12 Dec

Adorable Toddler Headbands for Your Little One

Your little one may be adorable anyway, but still you never get tired of dressing them up, do you? You may have bought the most elegant dresses for your baby girl or boy, but the cuddly face of your child is what people look at first. Hence, if you adorn the face with a gorgeous headband, your child would certainly stand apart. Apart from making toddlers and newborns look great, headbands also make them comfortable with superfine materials from which they are made. Each of the headbands available at Melondipity.com has an appeal of its own.
Check out these chic and cuddly headbands available at Melondipity.com:

Sweet Baby Headband

The “oh, so sweet!” look on this baby‘s face is as much due to her innocent charm as it is for the perfectly matching headband. The spotless white band contrasting wonderfully with the soft pink flower on the temple has a rich and soothing feel to it.
This is one of the lightweight, knit newborn headbands available at our online store. Make your baby even cuddlier with this sweet little embellishment to her appearance.

Ooh La La Baby Girl Headband

This is a baby headband with a French flavor to it. The Cream French netting with an oversized red ruffled flower having a pearl rhinestone at the center will certainly make onlookers gaze in appreciation.
This is a perfect choice for a baby gift as it would make any little lady look simply gorgeous. If you know your girl is going to be pretty, which we are all sure will be the case, making her wear this as a newborn would prepare her for receiving compliments down the road!

Icy Baby Blues Fabric Baby Headband

The icy blue theme of this adorable toddler headband from Melondipity has more to it than its elegance. The soft, stretchable material from which it is made ensures that your little girl feels comfortable throughout the day while looking great.
This smart little headband accessory is a great one to go with any of your little lady’s dresses, and you would definitely want to make her wear it often. Available in all sizes, including infant, baby and toddler, this headband is a great gift idea as well.

Visit Melondipity.com to get a wide variety of newborn headbands, toddler headbands, baby sun hats, baby beanies, hair accessories and more. We can guarantee that there will be more than one product that you find irresistible – so just try choosing just one! Each of our products is crafted with exceptional attention to detail to ensure that it is ideally suited for the little angels in our lives.

3 Dec

Adorable Newborn Headbands and Elegant Baby Hats

Newborn headbands can definitely add to the charm of your little one. If you wish for your little one to look her cuddliest and best while being comforted with the very finest materials, a host of elegant, adorable headbands and baby hats are available from Melondipity.com that promise to make your baby stand out from the rest. You can choose a unique one for your baby and give them a distinct look.

Check out these newborn headbands for your little one:

Raspberries and Cream Headband

This elegant headband featuring a large rose with light pink and cream shades would make you feel like looking at your baby forever. The raspberry shade of the flower compliments its cream shade perfectly. The same goes for the white band on which the flower is attached.
This raspberry-theme baby headband has a rhinestone circle design at the center. You can get this headband in all sizes; for babies under 6 months old, between 6 and 12 months, and 12 and 18 months as well.

Geranium Floweret Burst Baby Headband

This adorable floweret feels so light and comfortable that your baby never feels any strain. This headband features a geranium flower color tone and the best part is that it is available in various color options.
The super fine and stretchable material of this headband make it an ideal adornment for the delicate skin of your young ones.Apart from baby headbands, a wide variety of baby hats is also available at Melondipity.com.

Pure and Sweet White Crochet Hat

This white crochet hat features an oversized white rose and promises to give an elegant poise to your baby. The soothing colors of the crochet hat contrasting with the cream flower give a calming appeal to this hat as well.
If you want your baby to stand out on special occasions such as baptism, this ultra-soft and amicably stretchable white crochet hat should be your choice.

Melondipity has loyal customers – doting moms, dads, loving relatives and friends, spread all over the world. Our painstaking efforts at making each product that we offer unique and special for niche customers makes us different from any other shop offering headwear for babies. Apart from ensuring that our products look great, we also make sure that they are of the finest quality. The finest material and fabric are used for making all our products that never leave any strain on your baby’s skin.

Visit Melondipity.com to browse through the complete collection of newborn headbands and baby hats.

6 Nov

Adorable Crochet Baby Hats and Newborn Headbands for Your Little One

Crochet Baby Hats and Newborn headbands can be fun to collect as they give you your child great new looks. You can make your little one stand out by making them wear the charming headbands available at Melondipity. You can find an extensive collection of headbands and crochet baby hats from Melondipity, each of which has its own enthralling appeal. You can browse through the exquisite collection of headbands and crochet hats and find the ideal cute headwear for your toddler, infant or newborn.

Baby Giraffe Crochet Baby Hat

This cute baby hat from Melondipity is a beautiful hand-crafted newborn hat. Apart from looking cute, this hat also offers the ultimate in comfort to your little one. The interwoven cotton yarns used for making this hat ensure that the baby’s head never get scratched.
The cuddly yellow and white combination of the hat, with the black giraffe ears jutting out will make your cutie pie look his cuddliest ever. If you were on the lookout for the perfect headgear as a photography prop for your baby’s first photo shoot, it would be difficult to find anything better!

Pink and Pure Baby Headband

If your beautiful little bundle of joy had this Pink and Pure Baby headband on, there is no saying how classy and elegant she would look. The pale pink color of the headband has a soothing quality which is matched perfectly by its material. The headband is made of 100 % pure cotton and would never make her uncomfortable.
The little white flower adorning the headband on top right of the temple of your baby has an unparalleled grace of simplicity about it. It will go well with most of your little girl’s dresses. The icing on the cake is the little gem placed at the center of the flower to lend a bit of regal elegance to your child.
Organic Purple Crochet Baby Bear with Flower Animal Hat

This multi-colored baby beanie hat for your little girl is an adorable accessory, suitable for most occasions. You can use it for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. This purple hat has a little purple beanie with adorable bear ears with a white trim at the brim.
The hat also features a cute red crochet flower flanked by greenery and matching braids. It is a great one for taking your baby out to meet family and friends. This hat is available in all sizes.
To get more such adorable hats, visit our site melondipity.com.

25 Oct

Endearing Newborn and Baby Headbands

Baby headbands can be your daughter’s precious accessory for any occasion. Take her out for a special event or simply dress her to pose for a picture; whatever the reason is, our enthralling headbands will definitely make heads turn and will provide some truly amazing memories when you’ll look at them years later.
Make your angel celebrate the joy and privilege of being a girl with exclusive baby headbands from the huge collection at Melondipity. Our little infant headbands have attracted positive attention from every parent.

Although the collection of headbands and baby hats at Melondipity is huge, here are a famous few to provide you a glimpse of what we have in our kitty.

Miss Luscious Black Feather Baby Headband

Pink Baby Sun Hat

Make your daughter look like a lady with this unique headband. The Miss Luscious Black Feather baby headband is available only in the exclusive collection at Melondipity. It is very important for moms to buy headbands, hair accessories and hats for newborns that can match multiple outfits. This black headband is perfect for any outfit, any occasion and any event. This is an exclusive and classy headpiece that no one in your neighborhood will have. You can also select a red color just to add the Christmas flavor in your purchase. 100% Cotton, Black Stretchy Headband. Sizes: 0-12 and 12-18 months

Miss. Scarlet Feather Headband

Scarlet Feather HeadbandPlanning for your baby’s first photos? Try this adorable Miss. Scarlet Feather Headband to make her look like a red fairy. This headband will make your little one look precious and her first photos will definitely gather attention and make her stand out from the crowd.  The red headband features a red flower, red feather, red elastic band and a sparkly rhinestone at the flower center to provide just the right amount of sparkle.  Sizes 0-6, and 6-12 months

Like what you see? Know more about our exclusive collection of kids’ hats and newborn headbands by visiting Melondipity.com. Select the finest head pieces for your little one because your baby definitely deserves the best!

22 Jun

Shop Baby Gifts Online

We all come across this situation at some point: Choosing baby gifts for expecting moms and dads, or giving a gift for a family welcoming their newborn child. Choosing baby gifts can be such a challenge (especially if you don’t have a baby yourself). You can imagine how it feels when we need to buy gifts, and we run short of ideas on what to give them. Worry not, because finding baby gifts is very easy at Melondipity!

Babies are such wonderful blessings and they do wonders in anybody’s life. They make us adults stronger and braver, and basically anything they do is absolutely adorable; they have the power to make us melt.  Whenever a new baby is born, we are reminded of how precious life is and certainly, babies give us so much happiness in ways that are inexplicable.  Babies are very special and they deserve nothing but the best. For expecting moms and dads, or for families welcoming their newborn, it is only reasonable that we give them the best baby gifts.

Idea for a Good Baby Gift

With the popularity of social media, taking pictures during special occasions or happenings have increased dramatically since social media offers an avenue to share photos fast, and often, real-time. When a baby is born, wouldn’t it be just fun to share his or her photos to close friends and family in Facebook, Twitter, or through Instagram? When doing so, why don’t we jazz up and dress up the baby so that his or her first baby photos will look as adorable as he or she is? Baby hats and infant hats are functional yet they accessorize a baby appropriately. For great baby gifts ideas, you can shop around our Melondipity online store.

Melondipity baby hats have different sizes that will surely fit babies of any age. Baby hats come in different style and designs so you can keep them warm during cold weather, or keep them cool outdoors during summer.  Our online shop offers a wide variety of newborn hats available for baby girls and boys. Shop your favorite style of sun hats, flower hats, animal hats, crochet hats as well as headbands and hair accessories. Babies give people reason to celebrate.  Melondipity baby hats never fail to bring smiles to anyone who sees them.

Why baby hats?

Unlike adults, babies’ skin is delicate and sensitive. And babies’ toys are boring! These are important things to consider when buying and giving gifts for babies. A baby hat from melondipity.com is one of the best gifts for babies because they provide the most unique styles and function and are made from soft cotton and acrylic materials. A picture of a baby wearing a beautiful baby hat can last a lifetime and might be a better choice than a run-of-the mill baby toy that every other baby on the block has in their toy box.

Melondipity manages to use materials that are fit for babies’ delicate head and skin. We perfect our craft to bring newborn babies the best baby hats available. When giving baby gifts to expecting moms and dads, or families welcoming their newborn, check out what Melondipity has in store for spectacular and truly memorable baby gifts.