6 Oct

Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Little One with Newborn Hats from Melondipity

Many individuals drop the idea of an outing when it comes to taking their newborn along. It is well known that newborns are more prone to diseases than adults due to their weak immune system. Therefore, it is vital for parents to keep their newborns covered with soft baby clothes while going for an outing. Keeping newborns packed in soft clothes not only helps maintain their body temperature, but also provides protection against various health risks. Different things that need to be packed while going out with the baby include diapers, wipes, hand sanitizers, hats, extra clothes and many others. If you are looking for a newborn hat that not only protects your baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also makes them look adorable, then you must visit the wide collection of newborn hats being offered by Melondipity.

Newborn HatsThe wide array of newborn hats that the company provides come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors which are sure to delight the parents. Ranging from beanie hats to hospital hats, the wide collection of newborn hats that the company provides include Cozy Polar Penguin Baby Hat, Gorgeous Grey and Pink Flower Baby Girl Beanie, Red Christmas Bow Striped Christmas Baby Girl Hat, Cuddly Teddy Bear Hat and Paw Booties Set and many others. All the newborn hats that the company provides are precisely handcrafted utilizing soft grade material and will help parents in keeping their newborns protected while going out on sunny days.

Besides newborn hats, Melondipity is also recognized for providing hats for babies, toddlers and kids. Being a reputed provider of baby hats in USA, the company is also the customers’ first choice for getting baby sets and headbands at the market’s best prices.

12 Sep

Check out the Christmas Baby Hats from Melondipity’s Exquisite Stock

There are only three months left before December, and you are probably thinking about your Christmas shopping! Melondipity’s inventory offers great ideas to shop for your toddlers and infants. Here come the Christmas Baby Hats and Big Bow Christmas Baby Girl Santa Stocking Hat for the festive season. One thing is for sure, after wearing this adorable hat; your baby girl will bring a smile to everybody’s face. Even the parents who will be celebrating their first Christmas with baby will get amazing photos for collecting memories.Christmas Tree Baby Hat

After looking over the design of this hat, you will find something very different from other hats as it comes in red and green Christmas stripes with a girly green bow on the front. You will feel like you have the best Christmas present at your home when you see your baby girl looking like an angel. Parents who are expecting would love to receive this hat as an amazing baby shower gift!

While looking over the quality, their hats are made out of soft and 100% cotton yarn and are available in one size for newborn to three months. You will find a variety of hats; and will enjoy selecting the right hat for your baby. Melondipity is proud to fulfill all the needs of parents in terms of their diverse range of baby hats.

11 Oct

Christmas Gets Merrier with Christmas Baby Hats from Melondipity

This holiday season, be the perfect Santa, and give your baby a pleasing combination of cuteness and comfort with Christmas baby hats from Melondipity . When you see your little fellow exuding charm in one of these cute hats, your heart will undoubtedly skip a beat.  In fact, these hats make great Christmas presents for your baby niece or nephew as well, making you the best aunt ever.Christmas Tree Baby Hat

Melondipity unfurls more joy with its colorful and glittering collection of infant hats that are made from the finest fabrics. Besides being extremely adorable, babies also feel warm and comfortable. Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat is a Melondipity exclusive that will surely add to the family’s festive atmosphere.  The elf hat, with its stripes and unique pom-pom tail, prepares your baby to be the highlight of all the Christmas photos and memories that will be cherished forever. Its chirpy design and neutral color combination make it completely unisex and promises admiring glances from everyone.

The enchanting appearance of these infant hats does not mean any compromise has been made on the touch and feel aspects of the hat. Made from 100% cotton yarn, the Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat will be a kiss of softness on baby’s skin. In addition to this,  in terms of size the given range has options available for newborn, baby and infant (0-6 months).

This elf hat is only a single presentation from the treasure of Christmas hats available at http://www.melondipity.com. Check out our other adorable options, too.

3 Oct

With Christmas Baby Hats and Headbands, Make your Little Darling Look Elegant This Festive Season

Dressing up your little angel for the Christmas Holidays can be a lot of fun – especially with Christmas Baby Hats and Headbands. Christmas outfits for babies are generally simple, comfortable, colorful and sparkly. At Melondipity, we make sure to add more fun and glamour to the festive season by providing some of the best and most popular Christmas baby hats available in the world.

Here are some elegant baby hats and headbands that are ideal for adding more color to your festive season and for making your darling look simply adorable.

Redlicious Rosette Hard Headband for Baby Girl

This beautiful headband features an over-sized red chiffon rosette on a beautiful red hard grosgrain ribbon wrapped headband. It is perfect for upcoming fall or Christmas season. Its color, fabric and look have made this headband widely popular among those who are looking for holiday headbands for their little girls – especially those that are lucky enough to already have hair. It will make your baby look outstanding in family photos, and the red color will go well with most Christmas outfits.

Christmas Carol Baby Girl Red Crochet Hat

A 100% cotton crochet baby hat, this Christmas Carol Baby Girl Red Crochet Hat comes with a beautiful and fun over-sized white marabou that makes it perfect for the festive season. Take your baby girl to sing Christmas carols in this beautiful looking baby hat. This stylish hat will make her feel comfortable while keeping her warm at the same time. This babies’ hat is available in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months.

Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat

This is a perfect babies’ hat to accentuate the spirit of Christmas! Available exclusively at Melondipity, Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat makes the perfect headgear for your little one. Just looking at this sweet picture brings a tear to your eye. With this striped stocking hat that comes with an over-sized pom-pom tail, your baby will certainly look exceptionally adorable! Both boys and girls can wear the hat and it is a perfect fit for newborns, baby and infant (0-12 months). Although, this hat is extremely popular during the holiday season, some of our customers love to buy it all year around.

Regardless of whether you are planning to purchase Christmas baby hats for your little darling or planning to gift it to a close friend or family member, you are sure to get some truly amazing deals on exclusive baby hats at Melondipity.com!