6 Oct

Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Little One with Newborn Hats from Melondipity

Many individuals drop the idea of an outing when it comes to taking their newborn along. It is well known that newborns are more prone to diseases than adults due to their weak immune system. Therefore, it is vital for parents to keep their newborns covered with soft baby clothes while going for an outing. Keeping newborns packed in soft clothes not only helps maintain their body temperature, but also provides protection against various health risks. Different things that need to be packed while going out with the baby include diapers, wipes, hand sanitizers, hats, extra clothes and many others. If you are looking for a newborn hat that not only protects your baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also makes them look adorable, then you must visit the wide collection of newborn hats being offered by Melondipity.

Newborn HatsThe wide array of newborn hats that the company provides come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors which are sure to delight the parents. Ranging from beanie hats to hospital hats, the wide collection of newborn hats that the company provides include Cozy Polar Penguin Baby Hat, Gorgeous Grey and Pink Flower Baby Girl Beanie, Red Christmas Bow Striped Christmas Baby Girl Hat, Cuddly Teddy Bear Hat and Paw Booties Set and many others. All the newborn hats that the company provides are precisely handcrafted utilizing soft grade material and will help parents in keeping their newborns protected while going out on sunny days.

Besides newborn hats, Melondipity is also recognized for providing hats for babies, toddlers and kids. Being a reputed provider of baby hats in USA, the company is also the customers’ first choice for getting baby sets and headbands at the market’s best prices.

21 Sep

Explore the Wide Collection of Toddlers Hats at Melondipity.com

Currently the market is flooded with a variety of attractive accessories that exclusively target toddlers. These accessories help in making the toddlers look adorable and cute. Toddler Hats are one among them which are perfect for both boys and girls. These hats can make toddlers look unique and ensure that they are all dressed up to impress. Parents who aspire to give an adorable look to their toddlers ‘wardrobe can now purchase toddlers hats from Melondipity. These hats are hand knitted using soft fabric keeping in mind the delicate skin of babies. To suit the personality of your toddlers, these hats are offered in a plethora of attractive color combinations, designs, prints and patterns.

Navy Striped Baby and Toddler Girl Hat with FlowerWith these hats, your toddlers will look absolutely adorable and would stand out from the crowd. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a unique party dress for your toddler, a cool toddler hat is a must to make a unique style statement. Apart from making your toddlers look cute, toddlers’ hats also protect them from the freezing winters. Designed to perfection, purchasing toddler hats in any design can help bring a smile to a toddler’s face.

Started in the year 2009, Melondipity is a market leader for providing a range of toddlers’ hats at   the market’s best prices. To ensure quality, the company makes use of high quality soft fabrics for designing these hats. They work hard to meet the diverse needs of their clients. You can visit their website and explore more products. Along with the toddler hats, this online shopping portal also sell newborn hats, crochet hats, baby girl hats, baby boy hats, unisex hats and many more.

3 Jun

Style up Your Little Angels with Baby Headbands from Melondipity

Hair accessories are becoming the latest fashion trend these days. Every parent wants to dress up their baby and make them look adorable. Hair accessories make for a fashion statement and help your toddlers look stylish. They are elegant and decorative and give your baby that unique edge. Various hair accessories are available in the market today but headbands are amongst the most popular ones. Parents keen to dress up their kids in a stylish way can go through a wide range of baby headbands being offered at Melondipity.com.

Baby Bean Baby HeadbandBaby headbands come in an array of colors, styles and designs that compliment any adorable baby outfit. They come in several patterns like single large flower or a bow at the side or various smaller flowers lining the bands. With the help of these head-bands parents can keep the baby’s hair out of their eyes and mouth. They can safely rely on Melondipity for getting top quality products at best rates.

Melondipity.com is a renowned online store that offers an extensive range of baby hats and baby accessories to its customer at affordable rates. Besides baby headbands, the company also offers various other hats like sun hats, crochet hats, beanie hats, flower hats, fashion hats, hospital hats and many more. With their fast delivery, the company’s staff ensures that customers get their desired product on time. The company aims to provide a great experience to their customers with the products they offer, their user-friendly website, and overall customer care. Now make your angels look adorable with baby headbands from Melondipity.com.

18 May

Style Your Toddler with Beautiful Headbands Offered at Melondipity.com

Every parent wants their baby to look stylish and charming. They want their child to look their cutest and most beautiful when introducing her to relatives and friends. Nowadays, there are various fashion accessories available on the market or online for babies. One of the prominent accessories for babies is toddler headbands. These headbands are mostly made up of lace and ribbons and are decorated with beautiful flowers and other items. So, if you want to give your toddler an appealing look, then go through the wide range of baby headbands offered at Melondipity.com.

Autumn Harvest Feather Baby HeadbandThese sweet headbands come in various bright colors and designs to suit your child’s personality. As baby’s skin is very soft and fragile, parents should ensure that they buy a headband for their child that does not cause irritation. Apart from the stylish look, these headbands also keep baby’s hair away from their eyes and mouth. The company is well-known for offering various types of baby headbands like Handmade Tiara Crown, Pink Lace Flower Headband with Pearl Bracelet Set, Pretty-n-Poofy Pink Baby Girl Headband, Candy Pink Darling Daisy Flower Baby Headband and many more.

Melondipity.com is a reputed online store that offers an array of baby hats and baby accessories at affordable prices. The company provides the best quality and fashionable headbands at the market’s best price. The company’s experts ensure that products will reach customers on time with their fast delivery services. In addition to toddler’s headbands, the company also offers an extensive range of baby hats which include sun hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, and hospital hats, etc. So, go ahead and buy the perfect headbands for your toddlers from Melondipity.com.

12 Feb

Exquisite Baby Sun Hats For Your Little Lady

Baby Sun Hats from Melondipity: If you want your little girl to soak up the sun this winter, it is extremely important for you to keep her head covered.  While your little girl plays in the sun or sunbathes, the comfy sun hats for girls available at Melondipity.com would not only keep her cool, but also make her sport a splendid pretty look. Browse through our exclusive collection of sun hats and other hats and headbands to choose the ones that are most suitable for your little boy or girl.  Each of our products are crafted to have a unique engaging charm; you might find it difficult to sort out only one as a must-have for your baby.

Raspberry Truffles Sun Hat  
Raspberry Truffles Sun Hat
Let your little lady sport a resplendent Snow White look in this Raspberry Truffles Baby SunHat. The oversized white rose has a creamy ring that lends a serene contrast to the radiant redness of the hat’s brim and top. The polka white dots offer just the right blend to this exquisite combination.
As this hat is made from superfine material, your girl would never feel its weight and at the same time, this hat will help protect her from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This hat is available for babies aged 3 months and older.

Pretty Little Pinstripe Baby Sun Hat  
Pretty Little Pinstripe Baby Sun Hat
The thin pink and white stripes of this unique baby sun hat have a lively look to them, making it ideal for stroll in the parks and other social outings. The smartly sewn oversized green bow of this hat is accentuated perfectly by the grosgrain ribbon ruffle accessory.
This baby hat is reversible and on flipping, the other side has green and white stripes. You get two hats for the price of one. But most importantly, your girl would sport an elegant and smart look wearing the hat, from either of the sides.

Purple Princess Baby Sun Hat  
Purple Princess Baby Sun Hat
If you live in a place where it is spring or summer nowadays, make your little girl look like a princess with this delight of a hat.
This is a good one to protect your girl’s head even if you want her to be in the sun often during warmer months. It has a fabulous lavender hue with a smart crumpled appearance achieved through overstitching. The soft lavender purple flower perched towards the left of hat offers the ideal adornment to the hat.

Visit www.Melondipity.com to browse through a comprehensive range of baby sun hats, toddler headbands, baby beanies, crochet hats, and an extensive collection of other headwear.