22 Jun

Shop Baby Gifts Online

We all come across this situation at some point: Choosing baby gifts for expecting moms and dads, or giving a gift for a family welcoming their newborn child. Choosing baby gifts can be such a challenge (especially if you don’t have a baby yourself). You can imagine how it feels when we need to buy gifts, and we run short of ideas on what to give them. Worry not, because finding baby gifts is very easy at Melondipity!

Babies are such wonderful blessings and they do wonders in anybody’s life. They make us adults stronger and braver, and basically anything they do is absolutely adorable; they have the power to make us melt.  Whenever a new baby is born, we are reminded of how precious life is and certainly, babies give us so much happiness in ways that are inexplicable.  Babies are very special and they deserve nothing but the best. For expecting moms and dads, or for families welcoming their newborn, it is only reasonable that we give them the best baby gifts.

Idea for a Good Baby Gift

With the popularity of social media, taking pictures during special occasions or happenings have increased dramatically since social media offers an avenue to share photos fast, and often, real-time. When a baby is born, wouldn’t it be just fun to share his or her photos to close friends and family in Facebook, Twitter, or through Instagram? When doing so, why don’t we jazz up and dress up the baby so that his or her first baby photos will look as adorable as he or she is? Baby hats and infant hats are functional yet they accessorize a baby appropriately. For great baby gifts ideas, you can shop around our Melondipity online store.

Melondipity baby hats have different sizes that will surely fit babies of any age. Baby hats come in different style and designs so you can keep them warm during cold weather, or keep them cool outdoors during summer.  Our online shop offers a wide variety of newborn hats available for baby girls and boys. Shop your favorite style of sun hats, flower hats, animal hats, crochet hats as well as headbands and hair accessories. Babies give people reason to celebrate.  Melondipity baby hats never fail to bring smiles to anyone who sees them.

Why baby hats?

Unlike adults, babies’ skin is delicate and sensitive. And babies’ toys are boring! These are important things to consider when buying and giving gifts for babies. A baby hat from melondipity.com is one of the best gifts for babies because they provide the most unique styles and function and are made from soft cotton and acrylic materials. A picture of a baby wearing a beautiful baby hat can last a lifetime and might be a better choice than a run-of-the mill baby toy that every other baby on the block has in their toy box.

Melondipity manages to use materials that are fit for babies’ delicate head and skin. We perfect our craft to bring newborn babies the best baby hats available. When giving baby gifts to expecting moms and dads, or families welcoming their newborn, check out what Melondipity has in store for spectacular and truly memorable baby gifts.

9 Jun

Pink Baby Hats for Your Pink Accessory Collection

Pink is a staple color for little girls and we’ve compiled some of the cutest pink baby hats for your stylish little one. Baby hats from Melondipity are not only high-quality; they also bring style, comfort, and protection to your baby.

Here are some of the most loved pink baby hats for you to feast your eyes on and choose from. Take a peek and see what you might like, or try it on your baby before buying. Yes really, you can try our baby hats on! Just use our “Try It Before You Buy It” feature and you’ll understand why customers love Melondipity!

First in our list is one of our latest for spring 2012, the Bubble Gum Kisses Sun Hat. It’s a light pink baby hat with an oversized blushing white rose. Your baby will surely love this hat because it’s very lightweight, made of 100% breathable cotton material, perfect for spring and summer getaways. It has a comfortable chin strap to secure this hat in place even during windy days. Your little girl will stay posh while being protected from the sun with this baby hat’s UV Protection.

Now here’s something that looks good enough to eat — the Cupy-cake baby hat! We love calling our babies “cupy-cake”, now here’s something that will really make her little head look like a yummy pink cupy-cake! It’s a 100% cuddly soft acrylic, making it warm and comfortable for your little baby. Your baby will get lots of compliments when she wears this adorable baby hat anywhere she goes.

Our Catherine Newborn Hospital Baby Hat is the perfect gift for families expecting a little baby girl. This is everything you want for a coming-home hat. This newborn baby hat is soft, cozy, comfortable, girly in light pink and perfect for her first birth photos. The Catherine Newborn Hospital Hat is truly a baby hat to cherish and keep for life.

Another fantastic pink baby hat that’s best for spring and summer is our Pink and Green Dots Peony Girls Sun Hat. This wide-brimmed baby hat protects her face and neck from the sun with its UV Protection lightweight material. The fabric used is very cool, and it also has a comfortable chinstrap to secure the hat in place while she plays outside on a windy day.

If your little princess needs a little accessory to accent her little princess head, we have the Shabby Princess Pink baby hat just for her. It’s perfect for your little girl’s delicate skin because it comes in warm velvet material with an ultra-soft knit, and its light pink color is a neutral shade that’s perfect for almost any outfit color. This baby hat showcases a vintage-inspired flower accent that will surely be loved by everyone.

Still perfect for this season, our pink Watermelon Crawl Girl Bucket Baby Hat will make heads turn and create a fun conversation piece. The colors in this watermelon-inspired baby hat pops out and your little one will enjoy the outdoors wearing this because the 100% cotton material used in this baby hat is cool and comfortable.

Still want more pink baby hats and accessories? Browse through our website because we have more! Contact our customer service to have someone personally assist you in finding the perfect baby hat for your precious little one’s accessory collection.


7 Jun

Pretty Infant Headbands: Perfect for any Occasion!

Pretty little newborn girls need pretty little infant headbands to adorn their little heads. Whether she’s going out with mom, or simply posing for a picture, these infant headbands are your little one’s new best accessory. Celebrate the joy and privilege of being a girl with Melondipity’s fabulous infant headbands! Our little infant headbands have attracted nothing but all sorts of positive attention!

Want an adorable accessory to match your little girl’s every cute outfit? Check out the Burst Headband variety made with extremely soft and stretchy material prettified with an over-sized flower accent. These infant headbands come in pink, metallic pink, red, green, turquoise, geranium, metallic gold, purple, metallic purple, zebra, teal, and white! Now you won’t run out of accessories to match your little infant’s wardrobe.

If you’re looking for an adorable headband perfect for the summer’s bright and sunny days, your choice could be the Cotton Candy Flower Headband. This infant headband is accented with a cotton candy color flower and the band is made of very soft and stretchable material that ensures a comfortable fitting to your baby’s little melon.

How about something that really stands and pops out? Our Pint-sized Peony Pink Flower Headband will surely do the trick. This headband offers a very soft and comfortable knit fabric material for its band and is rated five stars by our customers! A lot of our customers say the flower looks real and this headband offers the perfect fit for your infant’s fragile head.

There will be days when you want more toned down, simple, but still something cute and adorable for your newborn. If that’s the case, we have the Petite Geranium Headband for your little one. Nothing overpowering, just your baby’s tiny face with a small little flower on the side. It comes in different colors too which makes this style, your baby’s go-to accessory for all her best outfits. This petite infant headband is available in candy pink, raspberry, white, lavender, yellow, and green.

Another simple and sweet five-star rated headband that you just might add to your collection is the Sweet Baby Headband. The white, super soft stretchy knit band is extreme lightweight; it’s another perfect fit for your newborn’s sensitive frame. The pink flower bow with gem at the center is definitely gorgeous but not anywhere near overpowering or too much.

Lastly, here’s something new — another great looking infant headband for this season, the Garden Party Peony Headband. Still with the lightweight and super soft, stretchy fabric; it fits comfortably snug to your baby. Don’t be fooled with the oversized real-looking flower adornment because it has a gem at its center.

So many cute headbands, so little time — and you can’t decide what to pick? Don’t worry, Melondipity has got you covered. With or award-winning “try it before you buy it” website feature, you can simply upload your baby’s photo and choose from the gallery of headwear to try on your baby’s head!  Contact our team of friendly customer service for your inquiries regarding infant headbands or other hair accessories for your newborn, toddler, or baby.


16 Mar

Baby Sun Hats are Perfect for the New England Summer!

New Baby Sun Hats just in!

Perfect for New England summer vacations!

Little Girl Lobster Sun Hat 0-12 months $18.99


Little Guy Lobster Sun Hat 0-12 months $18.99


9 Mar

Newborn Baby Photoshoot – First One!

12 days ago we welcomed another little Melon head into the world!

Here is a preview of our daughter Abigail Rose enjoying her first newborn baby photo shoot in our Chocolate Flower Beanie!


Photographer, Jill Erwich of http://www.jillerwich.com/