11 Jun

Sun Hats for Toddler Boys [Toddler Sun Hats]

If you’re looking for the perfect toddler sun hats for your little one, you need to look no further. Melondipity has a great range of sun hats that will ensure fun, fit, and protection for your little toddler. Spring and summer is when it’s fun to go out and bask in the glorious sun, however, your toddlers still have very delicate skin and eyes that needs to be protected. Worry not because Melondipity has got you covered. Here are some of our fun and colorful sun hats for your little boy.

For good sun protection, we have the Navy Blue Woody Boys Sun Hat. This wide-brimmed sun hat is the one you want your little boy to wear when travelling for a vacation. With a UV protection lightweight fabric, its wide brim protects your little boy’s face and shades his eyes from the sun while keeping him cool and comfortable. Embellished with a surfboard on top of a car, this sun hat color combination is navy blue, orange, green, and light blue. It has a chin strap that secures his hat in place.

Your little boy will look even cuter in our Baby Blue Sail Boat Sun Hat. This adorable sun hat is designed with an embellishment of a sail boat that caught a cute fish. This lightweight sun hat has a combination of neutral colors white, brown, and light blue to make sure it looks great with most outfits. To make sure that this sun hat stays put, it’s been equipped with a chin strap that hangs not too tight and not too loose for your baby’s comfort; and the fabric used is lightweight, with UV protection.

A chocolate brown sun hat with red, blue, white, and yellow accents is what the Crab Shack Baby Sun Hat offers. Our customers love the friendly-looking cute crab embellishment, and the patches that say “always cute” and “never crabby” makes this a fun and adorable statement piece. This sun hat won’t make your little boy sweaty because it’s made of 100% lightweight cotton.

Colors, design, fit, and function is what makes Melondipity sun hats loved by customers. For the beach, here’s a sun hat that will surely make your little boy the coolest and cutest guy in the shore. Of course with UV protection, chin strap, and fabric made of lightweight material, the Orange Surf Dog sun hat is another wide-brimmed sun hat that’s perfect to protect your child’s delicate skin and eyes. With the cool colors orange, green, light blue and brown doggy-on-surfboard embellishment, this sun hat is definitely a cool accessory and protection for your little guy.

With raw edge brim and colors that pop, Later Gator Baby Sun Hat and Baby Shark Sun Hat that will keep your little man cool and protected anywhere outdoors. Both have cool colors that are visually appealing and cute patches that match their themes. Perfect protection from the harmful UV rays, the lightweight 100% cotton material used on these sun hats has UV protection.

Don’t let the sun be a hindrance to have fun with your baby boy outdoors. Contact our customer service hotline at 872-BABY-HAT for the quickest response about your inquiries and concerns. Remember: there’s a perfect sun hat for your little man —happy shopping!

19 May

Baby Sun Hats: Best Protection for Babies against the Sun

Baby sun hats are very effective in protecting your child from the harsh rays of the sun. Babies are so fragile that they are no match to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Unlike adult skin that can tolerate and metabolize the chemicals found in conventional topical sunscreen, a baby’s skin cannot do the same. Doctors recommend that while very young, it’s still best to avoid sun exposure for more than three minutes. In any case wherein sun exposure is unavoidable, baby sun hats are one of the best accessories.

Baby’s Eyesight and Sunshine

Sunshine can be quite tough for babies and excessive exposure to sunlight during early childhood is harmful to their eyes. Sunlight has a lot of harmful UV radiation and the risk for retinal damage from the sun’s rays is greatest in children under 10 years of age. The consequences of excessive sun exposure usually don’t become apparent until they reach adulthood. To keep the baby’s eyes safe from the bright sunshine, sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection are highly recommended. However, a lot of babies get extremely irritated when there’s something hanging between their noses — making wide-brimmed baby sun hats our best option for protection against the sun.

Between 10 AM to 4PM is when the UV exposure is the most dangerous, and those are the times when your baby should be wearing baby sun hats when you go out with them during the aforementioned dangerous hours of the day. Baby sun hats will help block indirect sunlight, which can come into the eyes around the edges of sunglasses.


Baby’s Skin and Sunshine

Following the mentioned time of the day when the sunlight is the strongest, it is advised that during these hours, your baby’s skin is thoroughly protected from the harmful rays. The baby’s skin layers are so thin and sensitive that’s why it won’t take long for your baby to get sun burned. Wearing baby sun hats will help protect babies’ face and neck. Wide-brimmed baby sun hats with UV protection are a great way to keep the baby’s face and neck safe. For the rest of the body, dress your baby in clothes with tightly-woven fabric. This way, the sun’s rays won’t easily get past through the fabric unto your baby’s delicate skin. There are also clothing that has built in special sun protective factor which you may consider. For babies under six months old, it is best to keep them completely out of direct sunlight.

Making your baby get used to wearing protective accessory like baby sun hats may be more important than anything else while they are so young and fragile. Whether your baby’s skin tone is dark or light and freckled, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are dangerous for everyone, especially to children.

About Melondipity:

Melondipity aims to provide the best experience through our unique crafts, customer-friendly website, and our overall customer care. Our baby hats and headbands are crafted with utmost care, quality, and passion. We strive to suit every client’s needs and requirements. Check out the baby sun hats we have available, and don’t hesitate to contact us for your questions and inquiries.



15 May

Protect Your Baby from the Sun with Baby Sun Hats

Baby hats are not only cute but functional as well. Infant skin is more prone to sun damage, thus protecting them with clothing that covers them up pretty well is the best way to protect their skin against skin damage. You may wonder why accessories like baby hats are such a necessity nowadays. This article aims to enlighten you as to why.

Dangers of Too Much Sun to Your Baby

A baby’s skin is very thin and is quite sensitive to sun. Ten to fifteen minutes under the sun can already cause sun burn to babies. That’s how vulnerable their skin is to sun damage. Parents seeking advice on how to shield their baby’s delicate skin from the sun may have a difficult time finding solid answers. Therefore, we’ll take a word of advice from The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP).

The AAP is discouraging the use of sunscreen on babies (especially those who are less than 6 months old) because babies have such delicate skin that cannot metabolize and excrete chemicals yet. Babies and toddlers are more vulnerable to sun damage, as well as to the chemicals found in sunscreen lotions or sprays. Using alternatives to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the sun is highly recommended. Examples of these alternatives are stroller shades, umbrellas, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses with UV protection, and baby sun hats.

Sunburns can be very painful for babies and may result in serious health problems such as dehydration and fever. It has been reported that due to the exposure to sun’s harmful rays, one in every 100 children may develop melanoma and worse, skin cancer. Prevention is the best way to avoid these problems that’s why the use of sunscreen alternatives like baby hats is one of the best ways to protect your baby’s skin.

Safe Exposure of Your Baby to the Sun

A few minutes in the early morning sun is healthy because sunlight is the most natural source of vitamin D. The human skin has an amazing capability of absorbing this vitamin from sunlight. First precaution when basking your baby in the gentle morning sunlight is to avoid protecting the skin with baby oil because it enhances damaging effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Another factor to consider is the time when it is relatively safe for babies to absorb a little sunlight. During sunrise and sunset is when it’s safest for babies to catch a little patch of sun.

In places closer to the equator, between 10AM to 4PM is when the sun shines its strongest rays. This is the timeframe when you should avoid sunlight from your baby at all cost. If you need to go out with your baby anytime during these hours, you have to attach an umbrella or canopy when using a stroller; and the baby needs to wear long sleeves, tight-woven clothing, shades, and baby hat when going out.

About Melondipity:

Melondipity aims to provide the best experience through our unique crafts, customer-friendly website, and our overall customer care. Our baby hats and headbands are crafted with utmost care, quality, and passion. We strive to suit every client’s needs and requirements. Check out the baby hats we have available, and don’t hesitate to contact us for your questions and inquiries.



16 Feb

Baby Sun Hats-New and Fabulous!

Spring is right around the corner! Isn’t it? 🙂 Well maybe we have a few more months, but now is the time to start thinking about baby sun hats for your little one!  We have already started getting in some fabulous spring/summer baby sun hats and wanted to share! Here is a sneak peek of some of our new baby sun hats!

Fancy Flowers Baby Sun Hat

Grape Sorbet Baby Sun Hat


Polka Dot Garden Party Sun Hat

Raspberry Truffle Sun Hat


Spring Rain Baby Sun Hat