gingham, visible as green inner lining here. So, enjoy the fun contrast by ordering two hats for the price of one!

Melondipity.com is the one-stop-shop for all types of baby headwear. Apart from baby beanies, crochet hats, flower hats, animal hats, newborn hats, fashion hats, headbands, and hair accessories, we also have the most exclusive collection of boys sun hats. We pride ourselves in the fact that most of our customers find it difficult to limit their order to just one product from the site.