9 Nov

Cute Baby Sun Hats to Keep Your Little One Protected

If you want your baby to look cute while being protected from the damaging rays of the sun, the range of baby sun hats from Melondipity.com is sure to make your choice easier. There are many lightweight, feathery-soft and comfortable toddler hats available from our site that promise to keep your little one protected from the sun. Adorn your little boy or girl with the adorably crafted super-fine sun hats that not only make them look cool, but also keep them cool.
There are many themes and varieties of girl and boy toddler hats available from our site. You can check them out, and although this may be a challenge owed to the comprehensiveness of our collection, choose a few that you find the best for your little one.

Bubble Gum Kisses Baby Sun Hat

This classy adornment for your baby girl is one of the most sought after baby sun hats from Melondipity. With this hat, your baby girl looks like an enchanting fairy. The large size light pink rose attached at the front of the top has a delightful cream-pink shade complemented with the usual shade of cream. Not to mention, the comfortable sun protection that your baby would get with the super-soft cotton from which this hat is made.

Crab Shack Baby Sun Hat

Make your little boy stand out when he is out for everyday beach or pool activities. The amiable red crab on top of this hat’s flap beams adorably fitting, with the blue patches sayings, “always cute” and “never crabby” in minty yellow.
UV protection and light weight of this fashionably adorable baby sun hat makes it ideal for outings and casual social gatherings while 100 % cotton makes it feathery-smooth on the skin of your little one.

Baby Blue Sail Boat Baby Sun Hat

This cool-looking serene baby sun hat is fashionably elegant headgear for keeping your baby protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The fish and sailboat embroidery are ideal reflections of summer times.

The cool light blue brim of this toddler hat makes your baby boy look cool and stand out from the rest. The baby boy blue with light brown stripes will go well with virtually any little boy’s outfits.Check out many more toddler hats from Melondipity.com. It is the one-stop-shop for all kinds of toddler, kids and baby hats. The exquisite collection of baby sun hats from our site is available for all purposes, everyday use, giving as gift or wearing on special occasions.

6 Nov

Elegant Baby Sun Hats for Toddlers

If your baby is grown enough to be taken out in the sun for play, baby sun hats become a necessity for you. The good news is, you can get the most adorably elegant collection of them from Melondipity. Toddler hats and sun hats are ideal adornments for baby girls and boys when your baby is out of the confines of your home and starts playing in the open. Choose one that makes your baby stand out from a large collection of baby hats. Add to the charm of your baby with a touch of elegance.

Pale Pink Baby Sun Hat with Daisy

If you have a baby girl, this Pale Pink Baby Sun Hat adorned with a daisy would surely lend the adorable appeal you want. This sun hat features a pale pink floppy hat with a wide brim. A matching pink daisy is attached to this hat and it is towards the right side of the hat. A dark pink gem sits pretty at the center of this flower, further accentuating its elegance. The use of 100 % soft cotton material makes it extremely comfortable as well.
This is the perfect hat to make your little lady stand out in her growing days. It is ideal for rugged use as the wide rim of the hat helps protect the harmful rays of the sun from reaching the baby’s face. Order this perfect summer wear right away.

Navy Blue Woody Boys Baby Sun Hat

Your baby boy would look his cuddliest best in this high quality, premium Blue Woody Boys Baby Sun Hat. This baby sun hat from Melondipity features a light-weight hat with a wide brim that makes your little man look fashionably adorable.
This hat has a dark blue base with light blue, orange and green stripes at the brim and top. A cute four door wagon can be found on the middle of the hat with a surf board resting on top of it. It has the same colors as on the brim. There is a chin strap on the hat too to prevent it from falling due to your little one’s daily activities. It is a perfect gear for your baby boy to be used when going to the beach, to the pool or just for a play date.
To find more adorably elegant hats, which make your baby cuter, cuddlier and more adorable than ever, visit us at Melondipity.com.

11 Oct

Colorful and Comfortable Summer Sun Hats For Toddlers

Enthralling style meets exceptional sun-protection with the comfortable and super cute baby sun hats and sun hats for toddlers availed at Melondipity.com! Choose from our large collection, and keep one by the door, in the car, and in your bag, so that you can always have a baby hat ready for the fun in the sun. Our sun hats are elegant and created using special fabrics that offer reliable sun protection, thereby promising the safest way for you to protect your little boy and girl from the harmful rays of the sun. Sun hats block most of the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your toddler’s sensitive skin as well as their upper face and neck.

Toddler hats are available in a variety of styles and colors at Melondipity.com. We deliver a combination of great quality at cost-effective rates so that parents can provide the best of everything to their toddler. Make your little kid look charming and adorable by selecting an exclusive hat from our collection.Here are two of our most favorite and popular hats for boys and girls that can make your child look even more appealing.

Baby Shark Baby Sun Hat

This is among the best and most exclusive baby sun hats available at Melondipity.com. These cotton toddler hats are lightweight and perfect for any little boy to help him remain cool and covered this summer. This Baby Shark Bucket Hat features a dark blue base with green trim and weathered brim.

• Lightweight material to make him look and feel good
• 100% cotton
• Raw edge brim
• Size (18 months to 3 years)

Pale Pink Baby Sun Hat with Daisy

Make her look sweet and innocent with this pale pink baby sun hat. This hat comes with a Daisy and is sure to make your little angel look like a shining star! This pink bucket/floppy sun hat comes with a wide brim that has been constructed using 100% soft cotton materials. Attached to it is a matching pink daisy flower with a dark pink gem at the center. The hat is perfect for spring, summer and fall, and its fabric and comfortable fit promises to make your little girl look and feel like the coolest baby on the block.

• Complete UV protection from the sun
• Size (over: 3-12 months, 12 months – 2 years and 2 – 4 years)

Apart from baby sun hats, you can also shop toddler hats by gender. For more information visit: Melondipity.com!

11 Jun

Sun Hats for Toddler Boys [Toddler Sun Hats]

If you’re looking for the perfect toddler sun hats for your little one, you need to look no further. Melondipity has a great range of sun hats that will ensure fun, fit, and protection for your little toddler. Spring and summer is when it’s fun to go out and bask in the glorious sun, however, your toddlers still have very delicate skin and eyes that needs to be protected. Worry not because Melondipity has got you covered. Here are some of our fun and colorful sun hats for your little boy.

For good sun protection, we have the Navy Blue Woody Boys Sun Hat. This wide-brimmed sun hat is the one you want your little boy to wear when travelling for a vacation. With a UV protection lightweight fabric, its wide brim protects your little boy’s face and shades his eyes from the sun while keeping him cool and comfortable. Embellished with a surfboard on top of a car, this sun hat color combination is navy blue, orange, green, and light blue. It has a chin strap that secures his hat in place.

Your little boy will look even cuter in our Baby Blue Sail Boat Sun Hat. This adorable sun hat is designed with an embellishment of a sail boat that caught a cute fish. This lightweight sun hat has a combination of neutral colors white, brown, and light blue to make sure it looks great with most outfits. To make sure that this sun hat stays put, it’s been equipped with a chin strap that hangs not too tight and not too loose for your baby’s comfort; and the fabric used is lightweight, with UV protection.

A chocolate brown sun hat with red, blue, white, and yellow accents is what the Crab Shack Baby Sun Hat offers. Our customers love the friendly-looking cute crab embellishment, and the patches that say “always cute” and “never crabby” makes this a fun and adorable statement piece. This sun hat won’t make your little boy sweaty because it’s made of 100% lightweight cotton.

Colors, design, fit, and function is what makes Melondipity sun hats loved by customers. For the beach, here’s a sun hat that will surely make your little boy the coolest and cutest guy in the shore. Of course with UV protection, chin strap, and fabric made of lightweight material, the Orange Surf Dog sun hat is another wide-brimmed sun hat that’s perfect to protect your child’s delicate skin and eyes. With the cool colors orange, green, light blue and brown doggy-on-surfboard embellishment, this sun hat is definitely a cool accessory and protection for your little guy.

With raw edge brim and colors that pop, Later Gator Baby Sun Hat and Baby Shark Sun Hat that will keep your little man cool and protected anywhere outdoors. Both have cool colors that are visually appealing and cute patches that match their themes. Perfect protection from the harmful UV rays, the lightweight 100% cotton material used on these sun hats has UV protection.

Don’t let the sun be a hindrance to have fun with your baby boy outdoors. Contact our customer service hotline at 872-BABY-HAT for the quickest response about your inquiries and concerns. Remember: there’s a perfect sun hat for your little man —happy shopping!