18 Mar

Find the Perfect Collection of Baby Girl Sun Hats at Melondipity

Melondipity, a renowned online store, is a popular destination for providing the best collections of baby hats and hair accessories at the cheapest prices. The baby girl sun hats it offers are simply unmatched. The selection of baby sun hats for girls available at this store includes Zig Zag Rainbow Baby Girl Sun Hat, Periwinkle Princess Baby Girl Sun Hat, Park Avenue Baby, Toddler Girl Sun Hat, and many more.Pink Princess Girls Toddler Sun Hat

Apart from the beautifully designed baby sun hats for girls, you will also find a huge collection of the same kind of sun hats for boys. The types of hats available at this online store include Flower Hats, Animal Hats, Beanie Hats, Crochet Hats, Stocking Hats, and Fashion Hats. The other items that Melondipity offers include headbands and hair accessories. You will get a wide variety of baby flower headbands at this store, which will help you match the dress with the band to perfectly coordinate your little one.

To buy any of these items, browse through the collection available at this online store. You can also visit the store’s social media pages to keep yourself updated when new items arrive at the store.

30 Apr

Adorable Boys’ Sun Hats for Your Little Ones

Your little boy will always be the most adorable baby in your world. Nonetheless, parents are never content with just that, as they always wish to see their baby stand out in the crowd. We at Melondipity.com understand this, and to fulfill this desire of parents around the world, we offer an exquisite collection of sun hats for babies. In addition to offering an extensive array of headwear accessories for little girls, we also offer a wide range boys sun hats for your little ones.
Given below are some adorable boys’ sun hats available at Melondipity.com:

Truckin’ Sun Hat
Truckin' Sun Hat
Your little boy would sport a cool and elegant look in this mild green and white gingham hat. It is just the right bucket cap to beat the summer heat.
The red and dark blue embroidered trucks and cars on the gingham setting is suggestive of the outdoor activities that you would want your little one to revel in during summer.
The lightweight material from which this hat is made is ideal for long outdoor stays as it will help keep out the harmful rays of the sun.

Super Cool Fedora Hat for Toddler Boys
Super Cool Fedora Hat for Toddler Boys
The chic gray of this stylish baby boys hat from our online store lends an unmistakable class to your little one’s persona. Think Sinatra in his younger years! The bluish ting to the grey offers the ideal backdrop for the plaid lining along with the plaid band encircling the hat.
Light blues and browns of the fedora, including the crisscross checks on the band, adds a super cool elegance for summer times. Your little boy will sport a classy look while keeping cool this summer.

Baby Blue Sail Boat Baby Sun Hat
Baby Blue Sail Boat Baby Sun Hat
This serenely elegant, super high quality sail boat sun hat has a tranquil charm that promises to be an ideal complement for the peaceful innocence of your baby’s face. The mild blue brim flap and white and brown stripes of this bucket hat offers the perfect backdrop to the vividly embroidered sailboat and fish.

This is the ideal baby boy hat for casual strolls in the park, or the beach or pool. Not only does this hat help to protect your little guy from the dangerous rays of the sun, it also helps him look even more fabulous. This item has received some of the best reviews from our customers.
Visit Melondipity.com to browse through an extensive collection of boys sun hats for your little ones, along with baby beanies, crochet hats and headbands. Browse through an exquisite collection of baby hats. In our collection, you can find a wide array of boys sun hats for your little ones too. In fact, limiting your order to just one of the many remarkable options we have to offer might prove to be a challenge!

30 Apr

Amazing Collection of Baby Boy Sun Hats

Melondipity.com offers an amazing collection of baby boy sun hats for doting parents, loving relatives and close friends who wish to buy enthralling baby accessories for their little guys. Our hats feature a wide array of adorable designs ranging from simple themes to those that exemplify regal elegance. Not many baby or kids stores offer the variety you can find in our collection, and to top it, all our baby headwear is made from superfine material so that babies have a difficult time wearing them out.

Have a look at some of our most exquisite baby boy sun hats:

Little Man Madras Plaid Sun Hat for Baby and Toddler Boys   

 Little Man Madras Plaid Sun Hat for Baby and Toddler Boys
Make your little guy sport this earthy green plaid sun hat for that casual elegance that everyone is fond of nowadays. The superfine pure cotton of this bucket cap allows it to look so adorable atop any little boy’s head as he frolics around in the bright sun.
The boyish soft colors of this baby hat bring the ideal outdoor feel with lively brown, yellow, blue and bright orange shades. The Velcro chin strap keeps it intact even on windy days.

Navy Blue Woody Boys Baby Sun Hat

Navy Blue Woody Boys Baby Sun Hat
The navy blue shade of this lightweight, super high quality wide brim bucket hat is an ideal adornment for your little boy for spring, summer and even fall. The adorable four door wagon with surfboard on top is suggestive of fun during summer and accentuates the overall casual elegance of this exquisite baby headwear.
All the hues of this baby hat are remarkably lively, making it a great summer time adornment for your little one. The orange, light blue, bright green and navy blue shades present a blissfully radiant feel of summer in all its glory.

Baby Pincher Baby Sun Hat 

      Baby Pincher Baby Sun Hat
The light blue and white stripe of this boy sun hat has a cool feel about it that everyone is sure to appreciate. It is also made from superfine lightweight material that sits comfortably on your baby’s tender skin to help protect him from the harsh rays of the sun.
The embroidered red crabs on this hat give a distinct feel of time spent at the beach. If you want your little one to stand out this spring and summer, this is surely one of the best choices for you.

You can visit Melondipity.com to find the largest selection of baby sun hats all in one boutique. Apart from sun hats for girls and boys, we also offer crochet hats, baby beanies and headbands.
We are a global supplier of baby and kids headwear, shipping to all parts of the world.

26 Dec

Spruce Up Your Little Girl with These Adorable Baby Sun Hats

If you always wanted your little girl to look like a princess, it is important that you have her don an elegant baby sun hat apart from dressing her up. Melondipity.com offers an extensive collection of baby sun hats to make your young one even more adorable. If you make your baby soak up the sun during the winter, it is important to help keep her head cool and skin protected from harmful UV rays. With elegant sun hats made from superfine cotton, your little lady would feel comfortable, look cool and stay protected from the sun!
Check out these adorable baby sun hats from Melondipity:

Raspberry Truffles Sun Hat  

This cute red hat with white dots has a soothing elegance to it. It is ideal to keep your little girl cool when making her sun bathe. The breathable cotton with which the hat is made keeps your little one calm and composed.

The hat comes with a chin strap which keeps it intact even on windy days and helps protect your baby girl from harmful sun rays while keeping her comfortable throughout the day.

Girly Gingham Baby Sun Hat 

The adorable gingham floppy look of this sun hat will earn your adorable little girl myriads of compliments. With pink and white gingham on the outside contrasting wonderfully with blue and white gingham lining on the inside, you also get the option to change the color of the hat.

When you flip the hat over, the blue of the hat goes inside while the red gingham becomes the inner lining. The oversized silky pink rose flower can also be adjusted accordingly.

Garden Polka Baby Sun Hat

If you feel like soaking up the sun with your baby, make sure your little girl is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. After all, what can be better than having your enchanting little helper by your side as you do your bit of gardening!

The light green shade with pink dots and oversized lush pink flower crowning it all is sure to make your little girl look like a princess. With this hat on, you can even arrange for a garden party without bothering too much about the rest of her dress.

Visit Melondipity.com to have a look at a lot more of these adorable hats for your little one, and order the ones you like the best from the comfort of your home!

10 Dec

With a Baby Sun Hat, Let Your Baby Soak the Sun in This Winter

This winter, when you make your baby soak up the sun, make sure they look elegant with a great baby sun hat. Melondipity.com has a host of baby sun hats to offer for both girls and boys. You can get one for every day wear or for special occasions. All the products from our store are made from the finest of materials for ensuring comfort even when they are worn for long durations. They are super-soft and made just for babies.

Little Guy Lobster Baby Sun Hat

Want to make your little boy stand out from the rest? Get this cute Lobster Baby Sun Hat from Melondipity. The blue-white checkered background is beautifully complimented by the dark red lobsters on the brim and top of hat.

This blue hat is ideal for everyday wear as it is made from an extremely lightweight fabric. Whether you have a newborn or a 2-5 years old toddler, this headgear would give him a classy look.

Grape Sorbet Baby Sun Hat

Wish to give a chic look to your little one? The light purple setting to the hues of autumn bloom on the oversized rose flanking the brim is a sight to behold. The pink and peach rose is set off beautifully by the pink ribbon in the middle.
If you feel it might feel too heavy on your little one, you are mistaken. This sun hat is made from super lightweight cotton that would offer exceptional comfort to the scalp of your child and keep her cool all the time.

Babies Who Brunch Baby Sun Hat

Adorn your adorable little roly-poly girl with this grandiose flower sun hat. The oversized flower is a beautiful sharp contrast with the spotless white background of the hat has an exquisite, regal elegance to it. This one is a head-turner for sure!

The white material of the hat is perfect for keeping out warmth that becomes disconcerting after a while. Keep your baby comfortable in this very lightweight, superfine, and feather-on-touch sun hat for girls.

Visit Melondipity.com for many more of these great products for your baby boy or girl, and be prepared to find so many beautiful baby sun hats and other headgear, one after another, that having to choose only one from the collection just might become a problem in itself!