6 Jun

Melondipity Emerges As the Best Dealer of Baby Hats

Melondipity, a leading manufacturer and supplier of toddler hats, has become one the most trusted and reliable name for baby hats. The company has reached these new heights because of their dedication and passion for the hats they design and the customer support services they offer.

Navy Striped Baby and Toddler Girl Hat with Flower

The company offers hats for newborns (0 to 6 months), babies (6-24 months) and toddlers (2-5 years). Customers may browse through their large catalogue of babies’ hats at their online portal and may also place their orders online to get free shipping of their products all over the USA. The products are divided according to different categories to help customers find the product they are searching for with ease.

Many customers have reviewed the products they purchased from the store and almost all the reviews were positive with all the customers promising to recommend the store to their friends in need of baby hats.

“I purchased it to use it as a gift for my niece; it looks adorable on her and has received many compliments. Everyone wants to know where I got it. I loved it so much I ordered another hat for a friend’s baby. Great customer service, too!” said HappyBabies from Ohio who purchased Royal Raspberry Baby Sun Hats from the store and was very pleased with the quality.

The store is bound to set new milestones in this field as they don’t seem to be satisfied with anything but the best supply of baby hats for their customers. At Melondipity, their number one goal has always been to provide a great experience for customers through the products they offer, their user- friendly website and overall customer care. The one of a kind products the store offers are hand-selected to be not only adorable and unique, but also of the highest quality.

24 Jan

Amazing Collection of Cuddliest Infant Hats

Melondipity Infant Hats.  A little one might be the cuddliest baby, but doting parents, loving relatives and friends are never satisfied with just that. It is completely understandable if you want to deck up your baby girl or boy to make them stand out in the crowd. The amazing collection of exquisite infant hats from Melondipity would make your baby look cuddlier than ever. These hats are made from superfine and comfortably stretchable material so that your infant never feels any discomfort despite donning them for long hours.

Check out a few samples from the extensive collection of baby hats available from Melondipity:

Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat
Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Baby Hat
This baby elf crochet hat has an admirable red and white stripes complemented adorably by the pom-pom tail. The green crochet base provides just the right contrast to the stripes and matches the green pom-pom.

This hat is made from 100% cotton of the finest quality and has become one of the favorite products demanded by our customers. It is a gender neutral hat and thus, can be bought as a surprise gift for both boys and girls.

Petite Peony Beanie Toddler and Infant Hat – Raspberry
Petite Peony Beanie Toddler and Infant Hat - Raspberry
The brightly pink oversized peony flower adorning the beanie covering of this infant hat exudes a regal feminine elegance that your little girl truly deserves.
If you always thought that your little girl is no less than a princess, this piece of headwear would ensure that people say the same. As the hat features a superfine and ultra-soft material for covering your baby’s head, you need not worry free about your girl outgrowing it.

Solid Gold Baby Girl Hat        
Solid Gold Baby Girl Hat
Give a taste of royal grandeur to your little girl with this all gold baby girl hat. This beanie hat made from pure, superfine cotton has sequins, metallic brim and an oversized rose, all in golden shade.

Nothing can make your little lady stand out from the crowd like this hat! The best part is that the golden brim of this headwear can be folded to ensure better fit and it can also be worn in any season.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through a comprehensive collection of these exquisite hats. We offer baby sun hats, flower hats, animal hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, headbands and hair accessories for customers all over the world. Feel free to explore a plethora of remarkable options for you little one and order the ones complementing their natural charm and personality.

20 Jun

Super Soft Baby Crochet Hats for Any Occasion

Melondipity brings you nothing but the best in baby crochet hats. Each baby crochet hats from Melondipity is crafted with care and passion, bringing you soft, breathable and adorably cute crochet hats! “Crochet” is a French word that means “hook”, and crocheting is the craft of creating a fabric using thread or yarn with a hook. Historians trace crocheting back earlier than the 19th century, however, the earliest written reference about crochet was published around 1797-1830, a book called “The Memoirs of a Highland Lady” by Elizabeth Grant. Since the 19th century onwards, women continued crocheting as a past time; creating all sorts of designs and patterns imaginable.

Today, Melondipity brings you the craft using this old method of creating fabrics, to bring pieces of artworks to your baby’s accessory collection, in form of baby crochet hats!

Our Chunky Sugar Bear is a baby crochet hat that is made of 100% organic, super soft breathable cotton. The yarn used for this subtle cream and baby pink crochet hat is fluffy soft and lightweight — perfect for a newborn’s fragile frame. Sizes available are for newborn to six-months.

Melondipity also offers a boy version of the Chunky Sugar Bear hat.  The Chunky Sugar Bear Baby Hat is a baby crochet hat that is simple and perfect for your newborn’s first photos. The yarn used for this is a subtle cream and baby blue. Our customers love this for its simplicity and great fit! It is made of 100% organic, super soft breathable cotton. Sizes available are for newborn to six-months

The next featured baby crochet hat is the Little Boy Blue Visor Beanie. Handmade, and the yarn used for this cute visor beanie is also made of 100% cotton. The color is cornflower blue with neutral stripes that will surely go together with most of your little man’s outfits. Sizes available for the Little Boy Blue Visor Beanie are for newborns to two years.

We also have a baby crochet hat visor beanie for little ladies! Our Rose Pink Visor Beanie provides a little shade from the sun. This pretty baby hat is handmade from soft 100% cotton material. Its great shade of pink with a white flower embellishment that goes together with almost any outfit.

Our Oatmeal Flower Beanie is another favorite among our customers because of its yummy design, pretty colors, and 100% soft cotton material. This will keep your baby warm and cozy during cool weather, and the colors will surely look great on almost any outfit. Other color variants of this yummy baby crochet hat design are the Vanilla Mint Flower Beanie, Chocolate Flower Beanie, and Mint Chocolate Flower Beanie. Our customers love this design so much that many of them get all four colors to use for other occasions!

Melondipity takes pride in delivering the best shopping experience, customer care, and above all, the best products. You can count on Melondipity to deliver the best baby shower gifts to surprise and delight expecting families. Our hats and accessories are crafted to make great impressions. When you’re looking for baby crochet hats, don’t miss out on Melondipity’s Baby Crochet Hats Collection!

21 May

Melondipity’s Best-Selling Newborn Hats

Newborn hats are one of the best gifts for a new blessing in a family.  Having a new baby at home is one of the most precious treasures in a family’s lifetime. This event is filled with warm memories to capture in photographs which will be cherished for many generations to come. Welcoming babies from their birth is one of the sweetest things you could ever anticipate and experience; and knowing how precious babies are, Melondipity created a line of newborn hats that will surely give you the perfect choice for a coming-home gift. Here are just a few of our best-selling newborn hats:

One of our best-selling newborn hats is the Sugar Bear Girl Beanie Hat because of its 100% super soft, breathable, and lightweight cotton material. Customers love it for its ultra-feminine, cute design that is perfect for almost any season.

Another best seller among our line of newborn hats is the Sock Monkey Sweetie Animal Hat that is perfect for the cold weather because of its soft, warm and toasty, 100% acrylic material. It covers the baby’s ears which is especially great when keeping your baby warm. Having your baby sport a hat that is both stylish and functional is truly a winner. The bright red pompom on top is our customers’ favourite feature for this cute little animal hat.

If you’re looking for fabulous newborn hats for your stylish baby, this Royal Raspberry Baby Sun Hat features a cool, lightweight, wide-brim raspberry-coloured material partnered with a lovely peony flower. This hat’s style and pop of colour is amazing for the summer season. Our customers think that Melondipity’s flower hats like this one is great for their blooming fashionista babies.

Infants are the cutest thing on earth! So why don’t you top them off with another of our highly-rated newborn hats at Melondipity? The Double Tuft Trucks Boy Knit Hat is another favourite among our valued customers. Your little boy will surely feel warm and toasty with this hat that showcases cute baby blue and white stripes with fun truck designs. Your little one’s ears will be protected from the cold weather; while this newborn hat’s cute little pompoms will definitely be a conversation-starter!

Another favourite is the Pink and Green Dots Peony Girls Sun Hat because not only is it fashionable and adorable, this remarkable newborn hat has UV protection. Its wide brim protects your baby’s face and neck, while the chinstrap with velcro assures that this hat stays on your baby even during windy days. The material is lightweight and cool too.

Melondipity’s newborn hats are no doubt, the perfect accessories for your baby’s first pictures. These newborn hats are also the best gifts for a family’s newest member.

About Melondipity:

Melondipity aims to provide the best experience through our unique crafts, customer-friendly website, and our overall customer care. Our baby hats and headbands are crafted with utmost care, quality, and passion. We strive to suit every client’s needs and requirements. Check out the newborn hats we have available, and don’t hesitate to contact us for your questions and inquiries.



17 May

The Premiere Boutique for Baby Sun Hats, Infant Hats, Sun Hats, and Baby Headbands

Melondipity takes pride in offering the cutest, most adorable baby hats, infant hats, baby sun hats, and baby headbands in the market. The business only started in 2009, but we were already featured in several magazines in the country, on top of an Addy Award garnered to us for our Try It Application in 2010. Aren’t we awesome or what?

Our line of newborn hats offers a great variety of endearing designs that makes a perfect coming-home gift for infants. Whether you’re looking for a hat that’s perfect for winter or summer season, there’s definitely something for your baby.

Make your baby stand out with our fabulous designs of sun hats, flower hats, animal hats, beanie hats, crochet hats, fashion hats, stocking hats, and just about any type of headband or hair accessories— Melondipity have everything you’re looking for in a fashionable headwear for babies, infants, or toddlers.

A baby hat is one of the best statement pieces you can ever put on your stylish and sassy baby. It’s a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe collection, and photographs with your baby in a stylish hat can be cherished for many generations to come. It is certainly more than just an infant hat — once your newborn sport a lovely accessory, it instantly becomes a memorabilia, a cherished possession that will bring warm and cheerful memories when you first took your child home.

Dressing up babies is a fun and quirky way to bring the family together. Stylish baby hats can be a great conversation starter, it definitely adds to your baby’s star quality, and lets your baby’s stellar personality shine through. Melondipity’s stylish baby hats are not only cute; they’re also a great way to protect your baby’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun. A baby’s skin and sight are sensitive, thus, baby hats are one of the best accessories to help them stay safe and comfortable during sunny weather.

From simple, elegant, charming, and adorable hats, all of our creations are handmade, making each and every product a unique masterpiece. We use only quality materials from America and moms trust us to make iconic hats to suit their babies’ delicate framework.

Our customers love us for the pleasant shopping experience we provide them, and we’re catering to different client requests such as custom hats for special occasions or functions. Whether you’re after the design, quality, or function of these hats, Melondipity won’t compromise any of them.  We’re always aiming for a great overall quality among our crafts and that’s the secret why our clients keep coming back to us. Feel free to get in touch with our customer care team for your inquiries.

About Melondipity:

Melondipity aims to provide the best experience through our unique crafts, customer-friendly website, and our overall customer care. Our baby hats and headbands are crafted with utmost care, quality, and passion. We strive to suit every client’s needs and requirements. Check out our baby hats, infant hats, sun hats, and baby headbands or accessories we have available for newborns, babies, and toddlers.