19 May

Baby Sun Hats: Best Protection for Babies against the Sun

Baby sun hats are very effective in protecting your child from the harsh rays of the sun. Babies are so fragile that they are no match to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Unlike adult skin that can tolerate and metabolize the chemicals found in conventional topical sunscreen, a baby’s skin cannot do the same. Doctors recommend that while very young, it’s still best to avoid sun exposure for more than three minutes. In any case wherein sun exposure is unavoidable, baby sun hats are one of the best accessories.

Baby’s Eyesight and Sunshine

Sunshine can be quite tough for babies and excessive exposure to sunlight during early childhood is harmful to their eyes. Sunlight has a lot of harmful UV radiation and the risk for retinal damage from the sun’s rays is greatest in children under 10 years of age. The consequences of excessive sun exposure usually don’t become apparent until they reach adulthood. To keep the baby’s eyes safe from the bright sunshine, sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection are highly recommended. However, a lot of babies get extremely irritated when there’s something hanging between their noses — making wide-brimmed baby sun hats our best option for protection against the sun.

Between 10 AM to 4PM is when the UV exposure is the most dangerous, and those are the times when your baby should be wearing baby sun hats when you go out with them during the aforementioned dangerous hours of the day. Baby sun hats will help block indirect sunlight, which can come into the eyes around the edges of sunglasses.


Baby’s Skin and Sunshine

Following the mentioned time of the day when the sunlight is the strongest, it is advised that during these hours, your baby’s skin is thoroughly protected from the harmful rays. The baby’s skin layers are so thin and sensitive that’s why it won’t take long for your baby to get sun burned. Wearing baby sun hats will help protect babies’ face and neck. Wide-brimmed baby sun hats with UV protection are a great way to keep the baby’s face and neck safe. For the rest of the body, dress your baby in clothes with tightly-woven fabric. This way, the sun’s rays won’t easily get past through the fabric unto your baby’s delicate skin. There are also clothing that has built in special sun protective factor which you may consider. For babies under six months old, it is best to keep them completely out of direct sunlight.

Making your baby get used to wearing protective accessory like baby sun hats may be more important than anything else while they are so young and fragile. Whether your baby’s skin tone is dark or light and freckled, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are dangerous for everyone, especially to children.

About Melondipity:

Melondipity aims to provide the best experience through our unique crafts, customer-friendly website, and our overall customer care. Our baby hats and headbands are crafted with utmost care, quality, and passion. We strive to suit every client’s needs and requirements. Check out the baby sun hats we have available, and don’t hesitate to contact us for your questions and inquiries.



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About Melondipity:

Melondipity aims to provide the best experience through our unique crafts, customer-friendly website, and our overall customer care. Our baby hats and headbands are crafted with utmost care, quality, and passion. We strive to suit every client’s needs and requirements. Check out our baby hats, infant hats, sun hats, and baby headbands or accessories we have available for newborns, babies, and toddlers.