17 Feb

Don’t Forget to Purchase Hats While Purchasing Winter Wears for Your Babies

newborn crochet hatsParents buy a lot of warm clothes for their babies to keep them cozy and comfortable during the winter season. They usually get confused in the flooded market of baby wears. Most often parents relate winter wears with thick jackets and sweaters, and they usually forget hats for their children. Hats are the most important winter wear for babies, as many babies suffer from seasonal fever and cold only because of bare head. One another thing where parents get confused is either go for style or protection. Today with the availability of numerous baby hats, it has become easy for the parents to get the right hat that makes their baby look stylish, and keep their head toasty warm during harsh winters.

Parents looking for best-in-class baby hats can count on Melondipity for offering a comprehensive collection of newborn crochet hats at the most competitive prices. A few of the hats that one can purchase online from their official portal, Melondipity.com, includes May Flowers Pink Knit Hat with Blue Flower, Sweet Pink Sock Monkey with Braids, Au Naturel Baby Bonnet for Boys or Girls, and many others. All of these hats are handmade in the USA using the highest quality soft yarn to provide utmost comfort to babies.

Melondipity is a renowned online store for offering a wide range of baby hats in numerous colors, styles, shapes, sizes, and patterns. All of their baby hats are soft and cozy that babies can wear for several hours without any discomfort. Besides newborn crochet hats, they also offer sun hats, animal hats, fashion hats, crochet hats, stocking hats and many other hats at the market’s best prices.

10 Feb

Crochet Hats: Make your Babies Look So Cute

Crochet HatsFashion nowadays is all about the proper arrangement and wearing of accessories. Not only does this trend apply to adult fashion, baby accessories are also on the rise. From cute shoes to bows and hats, babies are becoming more fashionable. When it comes to baby fashion accessories, baby hats are more popular than any other accessories available on the market. Apart from making your baby look stylish, baby hats also keep your babies warm, and protected. There are many types of baby hats available on the market and it’s only a matter of your preference as the parent when deciding. Of course, there are also other factors to consider such as the kind of materials used, the size of the hat, design and style.

Hats or caps are usually intended for colder seasons, although some parents prefer to buy hats that can also be worn on a daily basis. Crochet hats are among the most common ones, especially for newborn babies. These hats are preferred because of its ability to keep your babies warm and protected from chilly winter. They come in various attractive designs, colors, sizes and patterns. Crochet hats are widely available, but you should trust only reputable names, like Melondipity.

Melondipity is a renowned name in the industry for providing crochet hats for both, baby girls and boys, at the market’s best prices. Each of their crochet hat is handcrafted with the highest quality yarns. Besides crochet hats, the other hats that they offer on its online portal includes beanie hats, animal hats, sun hats, flower hats, stocking hats, hospital hats, personalized hats, and fashion hats. They ensure to provide a great experience to their customers through their user- friendly website and first class customer care services.

6 Jan

Hospital Hats: A Wonderful Welcome Gift for a Newborn

Hospital HatsIn almost every photo featuring a newborn, you can see the baby wrapped in a blanket, and a hat covering his or her head. It is a standard practice to keep newborn’s head covered with soft hats as it prevents heat loss from the baby’s body, and keep him or her warm and cozy. Many doctors even prescribe parents to keep their baby’s head covered after discharge, to ensure that the newborn doesn’t feel cold and stay protected from the harmful impact of the sun’s UV rays. Most of the hospitals also cover newborns with little hats to monitor temperature regulation in the baby’s body. Besides all these benefits, a hospital hat can also prove to be a wonderful welcome gift for a newborn.

Parents can easily find a wide selection of hospital hats available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. However, it still remains a tough task for many to find a reliable store that has been offering soft quality and adorable hospital hats for years at the most competitive prices. If you are among those who are still sorting out the perfect hat store, then exploring Melondipity is sure to get your desired piece within your budget.

Founded in 2009, Melondipity is well-known for providing a wide selection of hospital hats in multiple specifications. All of their hospital hats are handcrafted in the USA with premium quality cotton to ensure they suit the delicate baby skin, and doesn’t scratch the head of the newborn. A few of the hospital hats that individuals can order online from their official portal, Melondipity.com, include Pink Twirl Flower Traditional Nursery Striped Hospital Hat for Newborn Girls, Personalized Baby Bear Blue Newborn Boy Hospital Hat, Classy Boys Bow Tie and Beanie SET – Newborn Boy Blue and White Striped Hospital Hat, and many others. Besides hospital hats, Melondipity also offers flower hats, animal hats, crochet hats, stocking hats, and much more.

30 Dec

Buy Personalized Hats to Make Your Baby Stand Out of the Crowd

personalized hatsOver a period of time, baby hats have become a symbol of style and status. Now, parents dress up their child with the most fashionable hats to intensify their look. Undeniably, hat is one of the most critical fashion accessories in kids wear.  Nowadays, many fashion designers design kids’ hats that can help your child look more adorable and stylish. However, choosing the right hat as per your kids’ personality is one of the most daunting tasks for parents.

Never buy a hat that does not match or complement the shape of your child’s face or the skin color. For example, if your child has long face, it is not advisable to buy an oversized hat since it would further enhance the length of their face. As for colors, finding a hat that goes with their skin tone is always a good idea, for example, if your kids are blessed with the reddish cheeks, then dress up them in brown hats. Apart from it, you can also have personalized hats from the stores like Melondipity.com.

Match the personalization with the name of baby and occasion for which you want to buy hat for your child. Think about an appropriate hat for the occasion or event your baby is going to attend. It may sound obvious, but be careful not to make them wear a long hat when they are going to attend parties, or a sun hat for an indoor event, or Christmas monogrammed hats for other events. Always dress up your kids in a hat that suits their personality.

Melondipity.com is one of the most reputable online stores for offering a wide range of baby hats at the market’s best prices. You can now get the trendiest collection of personalized hats from this online store. Apart from personalized hats, they also offer various other hats including Animal hats, Sun hats, Hospital hats and many more.

23 Dec

Make Your Little Ones Look Cutest With Baby Hats

Baby HatsIt is always an exciting experience when you buy something for your little ones. Even all attractive dresses tempt when you step into the store. It is no surprise to get carried away when shopping for baby dresses and accessories as the varieties are simply overwhelming. Fashion accessories are very popular today for both baby girls and boys. Today parents want to make their babies stand out of the crowd, thus they shop at their best and focus on something unique and fashionable as well. Designers are now apprehending the growing demand for kids clothing, after seeing the distinct interests of many parents. Today’s kids fashion is all about the proper arrangement and wearing of accessories.

From cute shoes to headwear, a multitude of kids’ apparels are being offered online as well as offline. However, out of them, baby hats are becoming more popular in kids apparel market. Baby hats not only make your baby look more adorable, but also offer some of the cutest and most practical solutions for keeping them warm and protected. Thus, parents never forget to buy a hat for their babies. Since baby’s skin is more susceptible to allergies, you should look for the highest quality hat that doesn’t cause any trouble to your little one. Parents who are looking for high quality hats for their baby boy can now explore a wide range of baby hats being offered at Melondipity.com.

Melondipity is a reputable online store for offering a wide range of baby hats in a number of colors, designs and patterns. The company has in the stock a variety of baby hats such as animal hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, fashion hats, sports hats, headbands, hospital hats, and many more. They strive hard to exceed the expectations of their customers by providing them best-in-class hats within their budget.  Each of their hat can also be presented as a gift on various occasions.