25 Jun

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Crochet Baby Hat

Seasons change and whenever it does, it’s a good time to shop baby hats. Melondipity carries designs made up of breathable, super soft and stretchy materials assuring comfort and perfect fit that is not too tight nor too lose. Fitting is always just right and perfect. During cold weather, it’s best to choose baby hats that will cover the baby’s ears and keep them warm. When your baby is outdoors during summer, baby hats with Ultra Violet Protection are most advisable. When you check Melondipity’s online shop, almost all types of baby hats are available.

Sun Hats

Since the baby’s skin is no match to the harshness of the sun, it’s best to keep them away from sun exposure or if inevitable, they should be clothed properly to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Slathering sunscreen lotion to babies is not advisable because most sunscreen lotions are loaded with harmful chemicals that babies cannot metabolize yet. Aside from their clothing, baby sun hats are also important for babies and toddlers to protect them from the sun. Hats are very functional, and baby sun hats from Melondipity have UV protection that will keep them protected, happy, and very cool.


Stocking Hats and Beanie Hats

Cold weather calls for baby hats that will bring warmth and comfort for babies. Babies are very susceptible to cold that’s why it’s wise to get a baby hat for them that is made of comfortable materials to serve as warmers for their head and ears. Melondipity’s line of stocking hats come in different adorable designs and fabrics used to match your baby’s needs. Sizes available covers pretty much all the age range of babies and toddlers, that’s why it’s ideal to shop at Melondipity for gift-giving or when you’re collecting different hats for your adorable little one.

More than Just an Online Shop

Here at Melondipity, you can get advice from other customers when you check each of the baby hats’ reviews. Interacting with other baby hat buyers is also possible, so you can get real advice from real people who have purchased from us. Melondipity aims to be the best online shop where you can purchase quality baby gifts, and this won’t be possible without real feedback from real customers who have experienced the quality of our products and service. You can conveniently shop baby hats at Melondipity’s online store, and even try them on your baby before buying them through the “Try It Before You Buy It” feature of our website.

Hat of the Month Club

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Our friendly website endows top notch service you really deserve. Comments are welcome. We are delighted to hear your opinion about our crafts or product suggestions too. We believe that being interactive with our customers will help us a lot not just with the development of our quality products, but by improving our customer service as well. We believe that good customer service and high quality products are the cornerstones of our business. Shop baby hats at Melondipity!

21 May

Melondipity’s Best-Selling Newborn Hats

Newborn hats are one of the best gifts for a new blessing in a family.  Having a new baby at home is one of the most precious treasures in a family’s lifetime. This event is filled with warm memories to capture in photographs which will be cherished for many generations to come. Welcoming babies from their birth is one of the sweetest things you could ever anticipate and experience; and knowing how precious babies are, Melondipity created a line of newborn hats that will surely give you the perfect choice for a coming-home gift. Here are just a few of our best-selling newborn hats:

One of our best-selling newborn hats is the Sugar Bear Girl Beanie Hat because of its 100% super soft, breathable, and lightweight cotton material. Customers love it for its ultra-feminine, cute design that is perfect for almost any season.

Another best seller among our line of newborn hats is the Sock Monkey Sweetie Animal Hat that is perfect for the cold weather because of its soft, warm and toasty, 100% acrylic material. It covers the baby’s ears which is especially great when keeping your baby warm. Having your baby sport a hat that is both stylish and functional is truly a winner. The bright red pompom on top is our customers’ favourite feature for this cute little animal hat.

If you’re looking for fabulous newborn hats for your stylish baby, this Royal Raspberry Baby Sun Hat features a cool, lightweight, wide-brim raspberry-coloured material partnered with a lovely peony flower. This hat’s style and pop of colour is amazing for the summer season. Our customers think that Melondipity’s flower hats like this one is great for their blooming fashionista babies.

Infants are the cutest thing on earth! So why don’t you top them off with another of our highly-rated newborn hats at Melondipity? The Double Tuft Trucks Boy Knit Hat is another favourite among our valued customers. Your little boy will surely feel warm and toasty with this hat that showcases cute baby blue and white stripes with fun truck designs. Your little one’s ears will be protected from the cold weather; while this newborn hat’s cute little pompoms will definitely be a conversation-starter!

Another favourite is the Pink and Green Dots Peony Girls Sun Hat because not only is it fashionable and adorable, this remarkable newborn hat has UV protection. Its wide brim protects your baby’s face and neck, while the chinstrap with velcro assures that this hat stays on your baby even during windy days. The material is lightweight and cool too.

Melondipity’s newborn hats are no doubt, the perfect accessories for your baby’s first pictures. These newborn hats are also the best gifts for a family’s newest member.

About Melondipity:

Melondipity aims to provide the best experience through our unique crafts, customer-friendly website, and our overall customer care. Our baby hats and headbands are crafted with utmost care, quality, and passion. We strive to suit every client’s needs and requirements. Check out the newborn hats we have available, and don’t hesitate to contact us for your questions and inquiries.



16 Nov

Sweet Baby Of Mine

We will be welcoming our second little girl into the world March 2nd 2012! Of course as the owner of Melondipity I am already thinking about her “welcome to the world hat”. For our first daughter Mia (before we owned Melondipity) I had a hat and outfit ready for her homecoming photos, but didn’t have a hat for her very first photos.  I look at her first photos and wish I had a thought of this beforehand, but it never even occurred to me. Maybe because it was my first baby and I was so nervous about the labor details the last thing I was thinking about was her fashion. Ha ha!

For our second little girl I am going to ask the baby catcher to put this hat on her http://www.melondipity.com/collections/baby-hats/products/harper for her very first photos instead of the generic one they have at the hospital. This sweet baby newborn hat is almost like the ones at the hospital but SO MUCH CUTER with the little bow detail. This hat is perfect for welcoming any little princess into the world. I LOVE it and can’t wait to see our little girl for the first time in this hat! Only 3.5 months to go……..