21 Mar

Find Smart Designs and a Soft Touch In the Range of Kids Hat at Melondipity

The collection of kids hat at Melondipity has always overwhelmed parents mainly for two striking reasons. First, because the choices are nearly endless, and second because every hat is an example of creativity and comfort blended in harmony. This online outlet has one of the largest arrays of designed hats for kids and toddlers made from premium-quality and skin-friendly organic fabric. The chirpy and unique designs promise popularity for your little one at playschools, birthday parties, and family get-togethers.Baby Dolce Pink Flower Baby Hat

Their range also puts an end to the argument that girl’s accessories are more stylish than those for little boys. Melondipity presents hat choices for both girls and boys that include a plethora of shades and designs.

Check out the Grey Plaid Pom Pom Toddler Boys Cap, which is ideal head gear for your handsome young man’s day out with friends. The hat’s charcoal grey plaid with accents of yellow makes it a winner in the department of design, while the poms poms make it irresistably cute. For the little damsels check out the Maroon Herringbone Newsgirl Toddler Girl Hat, sweet and simple designs like this are appropriate for every occasion. The hat fabric is superlative with 80% polyester, 10% wool and 10% viscose.  As far as prices are concerned, Melondipity always maintains a reasonable pricing structure whether it is their sun hats for babies, infant headgear, or the kids hat assortment.

21 Feb

Find Gorgeous Baby Hats at Melondipity and Receive Abundant Compliments

Melondipity has a wide collection of attractive hats for kids, and their number one goal has always been to provide a great experience for customers through the products they offer, their user- friendly website and overall customer care. Care and support is essential for newborn babies. So for them, Melondipity showcases adorable newborn hats. These are precisely selected hats that have been developed from premium quality fabric so nothing touches your baby’s skin except softness and comfort.Rosie Pink Lady Polka Dot

They pride themselves on their great selection, and also appreciate and encourage your feedback on any of their products. When you want to dress your child warmly, Melondipity has you covered. They have special crochet hats for children that are so adorable, even strangers won’t be able to stop themselves from complimenting your child.

You can also receive a Melondipity hat or headband each and every month for over six months by just becoming a member of the Hat of The Month Club. The hat or headband you will receive in a given month is decided by you and other Hat of The Month Club members. You can even follow Melondipity on social sites like Facebook and twitter and get updates on new arrivals.

25 Jun

Shop Baby Hats Online at Melondipity

Crochet Baby Hat

Seasons change and whenever it does, it’s a good time to shop baby hats. Melondipity carries designs made up of breathable, super soft and stretchy materials assuring comfort and perfect fit that is not too tight nor too lose. Fitting is always just right and perfect. During cold weather, it’s best to choose baby hats that will cover the baby’s ears and keep them warm. When your baby is outdoors during summer, baby hats with Ultra Violet Protection are most advisable. When you check Melondipity’s online shop, almost all types of baby hats are available.

Sun Hats

Since the baby’s skin is no match to the harshness of the sun, it’s best to keep them away from sun exposure or if inevitable, they should be clothed properly to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Slathering sunscreen lotion to babies is not advisable because most sunscreen lotions are loaded with harmful chemicals that babies cannot metabolize yet. Aside from their clothing, baby sun hats are also important for babies and toddlers to protect them from the sun. Hats are very functional, and baby sun hats from Melondipity have UV protection that will keep them protected, happy, and very cool.


Stocking Hats and Beanie Hats

Cold weather calls for baby hats that will bring warmth and comfort for babies. Babies are very susceptible to cold that’s why it’s wise to get a baby hat for them that is made of comfortable materials to serve as warmers for their head and ears. Melondipity’s line of stocking hats come in different adorable designs and fabrics used to match your baby’s needs. Sizes available covers pretty much all the age range of babies and toddlers, that’s why it’s ideal to shop at Melondipity for gift-giving or when you’re collecting different hats for your adorable little one.

More than Just an Online Shop

Here at Melondipity, you can get advice from other customers when you check each of the baby hats’ reviews. Interacting with other baby hat buyers is also possible, so you can get real advice from real people who have purchased from us. Melondipity aims to be the best online shop where you can purchase quality baby gifts, and this won’t be possible without real feedback from real customers who have experienced the quality of our products and service. You can conveniently shop baby hats at Melondipity’s online store, and even try them on your baby before buying them through the “Try It Before You Buy It” feature of our website.

Hat of the Month Club

Being a member of our Hat of the Month Club will give you a free baby hat or headband every month, for six straight months. Sign up now!


Our friendly website endows top notch service you really deserve. Comments are welcome. We are delighted to hear your opinion about our crafts or product suggestions too. We believe that being interactive with our customers will help us a lot not just with the development of our quality products, but by improving our customer service as well. We believe that good customer service and high quality products are the cornerstones of our business. Shop baby hats at Melondipity!

20 Jun

Super Soft Baby Crochet Hats for Any Occasion

Melondipity brings you nothing but the best in baby crochet hats. Each baby crochet hats from Melondipity is crafted with care and passion, bringing you soft, breathable and adorably cute crochet hats! “Crochet” is a French word that means “hook”, and crocheting is the craft of creating a fabric using thread or yarn with a hook. Historians trace crocheting back earlier than the 19th century, however, the earliest written reference about crochet was published around 1797-1830, a book called “The Memoirs of a Highland Lady” by Elizabeth Grant. Since the 19th century onwards, women continued crocheting as a past time; creating all sorts of designs and patterns imaginable.

Today, Melondipity brings you the craft using this old method of creating fabrics, to bring pieces of artworks to your baby’s accessory collection, in form of baby crochet hats!

Our Chunky Sugar Bear is a baby crochet hat that is made of 100% organic, super soft breathable cotton. The yarn used for this subtle cream and baby pink crochet hat is fluffy soft and lightweight — perfect for a newborn’s fragile frame. Sizes available are for newborn to six-months.

Melondipity also offers a boy version of the Chunky Sugar Bear hat.  The Chunky Sugar Bear Baby Hat is a baby crochet hat that is simple and perfect for your newborn’s first photos. The yarn used for this is a subtle cream and baby blue. Our customers love this for its simplicity and great fit! It is made of 100% organic, super soft breathable cotton. Sizes available are for newborn to six-months

The next featured baby crochet hat is the Little Boy Blue Visor Beanie. Handmade, and the yarn used for this cute visor beanie is also made of 100% cotton. The color is cornflower blue with neutral stripes that will surely go together with most of your little man’s outfits. Sizes available for the Little Boy Blue Visor Beanie are for newborns to two years.

We also have a baby crochet hat visor beanie for little ladies! Our Rose Pink Visor Beanie provides a little shade from the sun. This pretty baby hat is handmade from soft 100% cotton material. Its great shade of pink with a white flower embellishment that goes together with almost any outfit.

Our Oatmeal Flower Beanie is another favorite among our customers because of its yummy design, pretty colors, and 100% soft cotton material. This will keep your baby warm and cozy during cool weather, and the colors will surely look great on almost any outfit. Other color variants of this yummy baby crochet hat design are the Vanilla Mint Flower Beanie, Chocolate Flower Beanie, and Mint Chocolate Flower Beanie. Our customers love this design so much that many of them get all four colors to use for other occasions!

Melondipity takes pride in delivering the best shopping experience, customer care, and above all, the best products. You can count on Melondipity to deliver the best baby shower gifts to surprise and delight expecting families. Our hats and accessories are crafted to make great impressions. When you’re looking for baby crochet hats, don’t miss out on Melondipity’s Baby Crochet Hats Collection!

9 Jun

Pink Baby Hats for Your Pink Accessory Collection

Pink is a staple color for little girls and we’ve compiled some of the cutest pink baby hats for your stylish little one. Baby hats from Melondipity are not only high-quality; they also bring style, comfort, and protection to your baby.

Here are some of the most loved pink baby hats for you to feast your eyes on and choose from. Take a peek and see what you might like, or try it on your baby before buying. Yes really, you can try our baby hats on! Just use our “Try It Before You Buy It” feature and you’ll understand why customers love Melondipity!

First in our list is one of our latest for spring 2012, the Bubble Gum Kisses Sun Hat. It’s a light pink baby hat with an oversized blushing white rose. Your baby will surely love this hat because it’s very lightweight, made of 100% breathable cotton material, perfect for spring and summer getaways. It has a comfortable chin strap to secure this hat in place even during windy days. Your little girl will stay posh while being protected from the sun with this baby hat’s UV Protection.

Now here’s something that looks good enough to eat — the Cupy-cake baby hat! We love calling our babies “cupy-cake”, now here’s something that will really make her little head look like a yummy pink cupy-cake! It’s a 100% cuddly soft acrylic, making it warm and comfortable for your little baby. Your baby will get lots of compliments when she wears this adorable baby hat anywhere she goes.

Our Catherine Newborn Hospital Baby Hat is the perfect gift for families expecting a little baby girl. This is everything you want for a coming-home hat. This newborn baby hat is soft, cozy, comfortable, girly in light pink and perfect for her first birth photos. The Catherine Newborn Hospital Hat is truly a baby hat to cherish and keep for life.

Another fantastic pink baby hat that’s best for spring and summer is our Pink and Green Dots Peony Girls Sun Hat. This wide-brimmed baby hat protects her face and neck from the sun with its UV Protection lightweight material. The fabric used is very cool, and it also has a comfortable chinstrap to secure the hat in place while she plays outside on a windy day.

If your little princess needs a little accessory to accent her little princess head, we have the Shabby Princess Pink baby hat just for her. It’s perfect for your little girl’s delicate skin because it comes in warm velvet material with an ultra-soft knit, and its light pink color is a neutral shade that’s perfect for almost any outfit color. This baby hat showcases a vintage-inspired flower accent that will surely be loved by everyone.

Still perfect for this season, our pink Watermelon Crawl Girl Bucket Baby Hat will make heads turn and create a fun conversation piece. The colors in this watermelon-inspired baby hat pops out and your little one will enjoy the outdoors wearing this because the 100% cotton material used in this baby hat is cool and comfortable.

Still want more pink baby hats and accessories? Browse through our website because we have more! Contact our customer service to have someone personally assist you in finding the perfect baby hat for your precious little one’s accessory collection.