24 Jan

Amazing Collection of Cuddliest Infant Hats

Melondipity Infant Hats.  A little one might be the cuddliest baby, but doting parents, loving relatives and friends are never satisfied with just that. It is completely understandable if you want to deck up your baby girl or boy to make them stand out in the crowd. The amazing collection of exquisite infant hats from Melondipity would make your baby look cuddlier than ever. These hats are made from superfine and comfortably stretchable material so that your infant never feels any discomfort despite donning them for long hours.

Check out a few samples from the extensive collection of baby hats available from Melondipity:

Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat
Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat
This baby elf crochet hat has an admirable red and white stripes complemented adorably by the pom-pom tail. The green crochet base provides just the right contrast to the stripes and matches the green pom-pom.

This hat is made from 100% cotton of the finest quality and has become one of the favorite products demanded by our customers. It is a gender neutral hat and thus, can be bought as a surprise gift for both boys and girls.

Petite Peony Beanie Toddler and Infant Hat – Raspberry
Petite Peony Beanie Toddler and Infant Hat - Raspberry
The brightly pink oversized peony flower adorning the beanie covering of this infant hat exudes a regal feminine elegance that your little girl truly deserves.
If you always thought that your little girl is no less than a princess, this piece of headwear would ensure that people say the same. As the hat features a superfine and ultra-soft material for covering your baby’s head, you need not worry free about your girl outgrowing it.

Solid Gold Baby Girl Hat        
Solid Gold Baby Girl Hat
Give a taste of royal grandeur to your little girl with this all gold baby girl hat. This beanie hat made from pure, superfine cotton has sequins, metallic brim and an oversized rose, all in golden shade.

Nothing can make your little lady stand out from the crowd like this hat! The best part is that the golden brim of this headwear can be folded to ensure better fit and it can also be worn in any season.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through a comprehensive collection of these exquisite hats. We offer baby sun hats, flower hats, animal hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, headbands and hair accessories for customers all over the world. Feel free to explore a plethora of remarkable options for you little one and order the ones complementing their natural charm and personality.

25 Oct

Spread Charm by Gifting Attractive Christmas Baby Hats for Boys and Girls this Holiday Season

Christmas is an exciting time and it becomes even more special if a baby is born around the holidays. Think of all the Christmas Baby Hats!  There is already so much color, excitement and fun present in the occasion to capture their innocence and beautiful glittering eyes. Every newborn loves the magic and sparkle of new toys and beautiful Christmas presents. However, it is not an easy task to select a perfect baby gift.

At Melondipity, we make this decision easier for you by offering some of the best and most fascinating baby girl hats and infant headbands that you won’t be able to ignore. Over the several years we have been in business, our hats have become a favorite Christmas gift among parents due to the charm and beauty they add to the innocent faces of their newborns, babies and toddlers.

Although, every hat present on Melondipity.com is exclusive and created to suit the beautiful face of a baby boy and girl, here are some adorable pieces that can make Christmas gifts even more special.

Sweet Christmas Sock Monkey Baby Hat

Created especially for the holiday season, this Sweet Christmas Sock Monkey Baby Hat is a great, fun to wear product that is extremely comfortable. This hat comes with an elegant Christmas twist and makes your baby look as adorable as the one in the picture. This is an amazing fall/winter hat and makes a great photo prop for any baby born around Christmas. Sized 0-3 months. Colors available include grey, red, green and white with black eyes.


Strawberry Shortcake

Everyone who looks at Strawberry Shortcake finds it difficult to take their eyes off it. This is an adorable handmade newborn hat that is made with extremely soft, thick and non-allergic yarn. A beautiful red hat that comes with a green top and beautiful sprinkled yellow beads through-out give it some sparkle!  Size: Newborn Size Only (0-3 months)

Apart from these great products, you can also choose from Playful Pom Poms, Powder Pink Fluff Hat, Metallic Gold Flowerette Burst Zebra Baby Headband – Gold & Zebra and various other beautiful baby headbands and baby hats.
Know more about our exclusive holiday collection by visiting Melondipity.com!


9 Oct

Exclusive Baby Headbands Collection from Melondipity

Infant headbands are fun to collect and match with your baby girl’s dress collection. It is a heartfelt desire of every mother to make her baby look adorable and beautiful on every occasion. The special collection of products at Melondipity makes this desire come true by providing some of the most stylish, fashion-forward accessories for little ones. Our collection is created especially meant for those parents who desire premium quality baby headbands at cost-effective rates. Thanks to our one of a kind collection, many people are attracted to our comprehensive array of enthralling designs, and do not have to think twice to refer us to friends and family.

Here is a brief description of our infant headbands that will definitely generate smiles and gather the attention of onlookers.


Petite Geranium Headband: This headband is crafted to look adorable, chic and beautiful, and fit perfectly on your baby’s little head. These beautiful baby headbands come in a variety of colors to match with your baby’s wardrobe. You may select from popular colors such as White, Lavender, Candy Pink, Yellow, Green and more.

Cotton Candy Flower Headband: This product looks as peppy as it sounds. Cotton Candy Flower Headband is among the exclusive, premium headbands available at Melondipity that has been designed to make a statement, yet speak femininity. This product comes with an ultra-soft and stretchy band that will fit on your baby’s head with ease. Most of our customers  go ‘awe’ the moment they look at this fascinating headband. Its well-made structure and design makes it look beautiful, elegant and exclusive.

Yellow Darling Daisy Infant Headband: Your little angel is a true darling and nothing can make her darling qualities shine better than our Yellow Darling Daisy Infant Headband. This bright and beautiful sunny headband will definitely bring smiles and praises to your little girl. All our customers love this headband and we are sure that you will too!

These are just some of the hundreds of most popular baby headbands we have to offer. Additionally, visit our store at Melondipity.com to find out more about our exclusive collection of sun hats, infant boy hats and Christmas hats for your little boy and girl!

26 Sep

Give an Exclusive Gift by Buying Infant Boy and Girl Hats at Melondipity

The colors, designs and beauty of infant boy and girl hats make it better than most other baby gifts. And many parents desire to keep their baby’s first hat as a memento; so it’s crucial that they search for their hat on Melondipity.com, the largest supplier of baby, infant, toddler and kids’ hats of any other boutique on the web. Melondipity carries a huge selection of very unique products that are all special enough to be kept for memories.

Melondipity’s hats are created in a manner that promises to add more appeal to the already adorable look in each and every one of our babies, making them feel even more comfortable, and helping to protect them from the elements. These gifts are a fun and exciting way to shop for little ones, and even more fun to give!  When you are buying them at Melondipity.com, the purchase becomes even more special because we are committed to providing the best and most unique collection of baby hats you can find and all of our products are shipped in very clean, sanitary, and using visually appealing methods. Everybody loves to receive a gift from Melondipity!

Melondipity offers great fun and functional baby hats for your selection, and we are sure that you will have a great time exploring our comprehensive selections. Although, our collection includes a large variety, here are two of some of the most amazing infant boy and girl hats that will definitely provide you a glimpse of our collection and let you know why these hats are popular among parents.

Little Turkey Baby Hat
This is currently the #1 best-selling infant boy hat in our collection and one of our most discussed products on Pinterest! The Little Turkey Baby Hat from Melondipity is among the best and most adorable pieces you will ever see. Its colors and beauty make our customers fall in love with it the moment they lay their eyes on it.  No matter whether you are about to have a baby or a baby boy is gearing up for occasions such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas, this high quality product will definitely make a perfect gift. The product is created in 100% super soft acrylic yarn in a tan, turkey – brown base color with two beautiful looking drumsticks.

Crochet Owl Baby Hat
Another customer favorite!  This is a comfortable and trendy daily wear Crochet Owl baby hat for your adorable little one. It comes in lavender and purple shades, which makes it a perfect selection for girls. It’s soft, cozy and fashionable feel makes it a first choice of parents. This infant babies’ hat feature soft acrylic open weave yarn for the beanie portion and comes with cute little ear flaps and matching thick red, white and purple braids.

24 Aug

Cool Baby Hats for your Little Angels

Baby hats can be cool AND affordable!  It is undeniable that every parent wishes to dress up their kids with the best clothing and accessories. This is the reason many of us even forego their finances in order to purchase the best of what the market has to offer. However, we, at Melondipity, do not believe in capitalizing on your sentiments or finances; rather, we are dedicated to bringing to you some of the best hats the market has to offer at unbelievably reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for girls’ sun hats or need to buy infant boy hats, we offer them all at reasonable prices.

To help you dress up your little one in the best way possible, the following are a couple of exciting baby hat options for boys and girls:

For summers

Pale Pink Sun Hat with Daisy

Ideal for those who are looking to buy girls sun hats, this Pale Pink Sun Hat promises to give your little princess a remarkably adorable gaze, and will surely be well appreciated by onlookers. Furthermore, since this hat is made using premium, high quality materials, the hat gives your child great protection against the sun, as well as wearing comfort.

All in all, this hat promises to be an ideal choice for your little angel, offering the perfect blend of quality, appeal, and reasonable pricing.

For winters

Sage Green Beanie Visor

During the winter, one of the biggest concerns for every parent is to keep their kid shielded from the cold, and this is exactly what this Sage Green Beanie Visor promises; while at the same time, being hand-crocheted, it is certainly a blessing for the eyes. Hence, by opting for this hand-crocheted hat, you will not only ensure that your child is protected from the cold, but he’ll also look exceptionally cool.

Furthermore, just like every other option we have to offer, the beanie is available at a reasonable price.

In addition to the aforementioned, Melondipity offers a wide array of choices for those who are looking for attractive caps for their young ones. Ranging from girls sun hats to infant boy hats, you can find them all in our highly comprehensive collection – the largest selection of baby hats on the planet!