4 Oct

Sun Hats For Girls – Help Protect your Little One from Harmful Sun Rays During Spring and Summer

It is undeniable that the tender skin of your child requires protection from the harmful UV rays emanating from the sun. So, to help keep your little boy or girl protected from the harmful direct sunshine, Melondipity brings to you an exclusive collection of some of the best and most comfortable sun hats for girls and boys.  Contrary to beanies and headbands, these hats promise to be a perfect babies’ wear for spring, summer and vacation getaways as they offer a defense for babies from the harsh sun.

These hats are perfect to help protect the neck, ears, face, and eyes of your child. The dangerous sunlight can be extremely strong for the skin and eyes of the baby and may cause grave harm. Hence, it is highly recommended that parents select a perfect piece from the enticing sun hat collection provided exclusively at Melondipity. Our many years of experience in the field have made us experts at providing some of the best and most exclusive baby girl hats and headbands along with stylish boys’ hats.

There is no denying the fact that the collection of stylish sun hats for girls and boys offered at Melondipity.com is sure to be well appreciated by the parents, as well as the kids, and this is the reason we are widely recommended by our customers to their friends and family.  The fashionable assortment of baby hats available at our website is created using the finest materials, such as organic cotton, premium knit fibers, etc. and offers numerous innovative designs, all of which are extremely beautiful, exclusive, and exemplarily comfortable. In fact, all our products promise to deliver the perfect blend of comfort, durability and style. We travel the world over to ensure you get the perfect hat and headband for your little one. The caps in our collection are available in a variety of colors and sizes and hence, promise to complement your baby and make them look stylish and adorable.

You can also select sun hats for girls and boys that are created specifically for beach wear and make your little boy or girl look and feel like one of the coolest and most adorable kids on the beach. Apart from sun hats, you may also buy baby girl hats for festive season. So, do not let the harmful rays of the sun be the hindrance for your little baby. Contact our customer service hotline at 872-BABY-HAT and always remember that we definitely have a perfect sun hat for your little one!

30 Aug

Cute Summer Girls Sun Hats to Make Your Little One Look Adorable

Protect your little one from the blaze of the summer sun with our range of premium girls sun hats. The hats by Melondipity are sure to make your angel’s charming personality even more appealing, while protecting her at the same time. Check out some of the most popular girls’ sun hats designs below, and select the one that suits your adorable princess the most.

Bubble Gum Kisses Baby Sun Hat

Back by popular demand, the BUBBLE GUM KISSES BABY SUN HAT continues to be parent’s favorite at Melondipity! This hat is perfect on a sunny day, on the beach and while you are out with your girl for shopping. The look and versatility of this product makes it a favorite among both mothers and babies. The hat is designed especially for infant girls in a glamorous shade of light pink with a beautiful white ribbon trim. This hat is created using lightweight 100% cotton, and protects the baby from harmful UV rays.

Precious Plaid Sun Hat

PRECIOUS PLAID SUN HAT is a light weight bucket baby hat that has been created for your little angel to keep her cool and relaxed this summer. This adorable hat goes with various outfits, and promises to make your little one look exceptionally charming. This hat is a beautiful madras plaid, has a chin strap for windy days and promises a super soft feel.  Even though we know your daughter is beautiful already, this hat will make her look even more super cute, while promising exceptional comfort and protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Butterflies Baby Sun Hat

If you are in search of something unique, beautiful, comfortable, and appealing for your baby girl that can be worn in everyday settings as well as on the beach, the BUTTERFLIES BABY SUN HAT is exactly what you are looking for. This super cool baby hat comes in dark pink and features a raw edge brim with various cute embroidered patches and multi-colored butterflies and flowers. The hat also features UV protection to ensure that your baby is safer from the harmful rays of the sun. Overall, it is a perfect hat for any activity or occasion.

Find out more about girls’ sun hats and other popular varieties such as baby beanies and boys and girls hat at Melondipity.com!